(BONUS EPISODE) Ask Derek: How Do I Choose Which Way to Go

(BONUS EPISODE) Ask Derek: How Do I Choose Which Way to Go

Today we’re talking about and answering the question how do I choose which way to go? In terms of should I do this? Should I do that? How do I stop just trying to figure things out and actually choose a path, choose a lane, choose a direction?
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This is one of the most common challenges and struggles with entrepreneurial creative types, especially if you have that unique design of the Renaissance type of person, because there’s so many possible ideas, so many things that you want to do, and so many possibilities, and primarily it also comes from some unconscious, or maybe conscious, false assumptions and fears, such as I need to know for sure that the choice I make is going to be the right one, and you may not be aware, but often that’s really what’s underlying your fear, or your procrastination, or your hesitation to just make a choice, to just commit and go for it.

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(BONUS EPISODE) 7 Reasons Why Things Aren’t Working

(BONUS EPISODE) 7 Reasons Why Things Aren’t Working

When we understand that life is emergent, that life is not happening to us, but it’s happening through us and as us, that whatever’s missing is what we’re not giving, that if we want more to come into our life we have to let more life come out of us, or as the poet Browning said, “We must find a way to release this imprisoned splendor.”

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We’re talking about today the seven reasons why things aren’t working, or just why aren’t things working? This is such a common experience, of course, and we bang our head against the wall, and we get depressed and disillusioned, and it’s important to understand so we can begin to diagnose why aren’t things working? What’s going on when things aren’t working?

Listen in now for the full explanation and support your personal development and spiritual growth and  start participating in your future good NOW.

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Derek Rydall here, founder of the Law of Emergence, and author of the bestselling book, Emergence, and it’s just such an honor and a pleasure to be with you again as we take this deep dive into understanding the principles for successful living that sometimes can be quite radical and exactly the opposite of what we’ve conditioned to believe. When we understand that life is emergent, that life is not happening to us, but it’s happening through us and as us, that whatever’s missing is what we’re not giving, that if we want more to come into our life we have to let more life come out of us, or as the poet Browning said, “We must find a way to release this imprisoned splendor.”

We’re talking about today the seven reasons why things aren’t working, or just why aren’t things working? This is such a common experience, of course, and we bang our head against the wall, and we get depressed and disillusioned, and it’s important to understand so we can begin to diagnose why aren’t things working? What’s going on when things aren’t working?

I want to start off by saying it’s almost never a sign from the Universe that you’re not supposed to be pursuing this. Now, certainly sometimes you aren’t supposed to be pursuing what you’re pursuing, but that old trope of New Age belief that when things are difficult and hard it’s a sign that you’re not supposed to do it from the Universe, if that was true, pretty much all major innovations in history would never have happened, because it was really hard for Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi and Edison and Disney and Steve Jobs and Jesus and Buddha, pick your master, creator, inventor, leader. Every door was closed to them. Every window was closed, and storm shutters nailed to them. So that wasn’t a sign they weren’t supposed to do it, it was an opportunity for them to dig deeper to become stronger, and it was really a sign that they were in many cases on the right track of progress, because it was bringing up all the resistance in their direction.

I just want to start off right out of the gate and say that your struggle and your challenge, don’t fall for the belief that it’s just a sign from the Universe you’re not supposed to do it. The only real sign you’re not supposed to pursue something is you no longer want to. I want to say a caveat to that is sometimes you don’t think you want to, because it’s hard, and you have to trick your ego and say, “If it could be easy, if I could still do it, be successful, be well received, have a great time, would I want to do this and be this and create and contribute this?” That kind of temporarily clears away the dust and debris of the journey, and allows you to feel that glow of your heart’s desire again. As long as that glow is still there it’s still true for you, and the difficulty is about growing and getting stronger and building soul stamina and developing certain muscles and skills so that you can carry the energy of that vision or mission.

Let’s go through the seven reasons why things are often not working. The first one, and these aren’t necessarily in any given order, but the first one it’s often a sign that you’re trying to achieve something with old tools, and an old model, and an old map. In other words, in our developmental stages of life you end up having experiences, and you end up deciding this is the way life is. Life is hard. Resources are limited. I’m not that worthy, and people aren’t to be trusted, as an example. Right? That’s based on some experiences you have, so you quickly draw a map of reality, and it literally gets laid down neurologically, and then you create a model for living based on that map. Then you end up creating a toolkit to operate and survive in that territory.

The problem, of course, is that the map is incorrect, but for a time it can actually be useful, because, if you’ve studied my shadow work, you end up developing a lot of skills and abilities and things as a reaction based on coping and defense mechanism and self-preservation, a lot of skills and things that are actually beneficial. This is what’s called the gift of the shadow, but at a certain point, especially if you really get on a path of self-development and self-actualization and spiritual awareness and consciousness expansion and real vision, you are calling forth and activating a larger consciousness, a larger perception of reality, and what starts to happen is that old model, that old thing, no longer works. It’s like you’re trying to use the tools that they used to work on the Model T Ford to work on your Ferrari, or even your Prius. The tools don’t work anymore. You don’t realize that, because these tools and this map and this model are so close to you, but that’s one of the reasons is that you’re trying to get from LA to New York using a map of the old world where it’s still got little drawings of dragons and stuff, there be dragons. They would write those on the maps whenever they didn’t know what was there. They would just draw a picture of a monster or something, because that was how the mind perceived the unknown.

That’s one sign, and you begin to question. What if my map of reality is wrong, and my model of operating therefore is wrong, and the tools I’m using to work with that model are therefore outdated or no longer work on this new model that’s trying to emerge in my life? That starts to open up a whole other line of questions, of inquiry, and of discovery. As well as transformation and real evolution.

The next of the seven reasons, and this is connected to this first one, is often your chronic challenges or problems are a sign that you’re trying to manage a life that is too small. You’re trying to manage or cope in a world too small where you’ve activated a different or bigger life, a larger life. For example, like the acorn analogy you’ve activated your inner oak tree, but you’re still trying to stay a safe acorn and hold onto your protective shell. That inner oak is trying to crack through, and it’s creating the crisis. It’s creating the experience of things falling apart or not working, and you’re trying to call in a shell repairman to fix your shell and all these kinds of things. Like the caterpillar trying to hold your caterpillar life together. You’re trying to manage. You’re trying to cope and hold onto a self-concept and a life concept that is breaking apart, because you’ve activated a bigger life.

It’s similar, but it’s different by degree. In the first example you’re trying to use tools and a model and a map of the world that you’ve outgrown, and eventually when it becomes a chronic problem you are now trying to manage and cope in a world that is too small for the world life that you’ve activated, for the energy that you’ve activated. This becomes increasingly challenging and painful the more you are on a conscious spiritual path, and the more you have desires and intentions and prayers, because you are activating all this energy that’s now trying to emerge, but you are still holding onto the old self-concept, the old world concept, and trying to actually manage your life within that paradigm. It won’t work. It’s extremely painful, and ultimately impossible. You can’t be an acorn and an oak tree at the same time. Once you’ve activated the inner oak, you cannot remain an acorn without suffering. Does that make sense?

Then the third reason why things aren’t working is a values conflict. You may have heard me talk about this before, but basically you’ve been wired a certain way because of experiences. Perhaps growing up you were trying to do a certain endeavor or project, and maybe make money or be successful or be creative, and it was causing problems in your family, and you got the message somewhere along the line that you were hurting your family, or you were hurting your sibling, because you were outshining them. You got the message that you either have to be a good child, a good son, a good daughter, and be part of the tribe and have family and connection and love, or you have to leave it, abandon it, for success and for name, fame, and fortune. It may not have been that overt, but you got a message that it was one or the other. It was mutually exclusive.

Internally you still valued both things. You still wanted to shine your creative genius or be successful, and you still wanted to have love and family and connection. Those values still existed in you, but now they were sibling rivalry. They were mutually exclusive they way they were wired. So every time you would start to go for one, it would create problems in the other. It would create anxiety, or you would self-sabotage, so that you could ultimately go back to the other value. Then you would eventually yearn for the other value, the opposite value, and somehow self-sabotage this one so you can go for the other one. Right?

I used to do that as well. I’d start to get successful, then I’d pull back, back away, self-sabotage, and then I would go do my spiritual practice, be with my family, feel a sense of relief. Then eventually I’d start to feel anxious and like I’m not doing anything, I’m not living my potential. I would start going for success again, and eventually start to feel anxious, guilty, disconnected from my spirit, from my family or friends, and then I would sabotage and go back to that again. Until I eventually saw that based on my upbringing I had these values conflicts, and in my mind to go for one would mean I’d have to sacrifice the other. I just created a reconnection of my values, a values affirmation, where I essentially said, the more successful I become, the more deeply connected I am to my heart, to my art, to my loved ones, and the more I honor my need to be connected to my spirit and to my art and to my loved ones, the more powerfully I am inspired to go for success and make a big impact in the world. That felt good. Yes. I can have both.

Those values aren’t intrinsically exclusive. They were only wired that way. The minute those wires touched again there was an energetic spark. Energy started to flow again, and as that became a mantra and became embodied then the more I would go for my success the more I would be inspired to take my spiritual path deeper and connect with loved ones, and the more I connected with my art and my heart and my loved ones, the more inspired I was to go for my work, and it served. They became complimentary and served each other. So values conflict, that’s often a reason why things aren’t working. It’s like you’ve got one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake.

