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The Law of Circulation [Podcast]

Welcome. Derek Rydall here, founder of the Law of Emergence and author of the bestselling books Emergence and The Abundance Project. I’m really excited to talk today about abundance. It’s one of my favorite topics, and a very specific principle called the Law of Circulation. There’s so much I can say here. I can talk for hours. Hopefully, I’ll condense it briefly here. Basically, remember from the core of Emergence, everything is within you. You came here not as an empty shell, but with everything.

Like every other seed on the planet, you brought it all with you, and there’s something in you to being to let out. You’re not on your way to something. You’re not on your way back to Heaven or home or wholeness or abundance. You’re coming from it. Just like a sunbeam is coming from the sun. It’s not on its way to the sun. A branch is coming from the tree. It’s not on its way to the tree. A wave is coming from the ocean. So, you’re coming from abundance. You’re coming from wholeness. So, whatever is missing is what you’re not giving. As I’ve said before, whatever you’re waiting for you’re waiting with, and you’re weighing it down.

The Law of Circulation says that you cannot give what you don’t have. You’ve got to give it to yourself first. Then you cannot keep what you don’t give away. You have to circulate it. Then finally, you cannot sustain what you don’t receive. It’s like a complete breath. In breath, out breath. Receive the air back in again. A lot of people are going around just breathing out all the time. You can fake it for a while, but try doing it with breathing. You’ll be dead in a few minutes or 20 minutes or whatever. A lot of people are just walking around breathing in, breathing in, breathing in, trying to get, get, get. Again, it doesn’t work. It’s a broken circuit. Finally, some people might breathe in and breathe out, but then they’re not willing to receive. Again, it’s a broken circuit.

So, the Law of Circulation shows us that life is a circuit. Every area of life has a circuit. Wherever there’s stagnation, there’s a broken circuit. If you have a body of water without an inlet and an outlet, in other words, it’s not circulating, what does it become? If it just has an outlet and no inlet, it drains. It becomes a dry creek bed. If it has no inlet or outlet, it becomes a swamp where everything begins to die around it. If you create an inlet and an outlet again, what starts to happen? The water replenishes. It comes alive again. Animals show up and drink from it. The whole swampy area becomes an oasis again. In your life right now, wherever there is lack, limitation, struggle, stress, diminishment, stagnation, there is a broken circuit. There’s some way in which you’re not going through the whole cycle.

For example, maybe you’re in a relationship, and you are waiting for them to give you love and respect, but you’re not giving yourself any love and respect. You’re waiting. It’s a broken circuit. And/or maybe you’re demanding it of them. So, you have to start there and go, what’s the thing that appears missing? What’s the thing I’m waiting for or demanding or trying to attract or achieve? Start by giving it to yourself. That looks like simply asking, if I loved and valued and respected myself, how would I treat myself? How would I hold myself? How would I show up today in this relationship, in my job? You start to get guidance, and you start to activate self-love. You start to fill yourself up. That’s the first step.

Then you look at the situation that appears to be missing that quality, and you go, now where can I give the love or the respect or the appreciation or whatever? You begin to look for it, and you’ll notice, I’ve been withholding a lot of that from this person or this place. You start circulating it, and then finally you begin to be on the lookout. Where is love and appreciation or validation coming to me? Lo and behold, you find it. Look at that, they just opened the door for me. Look at that, they gave me a compliment, and I received it this time, versus them complimenting me on my hair or my dress or my suit, and me going, “This old thing?” No. That’s you not letting the air back in.

So, you first give it to yourself. How would I hold myself, treat myself, show up, if I loved, valued, appreciated, respected myself? Then you look, where can I bring love, appreciation, validation, whatever, to the situation? Then finally, where is love, validation, appreciation coming to me? As you do that, the circuit is repaired. Circulation begins again, and now you have energy. You have expansion. You have growth. You have abundance. Wherever there’s a circuit that’s running, you have circulation. You have green. You have growth. Wherever it’s broken, diminishment, stagnation, and death.

One last little thing, specifically to money. The word currency comes from the root of current, which means to flow or circulate. The affluence, as in affluent, rich, comes from a word that means to flow into. So, even in the language we’re using around wealth is the principle of the Law of Circulation. It’s the whole dynamic of our entire experience. It’s the secret to creation, manifestation, wealth, and abundance.

So, until next time, remember to live authentically, love unconditionally, and follow your destiny.


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