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The Urgency of Emergence or an “Emergency”: Which Will You Choose?

Most people don’t have ‘Free Will,’ they have ‘Free Won’t.’ Free Will is a product of expanded awareness; until you see the patterns running you, you aren’t choosing, you’re just reacting. When you’re reacting to these unconscious blocks, you’re unable to respond to your deepest calling. And life is calling, whether you hear the ringing or not. The question is, will you answer it or let it go to voicemail – where it will get the message ‘mailbox full!’

In today’s training you’ll discover what the Urgency of Emergence is and why you must deal with it before it becomes an emergency. Because the fact is, life is progressive; there is an evolutionary impulse sweeping the planet, and your only choice is whether you will go willingly with it…or be dragged kicking and screaming!
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