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The Wizard of Ah-Ha’s: How to Never Be a Victim Again!

Derek Rydall

Are you living as cause, or at the effect of life?

In The Wizard of Oz, all the characters believed they were victims, beholden to some external power to give them what they needed to succeed — in their case, it was the wizard.

But as they discovered, what they were waiting for, they already had — but they had to stop looking outside of them, stop being at the effect of others, and start being cause.

I don’t know if the songwriter knew what he was writing when he penned this lyric, but it says it all.

“We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz, because because because because because — because of the wonderful things he does!”

Take a look at that line again. Do you see it? The mystical message?

Let me break it down…

Be-CAUSE, be-CAUSE, be-CAUSE, be-CAUSE, be-CAUSE…be-CAUSE of the wonderful things he does.

BE the CAUSE of, not at the effect of.

It even tells us what to be the cause of…’the wonderful things HE does.’

And who is this “he”? The wizard that they ultimately discover lives within them. Another name for this wizard… True Self, God, Love, Higher Power.

And what are the wonderful things he does? He (or she) gives courage, strength, power, love — all the things we want but believe we must get from someone or something outside of us in order to be whole and return home again.

But instead we are told that we must be cause of all these wonderful things.

Whatever’s missing is what you’re not giving, because everything is already within you. This is one of the greatest truths ever revealed by the master teachers throughout the ages. But simply knowing this truth isn’t enough. We must consciously activate and participate in it.

Meet the Wizard Within

Look at one area of your life where you feel stuck, where you feel “at the effect of” the person or situation. What are you waiting to see, hear, or receive before you can feel empowered?

Imagine you now have it; visualize yourself living in the solution, in the ideal situation where this area is concerned. Really let yourself feel it. Take note of the qualities you feel.

Ask yourself: “Who would I be if this situation was resolved fully? How would I feel, how would I act, what would I do?”

Then ask yourself: “What would it look like for me to be this person in my life now?”

Don’t accept a vague answer like “be more authentic…” Ask what that would look like, where specifically you are moved to be that… Keep asking until you get some actionable guidance.

Finally, ask: “What activities, people, environments, or objects make me feel the way I would feel if this situation was resolved?”

Make a list of all the possibilities. Then make a plan to engineer these things into your life. Start with one week that includes:

1. At least one way that you can be the person you would be if this situation was resolved. As Gandhi said, we must be the change we want to see.

2. One to three activities that make you feel these feelings of empowerment.

3. Some quality time with people who make you feel these feelings.

4. At least one trip to an environment that makes you feel these feelings.

5. One to three new objects in your space (pictures, music, scents, trinkets) that activate these feelings.

Put this plan on your calendar. Don’t just think about it or write a to-do list. Actually make the time and space to do these things. It won’t happen otherwise. Re-evaluate after a week and create a month-long plan.

Then ease on down the road…

But remember, the yellow brick road is not a path we take merely outside, it is a journey we take within… to that Emerald City of the soul where we discover we have been at the controls all along.

There’s no place like home.

Until next time, live authentically, love unconditionally, and follow your destiny!


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