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Living In the Feeling Tone of your vision—what I call the LIFT Practice—is the core of your daily emergence work. It brings together all the elements you’ve been developing, if you’ve been doing the work in the emergence programs. As this becomes a consistent part of your life, it will cut a new subjective groove in your consciousness, integrating this higher frequency until it becomes a new set point, creating the congruent conditions for the emergence of your next stage of evolution.

I’ve been sharing several parts of the Daily Life practice lately. There is the VVR process, a foundational meditation that activates, expands, and integrates your Visionary Vibration – the signature feeling-tone of your vision. I won’t go into the technique now, but you can get a free copy of the meditation here: https://derekrydall.com/vibrationradiation/. This is best done first thing in the morning, to establish yourself in the Visionary Vibration.

There’s also the One-Minute Mystic, which I’ve recently shared. This is a process that allows you to tap into that soul-connection and visionary vibration several times throughout the day – in moments when you may not have realized you could. If you haven’t seen this process, please look back over your past issues of The Emerging Edge newsletter or check out the Facebook fan page history.

Today I want to share a component of the Daily Life practice I call: 3-D Affirmations.

Affirmations recondition our beliefs about ourselves. The problem is that we’ve been taught affirmations in a very linear way, while our beliefs have been laid down in Surround Sound. Because impressions come to us in first, second, and third person, they are imprinted that way.

The voice in our head—or the deep belief in our subconscious—speaks not only in “I am” terms. It’s also imprinted with “You are” and “He/She is.” So it can be helpful to layer our affirmations the same way. If your affirmation is “I am a powerful, wealthy, confident person!” You could also state it as “You (name) are a powerful, wealthy, confident person!” Then say it as “(Your name) is a powerful, wealthy, confident person!

To implement this, take the feeling tones/qualities of character you’re trying to embody – those feelings you would have if you were living your ideal vision — and turn them into a 3-D affirmation by stating them in all three ways. Don’t try to cram all the qualities into one affirmation; start with the most pressing area. Pick one to three qualities. Turn that into a 3-D affirmation. Then work on it until there’s some integration – until it starts to feel like an active part of your emotional-vibrational field.

As you speak the affirmations, notice the negative self talk and write it down. It will give you insight into the limited beliefs running you. Then turn those into affirmations and use them to uncover deeper shadow beliefs, which will allow you to access and activate latent potential.

To practice 3-D affirmations, it helps to pick a predetermined time, stand in front of a mirror, and exercise your affirmative muscles by saying the affirmations to yourself while looking in your eyes. As the negative chatter comes up, write it down, and go back to the affirmations. Once you notice the same chatter cycling back, ignore it and stay in the affirmation practice.

Start by methodically repeating your affirmations in first, second, then third person, again and again. Then as the energy builds, be willing to mix it up. You might go from first person to third person to second person, then back to third person. Trust the process. As you get comfortable, see if other affirmations or variations want to emerge.

For instance, “I’m a powerful, abundant person…” could organically shift into, “I’m a powerful, abundant, gorgeous person…” and even “I’m a powerful, abundant, gorgeous, sexy genius!” Hold nothing back. Then, at the height of the experience, when you’re really buzzing, sit down and meditate on that feeling for at least a few minutes, longer if you want. Let it soak in.

Then ask, “From this energy, what am I called to release or embrace to step more fully into my vision?” Listen. See if there is any guidance playing on this station. If it’s vague, keep asking until you get something specific. Write it down. And follow it.

If standing in front of the mirror isn’t your thing—do it anyway. I know it can feel awkward and foolish, but that’s just ego chatter, self-judgment, and protective walls you’ve built around your heart. Work through that and watch the walls crumble and your heart open. If you want to change it up from time to time, try it walking, jogging or running. The rhythm of your body can help you fall into a nice cadence that supports the affirmations. And the extra energy from moving can help you activate the feelings more.

The key is to do this every day; that’s why it’s called the ‘Daily’ LIFT practice. It’s all about consistency. The world constantly bombards you with messages and energy that are NOT congruent with your highest vision – it doesn’t take a day off — so, just as you have good ‘dental hygiene,’ you must also have good ‘mental hygiene.’ But this practice is so much more than merely maintenance; if you’re willing to put in the practice daily, your life will be taken to a whole new level – in many cases beyond what you could have imagined!

To Your Emergence!

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