Then we get to the shadow block. Again, if you’ve studied my work you understand some of the shadow work, and this is there’s a shadow around whatever the next step of growth is. You’re bumping into the shadow, and this shadow is connected to values conflicts, can be connected, and can be similar, and can emerge out of similar developmental stages of your life. This basically means that, for example, maybe you actually need to take a different direction or slow down or take a break or take more time at some aspect of the work you’re developing or the relationship, but when you imagine doing it you’re afraid of the outcome. What if it doesn’t work? What if I fail? What if I look stupid? What if I look bad? Then if you ask yourself, if that happens, what would I make that mean about me, or what am I afraid others would make it mean about me? You hear certain judgments, like I’m lazy, I’m a loser, I’m a failure, I’m unworthy, I’m not good enough, I’m selfish. For example, you really want to go for this thing, and you find you just don’t feel the momentum or the energy, or you keep sabotaging it, and when you ask, what am I afraid is going to happen? I’m going to succeed. What am I afraid people are going to think about me? I’m self-centered. I’m selfish. I’m insensitive to their needs, whatever. That’s a shadow.

So when you do the shadow work, and you embrace the selfish self, or the lazy self, or the failure self, you integrate the imprisoned energy within that shadow. I don’t have the time to go into the full understanding of shadows within this particular talk, but you unlock it, and now that energy becomes available to you, and the wisdom, and the insight, and the gift of that, and it’s no longer blocking you, because you have now made friends with the selfish self. You don’t care if somebody thinks you’re selfish, because you’ve embodied selfishness in its optimal state, which means to honor the self, to take care of the self. Now, if you want to do the shadow process once you understand what your shadow is, you can go to DerekRydall.com/shadowprocess. Download a free shadow process audio training. If you really want to master the shadow work, you can get the program Shadow Dancing. It’s a total in depth mastery of the shadows in all the major structures of your life, and that will radically transform you and unleash the energy within you. You can go to DerekRydall.com for more information on that, or email support@DerekRydall.com.

The next, Number Five, why things aren’t working, wrong goal. Let me just break this down a little bit. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still, let’s say you want to write a book, build a business, grow your clientele, or find the love of your life. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have that as a success endeavor as a part of your plan and your vision and something you are going for, but ultimately there’s only one legitimate goal, and that is to live in a deep connection with yourself, with your Source, with God, with truth, whatever name you want to give it, and to be in a state of peace, love, joy, in this moment. That’s the only legitimate goal. That’s what all the great masters have taught. You can actually test and verify this if you ask, if I got that outer goal, what would that give me? Why do I want it? If you ask what I call the five whys, why do I want it, why do I want it, why do I want that? Then you get this, and why do I want that? Then you get this. You eventually get down to I’d get the money, so I can buy the house, and I’d get the house so that I can enjoy my life. Then I can enjoy my life, so I can finally be in joy or peace. You’ll always eventually get to a quality, a state of being, a state of deeper connection with life. Always. That’s all we’re really ever going for.

Any attempt to have an attachment to an external goal immediately turns on the stress response, makes it increasingly difficult to achieve it, creates all kinds of resistance and toxic chemicals and toxic thoughts, and may make it difficult to impossible to ever achieve it, or if you do the cost will be so high, and you will not experience joy or freedom, if only temporarily, and then eventually you’ll be right back to thinking you need to get the next bigger, better thing, and you’ll be miserable. You want to look at, what do I really want? What I really want is a sense of peace and joy. So then you shift your goal to be developing and embodying whatever the vibrational feeling tone of achieving that goal would be.

That becomes your core goal, your top priority, so that as you’re going through your day and doing the work you’re doing, you’re stopping on a regular basis and checking in and going, what am I really after here? Remembering, getting reconnected to your real goal, to be in love, to be in peace, to be in joy, in this moment. For the next 30-60 minutes that’s my goal. Then you go back to work, and you still do whatever you’re going to do. Some people are like, if I just only want peace or joy, and I’m just resting in the moment and peace and joy, I’m not going to be inspired. I’m not going to have momentum. Everything’s going to fall apart. That’s what the ego tells you, but exactly the opposite will happen.

The more you are connected to and achieving a state of peace, love, joy, gratitude in the moment, legitimately, the more dynamically creative and active you will be, because your spirit is not neutral. Love is not neutral. It’s dynamic. According to your unique design and pattern it will unfold. You know the old thing where your parents might have told you, “You keep crying, and I’ll give you something to cry about.” The Universe is saying, you keep being in joy, I’m going to give you something to be joyful about. You keep being grateful, I’m going to give you something to be grateful about. That state of joy and gratitude will manifest more experiences that give you reason to be joyful and grateful. If you’re struggling and things just aren’t working, you want to check in and see, what’s the real goal here, and realign yourself with that.

Then we get to the sixth reason why things aren’t working, and that’s competence. Sometimes you hear your voice say, I’m not good enough at this. I’m just not good enough, and you know what? That voice might be right. A lot of times we brush over that and try to just do an affirmation, but it might actually be accurate and giving you guidance and saying, “You need to go back to the drawing board. You need to dive a little deeper and get a little bit more learning and understanding and mastery of this particular thing.” There’s gold there that you have yet to mine, beyond what you may even know. You may go back to research and study, and all of a sudden it opens up a whole new world, a whole new possibility, a whole new potential. Don’t dismiss the possibility that you need to develop more competence. Sometimes it also might mean you need to work harder, not just smarter. You might go back and discover the people that really succeeded in this, the very best of the best, they were the ones still at the gym when everybody else went home. They were the ones willing to completely redevelop their particular skill even when people were saying they were good enough. Like Tiger Woods willing to break down his golf swing and rebuild it at the height of his career. Like Michael Jordan going and shooting 300 free throws every time, even at the height of his career.

If you’re the person who suffers under perfectionism, this is probably not your issue. Your issue is probably the opposite, you just need to ship it, as Seth Godin would say. You just need to get in the game and not just stay on the sidelines practicing. It depends. Depending on where you are, there’s some deeper learning either that the best practice is you need to just do it, just get it written, get it out there, or that you need to learn Step A or Step B or Step C. This is the most practical of the seven reasons why things aren’t working, but, believe it or not, often overlooked.

Step Seven, finally, you might just need to rest and stop taking action. The analogy is you plant the seed. You water it. You weed it. You feed it. It doesn’t grow right away. You dig it up again, plant it again. Water, weed it, feed it. It doesn’t grow right away. You dig it up, plant it again. Is that seed going to grow? No. It’s not only not going to grow, it’s probably going to die. There is a period of work and labor and sowing, and then there’s a period of resting, and then there’s a period of reaping. If you go to the gym, and you work out every day the same muscle over and over again, it’s not going to grow stronger. In fact, it’s going to tear down and eventually fail. You have to rest. Actually, all of the greatest progress happens during the rest. That’s when the repair and the rebuilding and the signal in the body goes and makes the muscle stronger and bigger through the process of repair.

The same thing is true with your ideas, your creative projects. Sometimes you have to just put it in a drawer for a day or a week or a month. It’s not saying you’re giving up. It’s understanding the gestation, germination, creation process. There are cycles. You don’t just breathe out. You have to also breathe in. Again, for some individuals that are go, go, go, go, like a shark afraid if they stop swimming they’re going to die, you want to look at a values conflict or a shadow, because there’s something you’re afraid is going to happen if you rest. For some of you you need to develop new structures in your life so that there’s space for playing, that you actually build into your calendar your mediation practice, time to be with friends and family, time to play, time to exercise, time to just goof off, free time where you got nothing scheduled. So that you’re designing a life that’s conducive to the natural rhythms of conception, creation, gestation, maturation, and ultimately manifestation. Sometimes you just need to stop and rest. Be still, and let the work you’ve done begin to work on you.

These are the seven core reasons why things aren’t working. Usually you can find and diagnose the problem within these seven. I hope this has served you, and my prayer, my intention for you, is that no matter what you stay the course. You stay engaged, and you stay inspired. Until next time, remember to live authentically, love unconditionally, and follow your destiny.

(Bonus Episode) The 5 Step Potential Activator

(Bonus Episode) The 5 Step Potential Activator

Yes, you do have an awesome purpose, and you do have unlimited potential. We’re talking about today the Five Step Potential Activator, and this is a really powerful thing. We hear all kinds of things about potential, but one thing to really understand is that your problems are potential activators. That’s actually why they’re there. Understand that your potential always trumps your problems. Your potential is always, but only always, bigger than your problems.

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Just think about that for a moment. Whatever problem you face, whatever problem, your potential is bigger than that. Whether it’s mental, emotional, physical, relational, financial, your potential is bigger. Your potential is bigger. Indeed, your true nature is an infinite individualized expression of life itself, all the power, all the presence, all the substance, all the wisdom, all the genius, all of the whole of the cosmos uniquely individualized, uniquely knowing and expressing itself. That’s what you are.
Listen in now for the full explanation and support your personal development and spiritual growth and start participating in your future good NOW.

