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Your Habits Determine Your Destiny

Pull back the curtain and see what’s REALLY controlling your fate …so you can take back your power and realize your destiny of total fulfillment – TODAY!

Most of us are under a hypnotic spell that says we have to be REALISTIC – we’re limited by our circumstances, stuck with the cards fate has dealt us, and must suffer the effects of our karma, astrology, numerology,  and every other ‘ology.’ But none of these have any power over you — no, not even Mercury in Retrograde can determine your experience!

Stop being a victim of the stars and claim your own stardom in the story of your life! Today’s podcast pulls back the curtain on what’s REALLY creating your fate and determining your destiny – and it’s both more simple and profound than you can imagine.

Listen to “Your Habits Determine Your Destiny” to discover the powerful secret to true success… the secret mechanism that determines your fate. You’re already using it, but often unconsciously. Learn how to take this power back and radically accelerate the fulfillment of your destiny!

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