(Bonus Episode) If I Really Was God, What Then?

(Bonus Episode) If I Really Was God, What Then?

We ask, “Hey God, where are you? We need help down here!”

And God’s like, “What do you think I sent YOU for?” You ARE the help!”

Many of us spiritually-minded folks are waiting for some power to touch us on the top of the head, for something to happen to us – enlightenment, Grace, whatever – before we can really show up and be who we really are.

We’re kind of waiting for God to show up.

This constant and incessant drive to get what seems missing or get rid of what seems to be a problem comes from a mortal sense of self apart from God.

But you can’t add anything to God. Any prayer or affirmation to get or add to yourself is pointless.

Today’s episode shows you how to ask a completely different question in order to give what appears missing, to radiate the love that heretofore we were seeking, and to pour that imprisoned splendor into the world.

The best part? Compared to the frantic action we’re used to using to try and get what we want, the real work of being happy looks a lot like just resting.

Listen now to find out how to get back into a state of knowing and remembering the love, abundance, joy, and peace that you desire for yourself.

(Bonus Episode) Opening Up Your Presence

(Bonus Episode) Opening Up Your Presence

What have your loved ones given you?

And those that you haven’t even known, but who you love because they gave you so much – Buddha, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr., Shakespeare, your ancestors – what specific thing or item did they give to you?

It was no material object.

Their real gift was their Presence: the activity, quality, or frequency of Consciousness that they caught and downloaded and anchored on Earth.

Perhaps that Divine idea was love. Perhaps it was a belief in yourself.

Whatever it was, they activated and downloaded some eternal quality in a unique and unprecedented way.

Listen to “Opening Up Your Presence” now, and find out how to catch and anchor that beautiful quality that is your gift to the world.

(Bonus Episode) The End of Tomorrow

(Bonus Episode) The End of Tomorrow

The End of Tomorrow: How to Stop Anticipating Your Future Good & Start Participating in it NOW!

There is no such thing as a future. The past is a memory, the future is a fantasy. Even the present is in your imagination. The ‘now’ moment, is the only thing that’s real.

The essence of the Law of Emergence is that everything is now. Everything that will be done, is already done. Everything you could be, you already are.

All the joy and the happiness and fulfillment you will ever experience as the result of what you want is already here.

Check in with yourself. Any time you are anticipating, ask yourself, if I already had this, how would I behave or react differently? Let this define your actions to bring the desired outcome forward rather than acting from a place of ‘want’.

Listen to this episode now so you can start participating in your future good NOW.

Stay inspired!

(Bonus Episode) The Right Questions to Ask

(Bonus Episode) The Right Questions to Ask

There’s a reason why the word ‘Quest’ is in ‘Question.’ If you want to live a great quest, live with great questions.”

A question is not something that is seeking to get something we don’t already have. From the Emergence model, the question is something that’s trying to emerge. Every question is answered. As the principle says, “Ask, and you shall receive.”

It’s not just the good questions, or the helpful questions, or the “positive” questions, but every question. It’s not personal, it’s principle. Every question is answered. If you ask, “Why doesn’t anything work for me?” You’ll get an answer. The answer will be plugging you back into all the reasons things don’t work for you, and bringing up a lot of new discoveries of why things don’t work for you.

That’s why things don’t work for me. You plug into the database of all of these patterns, but it doesn’t necessarily bring you any close to having things work for you better, because that’s not the question you asked. You didn’t ask, “How can things get better?” You asked, “Why don’t things work?” You get it?

The key principle here is ask the questions the answer of which is the actual result you want. In other words, if you want more abundance, you don’t ask, “Why am I always broke?” Right? Why is the economy so bad? Why can’t I find a job? No, because you’ll get a whole litany of answers for why. You’ll see later it’s not just answers you’re going to get in the sense of just ideas in your head.

Listen to this episode now to support your personal development and spiritual growth and to start participating in your future good NOW.
And remember, self-help is shelf help – you have everything you need already!
Stay inspired!

(BONUS EPISODE) Create Your Compelling Vision Now

(BONUS EPISODE) Create Your Compelling Vision Now

Create your compelling vision not just for life but for the coming 12 months wherever that falls for you right now.

There is a Chinese saying when is the best time to plant a tree? 30 years ago – And when is the next best time? Now!

Wherever you are in your journey it doesn’t matter what ever time of the year it is doesn’t matter. The date is arbitrary the right time to create your compelling vision for next 12 months 12 days 12 hours is always NOW. It’s always the right time to tap back in.

There is always something seeking to emerge, there is always a larger version of you seeking to emerge, more life more light, peace, love, joy, beauty abundance, harmony.

All that makes life wonderful and good is infinite and exhaustible and uniquely patterned as you. And it’s always unfolding, always knocking at the door of your consciousness saying ‘Let Me Out’.

The more and more we are willing to live on that emerging edge of newness the more we will find our life continually renewed and restored. In fact the only place that real security exists is on that emerging edge, the emerging impulse, that evolutionary impulse.

If you’re ready and willing to live on the emerging edge listen to episode 120 of the emergence podcast and support your personal development and spiritual growth and to start participating in your future good NOW.

Stay Inspired!

(Bonus Episode) The Myth of Believing, The Secret of Achieving

(Bonus Episode) The Myth of Believing, The Secret of Achieving

The Myth of Believing and the Secret to Achieving. This is somewhat provocative and maybe even a little shocking for some of you. Particularly if you are immersed in the self-help, in spiritual agility, and the whole field of changing our thoughts and our beliefs in order to create the life of our dreams.

You see, while there is truth-the power of your thoughts. The importance of mindset. These are all very, very important elements. But in fact, it’s become in a way a disease where the idea that we have to feel it, to do it, to believe it. We have to believe it to achieve it. We have to feel confident to do it. It has created in many individuals this waiting period.

We are not going for our life. We are not living our life. We are not doing the thing we most want to do in creating and being because we are waiting.

We are waiting to believe it.

We are waiting to feel it.

We are waiting to have the confidence.

We are waiting for it not be scary and we checking in, with our beliefs. I’m I there yet?

We are contemplating our navel instead of getting out there where the action is and going forward. This is really becomes a problem that I see more and more. Where individuals are waiting.

Remember from the Emergence model. Whatever you are waiting for you are waiting with. Whatever is missing is what you are not giving. Where you are not generating your divine power plan.

A power plan doesn’t receive energy it generates it. You are waiting for amuse to knock. You are waiting for inspirations. As if it’s going to come knock at your door, but instead of understanding it’s the inspiration is in you.

YOU have to act like an inspired person and you will activate inspiration.

YOU have to act like a confident person and you activate confidence because it’s ALL IN YOU.

YOU see the truth is it’s already done. It’s already happening.

What you need to do is to become in alignment with that which already is happening.

Listen now to episode 121 ‘The Myth of Believing, The Secret of Achieving’ of the Emergence Podcast. to Find out these clues and to support your personal development and spiritual growth and to start participating in your future good NOW. And remember, self-help is shelf help – you have everything you need already!
Stay Inspired!


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