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Hey, Derek Rydall here, founder of the Law of Emergence, bestselling author of the book Emergence, and your guide on the side for this journey of emergence of the full potential and awesome purpose for which you were born. Yes, you do have an awesome purpose, and you do have unlimited potential. We’re talking about today the Five Step Potential Activator, and this is a really powerful thing. We hear all kinds of things about potential, but one thing to really understand is that your problems are potential activators. That’s actually why they’re there. Understand that your potential always trumps your problems. Your potential is always, but only always, bigger than your problems.

Just think about that for a moment. Whatever problem you face, whatever problem, your potential is bigger than that. Whether it’s mental, emotional, physical, relational, financial, your potential is bigger. Your potential is bigger. Indeed, your true nature is an infinite individualized expression of life itself, all the power, all the presence, all the substance, all the wisdom, all the genius, all of the whole of the cosmos uniquely individualized, uniquely knowing and expressing itself. That’s what you are. In order to experience that it must become manifest in some way, shape, or form, and in order for it to manifest, for it to come out of you, sometimes it requires challenge, crisis, problems, struggle. Just like the jack pine needs a forest fire to activate its potential. Just like there are many species in nature that need struggle, challenge, “problems”. The meaning and the message and the reason for that challenge, crisis, or problem is that there’s another level of evolution, another level of progress, another level of potential. So the very purpose of your problems is to pull out of you more potential. Make sense?

That’s why they’re happening. Your problems aren’t happening because you’re bad, because you’re a sinner, because of just merely karma. Karma may have created the starting point of a problem, but your karma does not determine your destiny, nor does your conditions determine your destiny. Your destiny is determined by your character, which is the etch of God on your soul, which is that level of embodiment of the truth of your being. Your character is determined by your core habits. Your habits are determined by your consistent actions. Your actions are determined by your emotions and by your beliefs, which are determined by your point of focus, intention, attention, and by how you choose to frame whatever condition you face.

Notice the thing that we often think is the thing that determines our life, condition, that’s actually way down at the bottom of the list of what determines our life. It has absolutely no determination unless you let it. It’s the starting point. Your condition is the starting point. From there you get to frame it. You get to decide what it means. What you decide that it means determines how you feel about it. How you feel about it determines what you do about it. What you do about it determines the habits. The habits determine your character. Your character determines your destiny. That problem is giving you a fresh starting point for a new journey of activating your potential. You can begin to get excited, because the truth is there’s only this infinite reality of wholeness and harmony, and it’s seeking to express itself in ever greater ways through and as you. So these challenges, everything is conspiring to reveal more, to put life even more fully on display.

There’s five core steps to taking your problems and turning them into potential, what I’m calling the Five Step Potential Activator. The first step is recognizing that that problem is a call to pull more potential out of you. It’s a call. You don’t want to try to avoid the problem. You don’t want to try to anesthetize yourself from the problem. That’s letting the call go to voice mail, and the Universe gets the message, mailbox full. You don’t want that call to go to your voice mail. You want to answer the call and recognize it’s a call to pull more of you out. That’s it. That’s it. It’s a sign that you’ve already activated a bigger life. Somewhere along the line you’ve said yes. You’ve intended. You’ve prayed. You’ve affirmed. Your back was against the wall. You cried out, and in that moment the larger version of your life, that greater dimension of your potential, that next step of your evolution, began to emerge, but then it bumped into your small self-concepts, your limited paradigms, and as it starts to bump into that and rub up against that, it creates what looks like a problem.

It means that somewhere along the line you’re still holding on to smaller ideas, concepts, or you just don’t yet have the infrastructure, mentally, emotionally, physically, vibrationally, energetically, etc. strong enough to carry the voltage, the wattage, the capacity, the velocity, of the life that’s trying to emerge. So it’s time to uplevel. It’s time to get to the 2.0 version. It’s time to create stronger structures to carry more energy, more capacity, so that you can express more of your beauty and your brilliance and your abundance. There’s some outdated worldview or self-concept, or just structures that are no longer able to carry what’s coming next. There’s more traffic that wants to come down the freeway of your life, and you’re going to have to start expanding the lanes. Some kind of growth is trying to happen. That’s the meaning and the purpose of that problem. That’s Step One, recognizing that, coming to terms with that, releasing all judgment and resistance, and getting ready to do the real work.

Step Two, ask what are the qualities or the quality or the skill or the skills that you would need to embody and express in order to be free and empowered in the midst of this problem? Notice Step Two is not how do I solve this problem? It’s what are the qualities. By the way, that’s not a terrible question to ask when we talk about asking the right questions. How do I solve this problem is not a terrible question, but it’s not the most effective or empowering question, because it ties you back into the energy and the frequency of the problem. Often times when you solve it at the same level of energy you just recreate that same problem in a different way. You haven’t actually evolved, and you just see the same problems getting recycled again in different ways. It’s the same frequency. Like you’ve heard me use the example of ice. You can’t solve the problem of ice as long as you’re living at 32 degrees. That’s where ice lives. Even if you pour hot water on it, you’ve solved it for a moment, but then what happens? That hot water now turns into more ice. You have to actually rise above that temperature to a higher frequency. You have to evolve, and then the problem isn’t solved, the problem dissolves, because it cannot live above that temperature. It cannot live in that higher frequency. This is true of all problems.

The real meaning of a problem is it’s time to evolve. You ask, what qualities or skills would I need to embody and express to be free and empowered in the midst of this problem? For example, it might be more trust, more peace, forgiveness, love. You may be struggling financially, and for you money and finances really represents safety, security. So what’s it’s really calling for you is a deeper quality of trust, a deeper inner conviction that you’re taken care of, that you’re okay, which a feeling tone of trust. In fact, that’s really what your soul is yearning to feel and experience and express, and you can know that just by imagining if I did have that money, how would I feel? There’d be this inner sense of freedom or fulfillment or trust, a sense that all was well and you were okay. That’s the quality that’s trying to be expressed. So you ask, what is that quality?

It might be a particular skill, which could be a skill of character or a literal skill, a skill like being more patient, or being more generous, being more focused, more determined, more resilience, more stick-to-itiveness. That’s like a skill of character that you’re being called to develop. Maybe the thing is not happening as fast as you think it should be happening, and it’s created a crisis, and rather than just digging in deeper and pushing harder, maybe what’s really being called is to develop patience, which is developing a capacity within you, as the course in miracles says, “Infinite patience brings about immediate results.” It’s a soulful capacity that when you develop patience it opens you up to be an instrument of greater power and potential in many areas. It’s also the evidence in consciousness that you’re already there. That’s why it says infinite patience brings about immediate results. It dissolves all resistance, all pushing and forcing, and is an underlying vibration that it’s already done.

Perhaps it’s focus or resilience, the willingness to stay at something even when all seems lost, even when you seem to be having failed. There’s a deeper soul stamina that’s trying to be built, that’s making you a stronger instrument for even bigger opportunities. You’re asking, what are the skills or qualities that I need to embody to be free and empowered in the midst of this problem? So even while the problem’s there, I’m good. I’m strong. I’m empowered. I’m free.

Third Step is you ask, who would I be if I overcame this? What qualities or skills would I be expressing or exhibiting? How would my character be different, changed, improved? What would I feel? Who would I be? How would I be able to show up, if I overcame this problem? So you allow yourself to imagine yourself on the other side of this. Who are you then? What are you capable of? How do you show up? How do you express yourself? Again, you begin to unpack some qualities. You can unpack these qualities in two ways, feeling qualities and being qualities. The feeling qualities are more static. The being qualities are more active, which again are more like the skills of character. A feeling quality would be peace, love, joy. A being quality would be generous, creative, outgoing, spontaneous, playful. You see how those lend themselves more to action, whereas the feeling qualities are more a state of being.

I know it’s ironic when I say the being qualities lead to more action, and the feeling qualities lead to more being, but essentially the feeling qualities are more static. You can’t really do them. The being qualities are more active. You can be them. You can consciously be them. You can ask, what would it look like for me to be more generous in this situation? That will lead to actions. Versus how does it feel to feel more peaceful, to feel peace, to feel joy, to feel love? It’s a feeling state.

You’re asking, what skills or qualities do I need to embody and express to be free and empowered in the midst of the problem, and who would I be and how would I be expressing if I overcame the problem? So you end up with a series, or maybe just one or two, qualities of feeling and/or being, which can also include skills. Some of these skills might be things like focus, determination, patience, stamina, perseverance, or whatever might come to you. They might even be more practical skills. Maybe organization comes through. You need to be more organized. It can be more practical. It’s whatever is necessary for your growth and development. What’s important to understand now is that what you’re discovering is not something you’re trying to do or add to the situation. What you’re discovering is that this condition, this problem is setting up the condition for those qualities that are already in you in latency and incipiency to come out, and even more, if you want to go down the rabbit hole even more, those qualities within your soul that want to express more have actually created the problem and the condition under which they will be able to express.

