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The Power of Boldness

Derek Rydall | Best Year of Your Life

August is upon us. A name that means ‘exalted, acclaimed, renowned,’ among other things. To live an ‘august’ life implies being bold, grand, powerful – even legendary. It means to live the fullness of our authentic potential, holding nothing back. But even in our daily walk and individual goals, we can live more boldly.

Sometimes it’s good to grow incrementally and work merely to stabilize our life structures, but other times we must make big moves that shake up the status quo of our comfort zones — and catapult us into a new and unfamiliar world. Sometimes we must leap instead of step, run instead of walk, and dive in instead of dipping our toes.

In fact, as an overall part of a dynamic life plan, we need to design such August moves into our way of life. It keeps our ego off balance enough to activate our emerging energies and prevent us from looping around in the same story. (Remember, part of the ego’s job is to keep us the same, while giving us the illusion of making progress.)

So this could look like setting a goal to write a whole book in 30 days instead of three months. It could look like committing to running a marathon in 3-6 months versus just trying to lose ten pounds. It could be deciding to have ten dates with new potential people in the next 30 days or less. Or it could be going on a multi-day, silent retreat instead of just trying to learn to meditate 20 minutes a day.

In other words, if you’ve been trying to grow some area incrementally and are not making the kind of exciting progress you want, what big, bold moves could you make to really go for it –to really say to the Universe, ‘I’m ready to live my life full out now!’

Take time to consider this, write about it, and make a plan to begin living your legendary life. If you’re really bold, you can post your leaps in our private or public Facebook pages and invite others to do the same. Then, together, we will hold the collective energy for these quantum leaps.

My intention for you this month is that you have a real breakthrough; that all this theory becomes a living wisdom that lifts you to the next level — and sets you on course to have a truly extraordinary year!

Are you willing? That’s all the spirit needs. As Michael Beckwith says, “Where there’s a will, there’s a wall. But where there’s willingness, there’s a way!”

To Your Emergence!

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