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You’re Already in Heaven

Derek Rydall | The Emerging Edge

We’ve been brainwashed to believe that what we want is somewhere in the future or distance. Because of this, most of our methods of achieving the good life have us trying to get somewhere or ‘some-when’ else.

Even the idea of ‘living in the now’ is often seen through this filter, making us believe if we can get into the ‘now,’ what we want will show up – as if it’s not quite happening in ‘this now,’ but in some future, better now.

And when we accept the idea of living in the now, it’s still frequently about finding enough peace to go get what we really want, without feeling so stressed about it — again putting our good in the distance or future.

The now becomes a means to an end instead of an end itself.

But the now isn’t a place you go to get some good feelings so you can get back into the rat race and withstand the blows of life – the ‘now’ is where The Thing Itself lives.

The music is already here.

Your Destiny Is Already Happening.

Not just the pattern or potential, but the actual reality — just at a different frequency, so you can’t see or hear it. Like your favorite music that is broadcasting on a certain station – but you can’t experience it until you tune into it, until your frequency matches it.

And when you do tune into it, you don’t make it happen, you make it welcome; you have found the station where your music is already manifest.

This is your manifest-station!

That’s what one great master of emergence meant when he said the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand, but having eyes you see it not, and having ears you hear it not.

When we judge based on appearances – using our physical senses – the best we can ever have is a slightly better human experience. But when we dive beneath the surface and look with our soul-senses, we discover that we’re already living in heaven now.

To Your Emergence!

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