When you pray for patience, do you think the Universe just bops you on the head and says, you’re patient? No. Rarely. Usually you don’t just wake up more patient. Instead you end up finding yourself in long lines and traffic jams, and you might even cry out, “God, why have you forsaken me? What happened to my prayer of patience? I’m more angry and pissed off and impatient than ever before.” No, you’re not. What’s happened is that condition is revealing the pockets within you where you are caught in anger, judgment, complaint, unhealed issues, unforgiveness, and it’s creating the fever that’s pushing the poison out of your system. So that the natural effervescence of your soul, which is patient, can begin to emerge. So you can build the muscles and the infrastructure to hold the vibration of patience. Just like when you go to a gym, you don’t just go poof, you have muscles. You have to go into resistance training. When you’re in that traffic, that’s a form of resistance training to activate and grow the muscle of patience, amongst other things. Your current problem is the very resistance training that your soul has created for you, so that more of you can come out, more of those muscles of your being can be made manifest, more potential. Got it?

Then Step Four, now create a potential activation plan. It’s not enough usually just to notice there’s a problem, more is trying to emerge. What are the qualities that are trying to emerge? Okay. More love, more peace, more patience, more generosity, more focus. Now you’ve got to actually have a plan, just like you’d have a workout plan. Otherwise it’s often very likely that the inertia of old patterns and old habits will take over, and you won’t really have the focus and the continuity of action and ultimately the momentum to really grow and change. Create a plan.

You can have a 21 day plan, but ultimately I say stick to the plan until you get the results. If you want to lose weight you don’t just say a 21 day plan, and if after that I don’t lose the weight, I quit. Maybe you start off with a 21 day plan. Then you take these qualities and new skills, and you weave them into your daily plan and practice. There’s a variety of tools you can use, but the core goal is you’re going to activate and integrate and embody these qualities or skills that you’ve discovered is what’s being called forth from you. There’s the VVR process that I teach, visualization, vibration, radiation. Go to DerekRydall.com. Go to the free resources section, and you can download that audio training to do that practice. There’s prayers and affirmations to activate those qualities. There’s just visualization, which is a part of the VVR process, where you visualize yourself living this life where you are expressing these qualities. There’s just the moment by moment practice of these qualities. If you’re trying to be more loving and patient, maybe you stop for a minute every hour, what I call the One Minute Mystic, and you stop and just tap back into the feeling of that quality or that vision. You set a goal that in any given hour, when you remember, for the next 30 minutes I’m going to practice this quality. I’m going to be loving. I’m going to be more generous. I’m going to be more patient. Then just see what unfolds.

The key is to create a real plan where you are practicing. If you’ve studied, as I go into some of my other trainings, the LIFT practice, and you can get that in my Emergence podcast archives or library. LIFT stands for Living in the Feeling Tone. I talk about in there how you can take these qualities and turn them into the people, places, objects, and activities. So you’re literally designing a way of life that is congruent with the qualities of character that you’re seeking to embody. You can literally begin to redesign your life around these qualities, which in many cases is also what’s seeking to emerge. This problem isn’t just seeking for you change your nature. It’s often seeking for you to change your way of life in some way. The people you hang out with, the conversations you have, the environments you spend time in, the things you put into your mind and into your mouth, as well as the things that come out of your mouth.

It’s often seeking for a revolution of your whole life, especially depending on the degree of the problem. Sometimes it’s just seeking for you to transform some aspect of character. I would definitely encourage you to get the LIFT practice podcast if you have not yet studied that. In any case, you’re creating a potential activation plan. That’s Step Four, so that you make it real. It’s not real until it’s really in your plan, and then on your calendar. You won’t do it otherwise, in most cases, until it becomes a habit.

Then Step Five, assess, reassess, on a weekly or daily basis. In other words, at the end of the day look at your day, and go, how did I do? Rank yourself. A scale from 0-10, 0 I didn’t do anything around this, 10 I gave it my all today. Just see if you can uplevel that a little bit every day until you’re getting a lot of 10 days, which just simply means you really showed up for this. You really gave it your all. It doesn’t mean you’re perfect. It doesn’t mean you decided to be loving and patient for the next 30 minutes, and you were perfect. It means you know you really showed up. That would be a 10. You can’t force growth. You can only show up fully to it. You would assess. It could be daily, or it could be weekly. Whatever interval you think feels appropriate, every other day. At least once a week. You’re looking to see, how did you do? Are you being or becoming more of this version of your new self in terms of these qualities and capacities and skills?

How is the problem? Rank the problem 0-10. 0 being there’s no problem, 10 being it’s as bad as I can imagine it when you start, and then when you reassess each week look at the problem and reassess it. It was a 10. Is it a 9 now? Is it a 10+? Is it 11? Without judgement, just notice. Sometimes a problem will seem to get worse before it gets better, because what’s really happening is as you’re doing the work to grow more of the unconscious layers come to the surface. Like an infection rising to the surface, like a sliver rising to the surface. If it’s not changing at all, you’re not feeling better and more of this new version of yourself at all after a period, go back to Step Two. Reevaluate the qualities or skills you need to develop. Just see. Is there anything you’re missing, or is there something new?

One set of qualities you definitely want to begin developing if you don’t already have is be patient and loving and kind to yourself. This is a process. You’re building new neural pathways, new conditioning. Sometimes changing conditioning you’ve had a lifetime, and conditioning and beliefs that your family, your friends, and society is potentially still bombarding you with. This may be a change in the way you’re being that you’re current circle of friends are totally not living. That’s not easy, or it might be a break from your tribe in a dramatic way. Maybe they’re a family of complainers, and maybe one of the things you have to let go of is complaining. Did that just send a shiver up your spine? Gossip or blaming.

By the way, I should add, as you’re developing these things that’s another way you can look at it. Not just what do you need to develop in terms of qualities or skills, but what do you need to let go of? As I talk about in the LIFT practice, it’s not just about reengineering people, places, objects, and things that are congruent into your life, but it’s about engineering the people, places, objects, and things that are no longer congruent out of your life wherever possible. The same thing is true here. You’re not just embodying and embracing new qualities and skills of character and being, but you might be letting go of some.

Often when you embody the thing it begins to release the thing that’s opposite it. It’s good to know what it is that’s being released. If you’re being called to embody more love and forgiveness, it’s impossible to do that while still holding onto blame or resentment. If you’re a person who’s got chronic blame and resentment, and you get a call to have more love and forgiveness, it’s good know what’s going to have to go. If you really do focus on love and forgiveness, it will bring up the blame and resentment, and that’s what I mean by things might get worse. You might find yourself more pissed off and angry and resentful at this person or at yourself, and that doesn’t mean it’s getting worse. It means that the depth of that root is coming to the surface. You just weren’t conscious of all of that pain. It’s starting to bubble up. Love casts out all fear. So when you embody and embrace a new quality, that which is not vibrationally in alignment with it starts to come up.

It’s a good practice to also write down what do you need to let go of? You may have to stop having conversations around the coffee pot at the coffee station at work about how bad the economy is or how bad other people are, or blaming the boss. You cannot become the next stage of your best self and hold onto those old bad habits. Can’t become an oak tree and stay an acorn. Can’t become a butterfly and stay a caterpillar. Sorry to tell you. I’m not really sorry to tell you, but I guess I’m saying that to your ego.

Be aware of that as you’re assessing, reevaluating, and being patient and kind to yourself, and to those around you, because as you’re growing through these processes you’re not always the easiest person to live with. Maybe that’s already true. It’s funny to think, when you’re in therapy, or you’re going to through growth and thinking about all the people you might want to blame, just imagine how many other people might be in therapy because of you. That’ll give you a good moment of pause. I’m sure that I have been the cause of many sessions of therapy and healing practices for others. Be kind. Be patient with yourself and with others as you grow through this.

Those are the five steps to the Five Step Potential Activator. As you do this more and more, this becomes a way of life too. This just becomes habitual, and then growth becomes a little more easy, or a little more continuous. It doesn’t have to always be these incredibly dramatic growth spurts, although you’ll still have those.

As a bonus, I invite you to get some accountability, get some leverage on your life, on your growth. Find a partner to work with, somebody you can do it together with. If you’re part of my groups, get in one of those groups and find somebody in one of those groups that you can work with. Do some kind of regular check in, whether it’s daily or weekly, when you do it together, or do it with a group. If you’re part of a Mastermind group, maybe you all do it together. It makes it more powerful, and when you come together in agreement around what you’re doing and what’s possible, where two or more are gathered in agreement, the higher potential becomes activated. It’s an accelerator to the potential activator. It ensures you’ll be less likely to fall off track, to go into hiding. When you do it alone it’s easy to fake yourself out. It’s easy to hide. When you do it together, much harder.

There’s the Five Step Potential Activator. I hope this has served you. Remember, you might get a little juice, a little inspired by listening to these trainings, but listening and learning the theory, that’s beginner’s play. If you really want to grow and master you’ve got to practice.

Thank you again for being part of this. Remember to go to DerekRydall.com. Go to the Resources section. Get all the free stuff you can, so that I can truly support you in making a real difference in your life. If you haven’t already gotten the book Emergence, I invite you to get that book. It’s been named one of the top books by several entrepreneurs, and you can also go to GetEmergenceBook.com and get all kinds of free bonus support when you get the book. If you haven’t joined my podcast and registered so that you can get all kinds of cutting edge or emerging edge training, please go to iTunes and check out the Emergence Podcast. Leave a review.

Until I see you next time, remember to live authentically, love unconditionally, and follow your destiny.




