Living a Legendary Life: Launch Your Quest, Take Your Stand, and Leave Your Mark

By November 25, 2014Emergence, Podcast, Purpose

If you strive for safety and self-preservation, you’re guaranteed to die without really living. If you live for a vision bigger than yourself, you’ll live forever. The reason we remember great people is not because they maintained the status quo, but because they elevated life to a new level and took us with them. It’s not just the great things they did that move us, but the great lives they lived and the divine potential they activated in human consciousness.

This is what it means to live a Legendary Life. It’s not about merely solving problems, but about living a grand adventure filled with grand questions (it’s no accident the first part of that word is ‘Quest.’) A legendary life isn’t about getting a bigger box – whether it’s a box with doors called a house, a box with wheels called a car, or a box with money called a bank account – it’s about breaking out of the containers we’ve been put in and discovering a territory of beauty and abundance that can never be contained!


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