Happy New Year, or the “Same Old Year” Again?

Happy New Year, or the “Same Old Year” Again?

Cutting-edge spiritual principles and success strategies for living the Best Year of Your Life! World’s #1 expert on the Law of Emergence reveals ancient secrets and quantum healing practice that have helped hundreds of thousands end the struggle of self-improvement, find their life purpose, achieve financial freedom and abundance, master productivity and creativity, and gain true wealth and happiness.


Harvesting the Fruits of Our Failures

Harvesting the Fruits of Our Failures

Every unfinished pattern of the past robs us of the present energy needed to create a compelling future. Holding onto these past events is like investing in real estate we don’t own anymore! What’s worse, if you don’t complete the past, you can’t have a future, you can only have more past. So how do you stop borrowing from your future to feed the debts of your past? You have to acknowledge it’s done, uncover its gifts, and release the rest.

This requires you to embrace your failures, knowing that there is no failure, there’s only a situation you haven’t found the blessing in yet. And when you do, that event is transmuted from a debt to an asset that pays rich dividends forever. Healing the past also requires you to face your darkness, and rather than avoid it, dig your roots into it – because the deeper the roots, the higher the shoots, and the richer the fruits!

Own Your Genius Zone

Own Your Genius Zone

You were designed to be, do, and contribute in a very unique way. All the power, wisdom, and genius you could ever need to fulfill your destiny are already within you, a perfect blueprint for total success, fulfillment, and impact. Like nature, with each species doing its own thing, creating a brilliant ecosystem, we were created to express the same level of elegance.

But society has conditioned us to believe we must fit in, conform, or do a lot of things we’re not built for. If nature operated the way we do, it would destroy itself. And when we spend too much time doing things we’re not designed for, we wreak havoc in the ecosystem of our own lives – and on the planet.

When you try to fit in, you become a commodity; when you bring your unique genius, you have no competition. In this podcast, “Own Your Genius Zone,” you’ll learn how to design your life so that your unique gifts and talents take priority, and your life can begin to flourish the way it was meant to.

The Life Review: Die Now So You Can Live Without Limits

The Life Review: Die Now So You Can Live Without Limits

Your life is eternal, perfect, and unchanging. Life experience is your relative perception of this infinite perfection. The greatest block to living your full potential is the fear of death. But death is just the process of letting go of our limited self concepts.

What if you could die while you’re still alive? What if you could let go of all the limitations and experience your immortal, indestructible, unstoppable self NOW? What could be possible for you then? Who could you be, what could you accomplish?


The Awakened Dreamer

The Awakened Dreamer

We’ve been conditioned to judge by appearances and let them determine what’s true about life and what’s possible.

This has led us to becoming problem-solvers, reacting to existing circumstances, instead of vision-holders, activating the next stage of our evolution. That’s why no matter how much things change, they seem to remain very much the same!

When we react to appearances and try to change them, we’re asleep in the dream of separation, believing we exist apart from the One Life that created everything and maintains the spiritual universe in perfect harmony. And even if we managed to improve things from this place (which is impossible to do permanently), we’d still be asleep.

There’s only one way to solve the problems of the dream – wake up!

All of the errors, conflicts, and challenges we face are part of this human dream of separation from the Divine. And most of our efforts to fix, change, heal, or protect ourselves from these issues are in opposition to the fundamental harmony of life – which leads to many of the evils in the world. It’s no accident that the word “evil” is “live” spelled backwards.

Here’s the greatest irony: you can’t change the world by changing the world, any more than you can change a movie on the screen by trying to manipulate yourself or the screen. You could put on earplugs or blinders, change the screen, or create all manner of distractions, but you’re still going to have the same movie being projected. You have to go back into the projector and change the film …or just walk out of the theater altogether!

The only way to change the movie is to change your mind, which is the projector that contains the film being illuminated by the light of your being. Your mind, or consciousness, is the only power, substance, and law unto your experience. The whole dream is being projected by you. So if you want the things you see to change, you must change the way you see things.

It’s not about getting out of the human experience, it’s about waking up in it – becoming the awakened dreamer, consciously dreaming the dream – which, more accurately, is a dream that reflects the deepest vision of your heart. That’s what all true visionaries have been – awakened dreamers. From that place, you’re not as limited by the laws of the dream and you can create seeming miracles.

The other key discovery as you awaken from the dream is that nothing has ever been damaged, diminished, or lost, and you already have everything you could ever want, hope for, and desire. You are a fully-equipped dream artist, and the dream is the canvas upon which you paint your soul portrait or the stage upon which you produce your Divine Drama.


So how do we wake up, take back the power, and become awakened dream artists?

There are three fundamental steps to awaken: we must STOP when we become aware we’re reacting, LOOK at what we’re really reacting to, and LISTEN to what’s trying to emerge through us.

When you notice that you’re taking action from a place of fear, doubt, or lack, and you start to feel your body tensing and constricting, your heart closing, or your mind judging, this is your cue to STOP. It means you’re caught in an unconscious pattern. You no longer have free will. You are now operating in what I call “free won’t!”

As soon as you can, stop what you’re doing, stop what you’re saying, sit down, and become mindful of what’s moving through you. Don’t try to do anything about it, just begin to notice it; what are your bodily sensations and where in your body are they? What are your emotions, what are you thinking?

Don’t just do something, sit there!

Now you are ready to LOOK. Shine the light of your awareness and allow the pattern to become conscious. Be willing to see where you really are, what’s really running you. Without judgment. You can’t heal what you won’t feel. This alone will begin to break the pattern, even dissolve karma, because the only power the patterns of the dream have are the power you give them through reaction and resistance.

Finally, LISTEN. In this more conscious place, you are receptive to divine insight, a revelation of the true nature of reality. And this expanded state leads to healing. All true healing is just expanded awareness of the wholeness that has always been here.

From this place, you can ask more conscious, empowering questions: “What is the vision trying to emerge by means of this?” Not “What’s wrong?” or “Why me?” Those are questions you ask when you’re asleep in the dream, but as you awaken you ask, “How does God see this? What is the truth that makes me free?”

Then you become still and receptive.

It’s not about setting anything right; it’s about seeing things rightly.

So next time you find yourself up against limiting experiences, remember the spiritually-awakened drill: stop, look, and listen …and watch your life transform!

To Your Emergence!

Living a Legendary Life: Launch Your Quest, Take Your Stand, and Leave Your Mark

Living a Legendary Life: Launch Your Quest, Take Your Stand, and Leave Your Mark

If you strive for safety and self-preservation, you’re guaranteed to die without really living. If you live for a vision bigger than yourself, you’ll live forever. The reason we remember great people is not because they maintained the status quo, but because they elevated life to a new level and took us with them. It’s not just the great things they did that move us, but the great lives they lived and the divine potential they activated in human consciousness.

This is what it means to live a Legendary Life. It’s not about merely solving problems, but about living a grand adventure filled with grand questions (it’s no accident the first part of that word is ‘Quest.’) A legendary life isn’t about getting a bigger box – whether it’s a box with doors called a house, a box with wheels called a car, or a box with money called a bank account – it’s about breaking out of the containers we’ve been put in and discovering a territory of beauty and abundance that can never be contained!



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