(Bonus Episode) 4 Steps to Decoding Your Life Story and Creating Your Conscious Business

(Bonus Episode) 4 Steps to Decoding Your Life Story and Creating Your Conscious Business

We’re going to talk about today, is how you begin to unpack that conscious offering in the world, how you begin to decode what I call your Messenger Matrix and YOUR Soul Signature Offer that really resonates with you, that resonates with your tribe. It becomes like a homing beacon that attracts the people you’re meant to serve and attracts you to them, and how part of that is what I call the Six Ps of your platform that you need to create to maximize your leverage and your impact and your accelerated success, as well as the sacred support structures that will make you unstoppable ultimately.

[bctt tweet=”Are you ready to stop coming up with all the reasons and excuses why you can’t and figure out how you can”]

This is for people that maybe are struggling. Maybe you’ve already got some momentum, or maybe you’re struggling and don’t have the momentum yet, but you’re ready to stop getting ready and start playing full out. You’re ready to stop coming up with all the reasons and excuses why you can’t and figure out how you can, because, like I said, I want to help build a community of people that are doing the work, that are saying yes to their yes, that are living their vision, that are out there where the action is, all systems go.

I want to talk a little bit about how this works. You see, we’ve all had really interesting lives with twists and turns and challenges and struggles, and what we would call core wounds, which are really core initiations, and the whole story has been designed to develop us into the person we’re meant to be to deliver the gifts we’re meant to deliver. Nothing has been by accident.

Listen in now for the full explanation and support your personal development and spiritual growth and start participating in your future good NOW.

And remember, self-help is shelf help – you have everything you need already!

Stay inspired!

(BONUS EPISODE) The Great Order: Why There Is Nothing To Heal & No Problem to Solve

(BONUS EPISODE) The Great Order: Why There Is Nothing To Heal & No Problem to Solve

Listen in as the World’s #1 expert on the Law of Emergence reveals ancient secrets and quantum healing practice that have helped hundreds of thousands end the struggle of self-­improvement, find their life purpose, achieve financial freedom and abundance, master productivity and creativity, and gain true wealth and happiness. Join the many listeners who have had instantaneous breakthroughs and healings …and begin living y​our​ Emergence!

To Your Emergence!

Stay inspired!


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(BONUS EPISODE) What It Really Takes For The Best Year Of Your Life

(BONUS EPISODE) What It Really Takes For The Best Year Of Your Life

Today’s episode is about what it really takes to create the best year of your life. First of all, what it really takes? Not what you think it takes, not what they tell you it takes, but what it really takes.

The best year of your life is a completely subjective thing. What is best? What is best? Now, from your ego standpoint, it has one idea. From your soul standpoint, it has a very different idea. As the old saying goes, “A bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul”. It’s really important we acknowledge this because we’ve been conditioned to what is success, what is best, what is good, what is right, what should be, and what shouldn’t be; but most of that that we’ve been conditioned into from the world, the truth is often opposite.
[bctt tweet=”A bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul”]

From the world standard, the best year would be a year free of pain, free of most challenges, free of lack and limitation and struggle. For most human consciousness, the best year would be greater wealth, greater success, greater health, greater relationships, improvement of our human experience. That’s what most people—and then again, it’s relative if you’re living in Syria and trying to get out the best year of your life would be to find a country that would be willing to take you in, so finding a safe place to live. If you’re on the street, it’ll be finding shelter.

So it’s always relative to where we are.

Listen in now for the full explanation and support your personal development and spiritual growth and start participating in your future good NOW.

And remember, self-help is shelf help – you have everything you need already!

Stay inspired!


 Greetings my fellow Emergineers, Derek Rydall here, and it’s great to be with you in this eternal moment, whatever it is that you are hanging out in the time zone. What we’re talking about today is what it really takes to create the best year of your life. What it really takes? What it really takes to create the best year of your life? There’s so much coming through right now. I got to pick a lane because I got to feel this slot opening up so much because there’s so much just in that title. First of all, what it really takes? Not what you think it takes, not what they tell you it takes, but what it really takes.

The best year of your life is a completely subjective thing. What is best? What is best? Now, from your ego standpoint, it has one idea. From your soul standpoint, it has a very different idea. As the old saying goes, “A bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul”. I was not going to talk about this but it’s just coming through really strong. It’s really important because we’ve been conditioned to what is success, what is best, what is good, what is right, what should be, and what shouldn’t be; but most of that that we’ve been conditioned into from the world, the truth is often opposite. From the world standard, the best year would be a year free of pain, free of most challenges, free of lack and limitation and struggle. For most human consciousness, the best year would be greater wealth, greater success, greater health, greater relationships, improvement of our human experience. That’s what most people—and then again, it’s relative if you’re living in Syria and trying to get out the best year of your life would be to find a country that would be willing to take you in, so finding a safe place to live. If you’re on the street, it’ll be finding shelter.

So it’s always relative to where we are. But it’s also, we have to really begin, if we’re really going to be individuals on a path of really waking up to our true potential, our true purpose, our true self, true spiritual liberation, not merely using God to get more stuff in the world, but using everything in our world to get closer to God. Whatever that means to you, closer to love, closer to truth, closer to beauty, closer to real freedom, real peace, remember, when we talk about God, we’re not talking about it anthropomorphic, white-bearded man in the sky, in the cloud with the scepter in one hand and sitting in a golden throne, and Jesus at his other hand. That’s not the God that we’re talking about. There is no such God. We’re talking about this principle, this presence, this divine something, that is our true nature and being and the ground of all being.

So there comes the point where we make the flip. We try to use all these things to improve our human experience, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Absolutely nothing wrong with that but what our soul is aching for, and if you’re in this community, and if you stay to hang around for any amount of time, is because your soul is aching for this other piece. And that is to awaken, to really become free because as long as you think the world has something for you, as long as you’re merely trying to improve your body or bank account or business, you are still trapped in a human dream. Again, there’s nothing wrong with having all the good things of life experience, but as long as that’s your main, prime motive, you are stuck on the wheel of human life and will suffer. If you sowed the flesh of the flesh, you will rip corruption. If you sowed the spirit, you will rip everlasting life, eternal life.

All that I was really saying is if you are anchoring yourself and planting yourself in that which is unchanging and real and to true about you, a.k.a. the spirit, love, peace, joy, beauty, abundance, that has nothing to do with conditions, then you will rip a harvest that is eternal, that doesn’t change with the economy. You will live in a state of joy and peace and greater fulfillment regardless of condition. That’s real freedom. That is what everybody really wants if you can get them to think about it long enough. They think that it’s one of better paycheck or a better body, but then they know that that paycheck could go away and that body could break down the next day; so, what they really want is a state of peace and well-being, and abundance that the world cannot take away from them, that even if their body goes sideways and the bank account goes the other away, and their relationships go another way, they’re okay, and they know it because they’re anchored in the real, the real love, the real companionship, the real health, the real wealth, the real life that the world didn’t give to you and so the world can never take away.

So there comes a point where we have to choose what are we really going to primarily be about. I say primarily because the statement to be in the world but not of it. So we’re not just becoming ascended masters and floating off the planet, we are absolutely here to be in the world and to play full out, all systems go, out on the field, creating and building and projecting our concept and consciousness of good into the world. But, it’s the context that we live in that matters most, more than the content. So we’re definitely here to create some content, to write that book, launch that program, build the business, build the family, and then just paint a masterpiece on the canvas of time and space. But are we going to do it and forget that it’s our canvas and that we’re the artist and get lost in the picture, or are we going to do it from the context of I’m whole, I’m complete, I’m already free, I already have everything I could ever need and from that place, now I’m going to paint.

So there comes a point incrementally, sometimes dramatically, where we make that shift and for a lot of you, you’re making that shift, and for some of you, you’re making it but you don’t know it yet because the longer you hang out in this community, the more it’s going to get a hold of you and you’re not going to be able to help it because that’s the vibration of frequency and underlying intention of all this work, is to set you free, truly free. I’m saying all these to say that as we begin to think about what is it really takes to create the best year of life, we have to look at what is the best year really look at. Again, we have to decide how we are going to determine that. What is the criteria by which we determine that we’re having our best year or not?

If we’re going to use the world’s criteria of more money, improved health, relationships, whatever, that’s one metric and we will then be tying ourselves back into sowing to the flesh, tying ourselves back into all the ups and downs, in the rollercoaster ride of human consciousness, the laws of duality, up and down, good and bad, and we will to some greater or lesser extent, be fold along by the tides of the human trend. Will we decide that the best year has something to do with a deeper realization and demonstration of who and what we really are and why we are alive. In other words, at the end of the year, let alone the end of our life, it’s not so much what we have but what or who we become that determines our success.

It’s not so much how many possessions we’ve attained, but how much we are in possession of our true self and of the truth that makes us free. Have we gained some outer treasure or have we gained that pearl of great price? Have we laid up our treasures on earth where moth and rust will corrupt and thieves can break in and steal or have we laid up more treasure in heaven in consciousness, in the development of our conscious realization of these inner treasures where moth and rust can never corrupt, where thieves can never break in and steal, where the world can never take it away? That’s the treasure we take with us. So, that first inquiry and the first sort of challenge I put to you, my question is what’s going to be your definition of best year?

Again, I really want you to hear this, there’s no judgment which one you choose, and I want you to understand that when you choose the ladder which is it’s going to be about me having great possession of myself, greater possession of the truth, about who I become, it does not preclude you from also having and going for your outer success goals. We’ll talk about that. It’s not an either or. It’s just what is your priority and by priority, I mean at the end of the day or the end of any moment, or in the midst of any moment, when you must make a choice, choose this day who you will serve, God or mammon, truth or appearance, cost or effect, love or fear, the material acquisition or the spiritual realization. Which one are you going to choose? And that is determined by what is your priority and where is your commitment.

In other words, if you got a moment where there’s really a choice where you could go out and you could do something, say something, make a call, send an email, it’s really coming from a place of fear because you’re afraid if you don’t, you’ll lose something or you’ll be taken advantage of some kind of humanly driven acquisitive, some action based on your ego, based on the appearances, etc. Or are you going to choose to become still and to reclaim the truth about you and to re-anchor yourself on who and what you really are, and remember my best year is more peace, more joy, more love, more compassion, more of my real self; so, now in this moment, because that’s my priority, I’m going to choose that. So that’s what I mean to choose this day who you will serve, and it’s multiple moments throughout the day, but that’s determined by where have you made the commitment, where have you made the priority, what have you decided really is most important to you.

At the end of the year, do you want to have more possessions or more possession of yourself? And then based on that, because that’s your definition of best year, now on a daily, weekly, monthly moment-by-moment basis, when the choice arises, you get to know what you’re choosing, and that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. In fact, in many cases, it’s going to be really, really difficult. That’s why the way is straight and narrow and few there’d be that walk in, but if you decided that’s what best year looks like, you have to do the hard thing. If you don’t make a choice, if you try to kind of play both sides of the fence and never really get clear on what best year is for you and make that priority and commitment, then you are serving two masters; and if you try to serve two masters, that’s like trying to ride two horses at the same time going in opposite directions, not a pretty picture.

As the Bible says, it’s like you have a house divided and a house that’s divided cannot stand. So you have no structural integrity, and you’ll be not only torn internally, but you won’t be able to galvanize the energy to actually be truly successful in any direction. So you do have to choose which is going to be your primary context. Again, I want to say this also – it’s not like you make the choice now and you’re done. You have to keep re-choosing. You’re building a muscle. It’s in your heart of hearts, you really want to be anchored in the truth of your being, you want to become truly free, truly empowered, and the only way you can ever be empowered is that you choose the conscious spiritual path, you choose the path of having more possession of yourself. You will never ever be empowered truly if you’re choosing the former or the latter, whichever the order is.

The best year is defined by outer success because you’ll be always be at the whim of some external appearance and so you’ll always be having to give away your power to it. Whenever you make something external to you, your source of support, supply, security or safety, you have to start giving it your power and eventually you’ll become its servant. When the locus of power and control is within you, within your consciousness, that’s where you begin to have true power, true mastery, and ultimately true freedom. There is no other way to get that. I believe all of you want that. So I invite you all to make that choice but then again, it’s going to require on a moment by moment, sometimes, daily, weekly, monthly basis to re-choose and re-choose and re-choose, to get stronger and stronger in your ability to hold your place in that expanded space.

As we looked at this, if we decide that the best year looks like me having greater possession of my true self, looks like me becoming more of who I really am and letting more of that out, then we have to ask—and I also want to say that it changes the nature of how we judge what’s working, what’s not; what’s good, what’s not. When you go to the gym, and you work out really hard, it doesn’t always feel good and especially if you haven’t done it for a while or you’re taking it to a new level, the next day or two or there, it doesn’t always feel so good. If you remember the analogy of when you go to the gym, and let’s say you’re max weight, you can do 10 reps. What’s the easiest rep? The first rep. I joked. That’s actually the hardest because you got to go to the gym first, but let’s just sit and take that for granted. The easiest rep is the first one or second one once you get warmed up.

Then I ask what’s the hardest one and people will say the tenth rep. Now you all heard me tell this, so you know what the answer is here, and I would say no, it’s the eleventh rep. It’s the one you can’t do yet, because you can do the 10 reps. It’s hard, I mean it still requires effort but you already know you could do 10 but you can’t do more. That’s why they call it your max. It’s on the eleventh rep where all the growth happens. One through ten is just maintenance. So you have to get to the eleventh rep, maybe not every day, maybe not even every week, but frequently and regularly you have to push into the eleventh rep because that’s where all the growth happens.

So living your best life from that metaphor and your best year could mean real challenge. It could mean real challenge. It could mean a year full of challenge, struggle. Yes, pain even, doesn’t mean to be suffering because pain is inevitable suffering as a choice because we resist what’s happening. But it might be suffering. Edi Rama said years ago when they asked what did he think about America and how America is doing and he said, “I wish for the Americans more suffering,” and he meant it with absolute, loving compassion because he understood that America was a very young nation, very young and somewhat immature because they’re barring the revolutionary war and then the civil war. America has had a long, long time of just pretty much prosperity and power, not a lot of real growth, and interestingly, this was before 9/11, not that long before either.

So sometimes, again, a bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul. Sometimes the bad year for the ego is a good year for the soul. I’ve had what on some level, some people would consider a bad year in the sense of a really, really difficult challenging year where a lot of my structures were disabled, disintegrated, disassembled, let’s say, a lot of my identities and concepts around relationships, family, and all kinds of things, many is not most of my major life structures where had to be disassembled. I was at that point in the Rubix cube where I got in the bunch of sides looking really, really good and, remember the Rubix cube, what’s working that’s in your way and you get it all looking really good, but in order to get the next side of the next side, you got to keep messing it up. I got a bunch of sides looking really good, and I was like, “Oh, I’m really something. I got it going on.”

Then life was like you’ve been praying some pretty big prayers of transformation. To get to that next side, you got to let some things fall apart, some structures that can’t hold the next level. From an ego standpoint, it’s been a very, very difficult year. Now, there had been a lot of successes, too. I released a book, had it best seller, launched and had an amazing life event, have an amazing program happening, there’s lots and lots of good. But emotionally and spiritually, and again in all these areas, physically, financially, relationally, all those structures have been just torn down and disassembled. It’s like when you go to Ikea and you buy a whole bunch of new furniture. In the first few days or weeks, you just got rooms fall apart and pieces all over the place, and you’re like, “Oh, my God.” At the end of it, you’ve built everything and you’ve got all these extra pieces, then you’re really not in trouble. I know from a soul level, it’s one of the most productive years of my life.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you. From an ego level, from a human level, it’s really hard and I’ve wished, and still have a part of me that wishes, I didn’t have to go through it. And that’s why it’s so important that I have a practice and that I have support, my coaches, my spiritual practitioners, my friends, and that I have a practice that I go back to daily, hourly, moment by moment sometimes. Because my prayer for the best year of my life and the best life is to fully awaken, is to become truly free, is to become completely anchored in that that is real, so that I can stand in the face of any appearance and be the truth and know the truth and be the light and shine the light unconditionally and all conditionally, that I can pour the love and the joy and the peace, the gratitude and celebration and the power onto everyone and everything, everywhere at all times regardless of condition.

So that’s a big prayer. It’s a big intention. A lot of structures don’t support that internally and externally. So I’m saying all that to say that it’s really important as we set our sides for the best year, that we understand these elements to it. What does that really look like?? What does that really mean? Now again, we’re not setting the intention in going on there, I am really going out there and have a really great year in pain and suffering so I can grow. We’re not saying that. You don’t go to the gym with the vision and intention of lots of pain and suffering, I hope not. You have a vision for sure of a beautiful, healthy, vibrant, vital, athletic, maybe sculpted, strong, flexible, agile body. That’s the vision. The vision isn’t pain and suffering and breaking down and tearing muscles and all that. You understand that along the way, that’s going to happen. If you didn’t understand the process of growing from the work-out standpoint and you experience the pain and all that, you might misdiagnose that and stop.

So the same thing is true with your life. That the challenges you’re going through particularly as you’re going to conscious path are some of the most valuable and important and potent aspects of really creating a best year. So you’ll look at the best year and you say, “Okay, it’s going to look like me having more possession of myself, more possession of truth. It’s going to look like becoming more of my real self and letting more of real self out.” So we have to look at. So what is that real self? And that real self is the divine and it’s made up of, at least we’ve broken it down this way, into qualities: love, peace, joy, beauty, abundance, creativity, gratitude, authenticity, truth, right? So the criteria for the best year is—am I more of these qualities? Are these more active in me? Am I more anchored in them? Are they become more important to me? Am I expressing more of them? I tell you that even though there’s all this challenge I’ve gone through, my internal generosity has magnified.

I’m getting chills here right now, so I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting it from me or from someone else.  I’m getting a lot of tears and chills coming through me right now. So there’s a download happening. Like the level of love in my heart for humanity, for those around me, especially those that I’ve experienced challenge with, the level of generosity, the inner desire to love and to serve and to be an instrument of service, it’s profoundly magnified to some moments where, I think I’ve shared it with you guys, where I literally wanted to give away everything. There was so much love and so much desire for people to have everything and that is real progress, spiritually speaking. That’s the sign of what I’ve been talking about and there are many more of those kinds of signs. Those are the real fruits of the spirit and just a greater and greater realization and dedication to my path.

So you have to look at yourself and go at the end of the year, am I more loving, more giving, more forgiving, more peaceful, more joyful, more grateful, creative, authentic. That’s one level of criteria. That’s the new bottom line versus do I have more money, do I have more health, do I have more relationships, do I have better relationships. You might not have better relationships. In some ways, a lot of you know that me and my wife separated, some of you maybe not if it’s new. That happened the end of last year. That was one of the big catalysts to my growth, something that is really been in the works for a while in terms of internally what was emerging, but in some respect, our current relationship is not better than it was then in the outer appearance of things. Internally, my level of love for her is magnified, and internally, my level of humility and just to my level of so many things. So we’re looking at a new bottom line.

In a very real way, I’m having this conversation with somebody last night. This is really a new emerging paradigm on the planet and that is that we have a bottom line on the planet right now that’s about living in an economy that’s non-renewable. It’s a non-renewable economy based on non-renewable resources based on raping and plundering the planet and war and killing and very masculine energy, run amok without the balance of the feminine. We keep trying to fix it but we’re still coming from the old paradigm, it’s because our bottom line is still is what are those quarterly numbers look like. Is there more money, more profit, profit at all cost, profit above people, profit above planet? That is the materialistic, human motive run amok that is non-sustainable and that it will destroy us.

In my micro concept, this is what we’re being called for as ourselves. We have to have a new bottom line. We have to have a new bottom line that looks at the end of the corner and goes not just do I have more money and more profit and more of what the world calls success? But do I have more of the biggest success? Am I more loving? Am I more forgiving? Am I more giving? Am I more generous in my heart? Am I more peaceful? Am I more joyful? Am I more grateful? It doesn’t mean we have all of these, but are you seeing some of the real fruits of the real new bottom line of this emerging paradigm on the planet. If your life is not aligned with that, you’re not in integrity with what we’re trying to emerge on the planet because what we’re trying to emerge is this new model that is sustainable, renewable, holistic, and when the bottom line is more love, more peace, more joy, more beauty, more real harmonizing prosperity and abundance, more gratitude, more creativity, that is renewable, that is inexhaustible and the fruits of that are greater and greater structures and institutions and organizations and environments that support to sustain everyone. Right?

So that is what you’re looking at. You might be saying, “This is all really nice, Derek. And you’re talking a lot today, Derek, and it’s very poetic, and it’s very sweet.” Yeah, I want that but you don’t understand. What I really just want to do is pay my bills and finish my book, and launch my business. I would say, “Cool.” I would ask if you would achieve those things, what will you be then? Why do you want those? And if you’re honest with yourself and you answer, keep asking, why do I want that? Well, I want to finish my book so I can’t sell it. Okay, why do you want to sell it? Because if I can sell it, I can grow my business. Why do you want to grow your business? If I grow my business, then I can have more money. Why do you want more money? Because if I have more money, I can pay my bills. Why do you want to pay your bills? Because I don’t want to be out on the street and be without power. So if you did have the power and you weren’t out on the street, why would you want that? So I can relax and enjoy my life. Okay, and if you’re relaxing and enjoying your life, why would you want that? What would that bring you? You find you take a deep breath and go, “I finally have peace.”

There you are. That’s what you really want. It’s not those other 50 things. It’s like, “Yeah, I finally be in joy. I finally feel secure. I finally had peace. I’d finally be happy. I finally feel good about myself.” Yeah, that’s what you’re actually going for, is that state of feeling good about yourself, of peace, of joy, of happiness, a sense of generosity if you had more abundance, whatever. So it’s those state of being that you’re really after. Always, since the beginning of time and forever, that’s all that every being will ever be really going for. It’s just they move to all the filters of separation. We don’t know that. The reason why that’s all that you’re going for—I really want you to hear this—is because that’s what you’re made of and the only impulse of life is to express more of itself and life is made of love and peace and joy, and beauty. You’re very nature in being with those qualities so the only way you’ll ever truly be free is in the expression of the more of you which is those qualities.

So everything is conspiring for you to reveal and express more of those qualities. That’s all that your heart and soul really longs for even though we’ve been tricked because we projected those qualities onto people, places, and conditions and believe therefore that the peace and the love and the joy was based on a certain amount of dollars and the bank or health and our body or relationships in our life, and we projected onto that for so long that now we’ve got this belief that say my love, peace and joy is in that condition. And that’s a lie. It has nothing to do with condition. Nothing. We can prove it because you could go within right now and activate those qualities even though the conditions have changed. So the real thing is you are always only really going after the state of consciousness, state of being.

So all I’m really suggesting is let’s cut out the middleman. Let’s go straight for what we really want. Let’s create a bottom line in our life that actually reflects what we really want, which is the truth for the world, the human, the companies that whatever that are just only profit motive. It’s because they believe if they have enough money, they’ll finally be safe, be powerful, be free. They want the same thing. They just don’t know it. It’s our job to know it and to live it. So let’s cut out the middleman and go straight for these. This is what it really means to seek first the kingdom of heaven when to take no anxious thought for your life, how you will be clothe, what you’ll be fed, etc., etc. but instead seek first the kingdom of heaven which Jesus said was within you which is another name for this state of connection, for this realm of the real, these qualities. Buddha called it Nirvana. Lao Tsu called it the Tao. They also all taught how to let go of that incessant mechanism of trying to control your conditions. Buddha called it craving and aversion.

In other word, you must let go of all craving and aversion, trying to get or get rid of in order to be free, and instead seek first Nirvana. Seek first the Tao. Seek first heaven which all of them taught was within you. Now in quantum physics, they’d say in your consciousness. So that’s really what we’re going after. The best year of our life is about a greater and greater connection to these qualities of our being, to our true nature and a greater realization of them and a greater expression of them. That’s what our soul is after. That’s what our true self is after. That’s all it really cares about—the emergence of more of these qualities and then we get to paint with the colors of our soul which are these qualities. We get to paint with those qualities of love and gratitude and joy and peace and abundance, and create this beautiful works of art called our relationships and our businesses, wonderful, but we know what we’re really doing now. We’re artist of the heart and the soul painting with the colors of our spirit onto the canvas of time and space.

So our focus is on developing our palette, developing and activating these colors, these qualities because we got a very rich, rich palette full of great wonderful abundant qualities to paint with. We can paint with these qualities no matter what the conditions are. They are unconditional and all conditional. They have nothing to do with conditions. And then the more we see this and acts from this, the freer we become from all conditions which is what we really, really want and then bonus, our conditions begin to match what we are being in expressing and painting. That’s what Jesus meant when he said seek first the kingdom, don’t worry about your life, don’t take thought about all those other things, seek first the kingdom, this connection and then those other things will be added onto you.

So the way to create your best year is to begin with the end in mind and then design a plan that puts you into a practice to activate and express more and more of these qualities, more and more of the colors of your soul. And as I said that also does include the outer success goals, the outer paintings that you want to paint. If you’re a great artist, you have a vision for the year like I want a… my wife is a nurse and she’s like I want to paint this kind of painting and this kind of painting, this kind of painting, that’s great. But she didn’t think the canvas was the source of the painting. She knew that her palette and her colors and her paints in her was the source of it and then she’d go about over time painting these paintings.

So you definitely still have your outer vision of what will your life look like when you painted this magnificent masterpiece on to the canvas of time and space with the colors of your soul. You definitely want to include that. But remember it’s secondary to your real soul goal which is in any given moment, week, month, if you find that you’re starting to make the achievement of some outer goal, to the detriment of these qualities of your soul, that’s when you have to stop and get back to your practice. So if you find the chasing after more dollars is actually cutting you off from the development and expression of more of a consciousness of abundance, you have to stop chasing the dollars at least for the moment and get connected again to abundance.

If you find that the chasing after a relationship or the chasing after your partner or spouse to get them to change that you don’t feel so uncomfortable is taking precedent over and actually cutting you off from a sense of feeling whole and complete, and loving and kind, you need to stop chasing relationship or stop chasing your spouse around the house and stop and get reconnected again to your real goal which is to feel whole, to feel loved, to feel loving, to activate the qualities of peace. So instead of convincing your partner that you’re a good person, which is actually making you feel it’s retarding your development of the qualities that would make you a good person, the joy, the peace, the love, etc., you have to stop and go back to that. When it comes to relationship, two HALVES do not make a whole. Two HAVES is the only thing that will make wholeness in relationship.

So if you’re seeking a relationship, or trying to control or manipulate a partner to get yourself to feel better, you have gone off the beam of your real goal, of what will really make the best year of your life and you need to stop and come back to activating, cultivating the qualities of your own soul, and then go back into that relationship and then go back to that client, to that business project. Now, not trying to get anything from it, as if you’re an artist going to a blank canvas and shaking the canvas and saying, “Why won’t you create some colors for me?” You’d look kind of crazy. You stop and you go back to your palette. You mix some more paint and you activate those qualities then you go back to the canvas and paint on it.

So now, you’re entering into that relationship for what you can give. You’re entering into that project for what you have to give – more joy, more abundance, more power. It’s why Jesus said when you pray; pray believing that you already have it that you may receive it. You’re not praying for your praying from. It’s not an out for nation; it’s an out from nation. You’re going out into the world not to get anything but to let more of your real self out. Yes? So that’s how you begin to think about your best year and then begin to design it, reverse engineer it. So one of the things I would invite to just to think about right now and do as homework is—so I want to open this up to some questions—is if you had overcome all your challenges this year and over the next year, we’re really preparing you for next year, and if you had achieved what you most deeply wanted in terms of the outer success goals, who would you be, how would you feel, how would you act or show up in the world?

What I would invite you to do is to break that down for each major life structure: health, wealth, work, relationship, spirituality, personal development, and service. Personal development is things like if you’re wanting to develop your ability to be a speaker or writer or a chess player, whatever, that’s personal development. You’re developing talents and capacities. Spirituality is obviously your spiritual practice and a deeper connection to the divine and all that. So looking at those areas, if you were to make the progress you most want in those areas, how would you feel, who would you be, so it’s qualities of feeling and qualities of being. A quality of feeling looks like peace, love, joy and quality of being is more active like loving, playful, spontaneous, outgoing, generous, it’s more active quality, and begin to articulate for those core, big goals that you would want to either overcome or achieve. What would those qualities be? And then that is what your real goal now becomes.

At the end of the year, my real goal isn’t just do I have more money. It’s do I have a greater sense of safety, security, power, confidence, whatever that means to you, whatever the qualities are, and then in terms of the way to determine, to create a metric around this, you can ask yourself very honestly on a scale from 0 to 100, where am I right now with this quality. Then at the end of each week or month or quarter, you can reassess the bottom line. So we can still use math here. We could still use metrics, and I think it’s very important that we do. Otherwise, we can fool ourselves, and go, “Okay, I started off as a 25%.” Zero to a hundred, 25. Of a greater sense, where I want to be at the year? I want to have a sense of at least be 100% more peaceful than I am now. So let’s say, I started off right now. I’m at 20. I want to be at least at 40 by the end of the year, as an example when choosing the scale of 0 to 100.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be at 100. If 100 means complete and total, perfect peace, you want to look at where are you really and what would be the kind of growth you want to see. I want to see a 50% improvement. That’s a really good improvement. Just think about it. If you could be 50% more loving, more peaceful, more compassionate, more of a feeling of abundance, of all needs met. 50% more by the end of the year, would that be a pretty good year? So you decide. But the answer is probably yes. So you could look at where you are, create a metric and then that’s the bottom line you judge by, and you could even create a metrics for each day, and go at the beginning of a day, “Where am I with my peace?”

Like if you’re a salesperson and you know that at the end of the year, you want to achieve $100,000 and to do that, you have to sell  a thousand of these programs, products or whatever, and for that means, every quarter, you have to sell 250 of them. That means every month, you have to sell 80 of them. Then that means every day, you have to sell whatever two and a half of them, whatever, it’d be 3 if it means business days. So then at the beginning of the day, you would have a metric. You started off at zero. By the end of the day, you’d see that I sell three. So you could begin to break this metrics down and look at, “Okay, today, I now know that in order to be I’m on track for my growth of 100% improvement of my peace, I realized that I need to see a 5% improvement, or 1% improvement, whatever that would be.”

Then you get really honest with where is your peace that morning on the scale from 0 to 100. If zero is baseline, it’s where you are. It’s where you were the day before or whatever; and 100 is achieving that 1% increase, whatever you decided. At the end of the day, look and see where am I on that scale, and you might go, “Yeah, I’m 100%. I did it. I’ve increased my peace by such and such.” Some of you are starting to glaze over whenever I talk numbers. We all have different intelligences, but it’s important because it’s hard to really manage what you don’t measure. A dream without a real plan is just a fantasy or a vision without a plan is a fantasy. A plan without a vision is chaos or mediocrity. But it’s important to break it down, so this is real, right? Like you’re really looking at your day or your week and going—am I making progress? Am I feeling a little bit more connected to this quality, a little bit more expressive of it? How many times today did I consciously express?

That could be one of the other ways. Like with sales conversion, they’ll have not just the number of sales they want to make per week but that will determine what is the number of conversations they need to have about the product to make that many sales. Let’s say 10 sales a week is 100 conversations. Then the metric is am I having those 20 conversations today. So you could look out a quality of joy, let’s say, and break it down and play with it and come up with the metric that say 10 acts of joy each week. And you can use the lift practice where you’re taking these qualities and breaking them down into the people, places, objects and activities that activate that quality and that becomes your metric. Let’s just say you realize joy is a quality and you discover that one of the activities that creates joy for you is dancing—music and dancing. And so you decide, “Okay, I’m going to dance to music for five minutes every day to get my joy fixed, to activate my joy.” That’s the metric I’ve got. And then if at the end of the day, you haven’t got that in yet, you might turn on some music and dance.

So you can start to play with this and break it down ultimately to create this best year of your life. It’s not just about, again, the outer success goal and the plans to achieve that, all which is great. It’s about creating a way of life that is actively activating these qualities of your being. And so you can reverse engineer it. Once you come up with your big vision which is the other success goal, then you reverse engineer it into the qualities and then you break it down into where would you want to be with those qualities, where are you from the scale of 0 to 100, and where would you want to be at the end of the year, and where would that be at the end of each quarter and then ultimately what kind of activities and people and situations would help you to activate those.

Now, you can start to put together a real life plan that is integrating those elements that you now know will lead you towards activating and expressing and bringing forth more and more of who and what you really are, more and more of the colors of your soul, the qualities of your heart, and you know that you’re now on track to what a best year really looks like and feels like. So I know that this is a lot and I didn’t realize how much I wanted to come through. I know this is a long talk and a lot of content. Hopefully you found it very helpful, and I really encourage you don’t just listen to it, get inspired and move on. Listen to the replay. Sit down with this, work on this. Work on this. People often would say in giving all these different ideas, “Okay, when do we get to the advanced stuff.” This is the advanced stuff.

The beginner’s work is all of the theories, the concepts, the principles, the ideas. The advanced class is practice. It’s all practice. So take something from this call today and put it in to practice and really do the work to play. You can think about it, dream about it, plan about going to the gym and being in great shape all your life and you will never grow a single muscle. You have to go to the gym and lift the weights. You can theorize and philosophize and write books on the power and the magnificence of broccoli but the only way you’re ever going to get the value of it and really grow is if you eat it. So, you got to do the real work. That’s the real path of mastery.

All right, my dear ones, let’s take a deep breath and allow this all to just soak in. As I just say a very brief prayer and knowing that the prayer has been ongoing, that we’re dropping down into this field of grace, where life is so very, very good all the time, where these qualities of love, joy, peace, beauty, abundance, wholeness, harmony, order are always expressing, are always emanating, always radiating, always fully and completely being themselves everywhere present. This is the presence that is never an absence. This infinite all loving, all giving, all knowing, all powerful presence, that is infinite so there’s nothing outside of it. It’s omnipresent so there’s no other present. Omnipotent, there’s no other power. Omniscience, omniscient, all true knowledge, there’s no other knowledge. There’s no other mind, no other intelligence. It’s all in all as all, it’s all there is, and that nature is love, is life, is goodness, there has no opposite. It is all there is, and therefore it’s all that we are.

All that there is to me is thee. All that there is to each and every one of us is unique, infinite, individualized expressions of the one life, the one love, the one power, the one presence, and nothing else. All the appearances of luck, limitation, world without fear, diminishment, disease, dysfunction, karma, astrology and every other ology, the whole human scene and experience from time and memorial, all of that is rolled up into this one ball called content, concept, belief, projection, perception. None of that is I. All of that is just a projection, a relative perception and projection of the infinite perfection and I am the infinite perfection, before Abraham, was I am. Meaning before all of human experience behind the whole human picture, I stand infinite, immortal, eternal, whole, complete, perfect, all loving, all giving, all knowing, all powerful, all containing, all possessing, nothing can be added to me, nothing can be taken away, no person, place or condition has ever diminish when I ought to, nor ever can who by taking thought can add one cubit to their stature.

What God has put no man can put asunder. All that there is is the power and the presence and the love of God infinitely expressing as the divine self that I am and nothing has ever touched that. Nothing has ever diminished that. Nothing ever can and in this holy instant, all the years of diminishment are now restored. Everything is made new. In this instant, all of the finished kingdom of infinite good, infinite riches and treasures of life that we could ever imagine in the so called future are right here, right now shining expressing circulating broadcasting right where each and every individual is because each and every individual on this call and in this community is a unique center in divine mind through which all of life shines in every shine. Yes, that’s it. So everything is conspiring to bring forth more life, more love, more truth, more beauty, more abundance, more of the divine, infinite pattern of perfection as each and every individual here. It’s dissolving, disintegrating, disassembling all the belief, concepts and structures that no longer serve the fulfillment of their destiny, of greatness which is happening now.

Oh, healings are breaking out. Miracles are breaking out, mentally, emotionally, physically, astrally and theoretically. Great transformation is the order of the day. Whatever needs to be seen, spoken, heard, thought, released, embraced, to support the full on emergence of genius and greatness and fulfillment and real power, real joy, real peace, the full manifestation of heaven on earth in every dimension of living is happening now. It’s happening right where each individual is. It’s the only thing happening. It’s the only power. It’s the only cost. So it’s a law of fulfillment on to where it is set. It needs no resistance, no obstruction. It is fulfilled, pressed down, shaken over. It is done, and so it is. Amen.


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