Seven Steps to a Powerful Plan

By September 9, 2014Podcast, Tools

Seven Steps to a Powerful Plan” …moments from now, discover exactly how miracles REALLY happen in your life …go listen for FREE right now!

Get ready to mark your calendar and schedule the date for your dream to come true! Literally the step-by-step process to CREATE and STEP INTO not only a new month, quarter, or year …but also a new YOU…

As the saying goes, “a failure to plan is a plan to fail.” Furthermore, a vision without a plan is just fantasy. But how do we plan to make what we want actually happen? Merely stating what we want and then counting on a miracle to make it happen will not only NOT get you to your goal, it can actually create failure by pulling your focus into unconscious shadows and coping strategies. You must plan your life as if YOU are doing the work, then live your life as if God (or Universal Intelligence) is. Today’s episode shows you the simple but powerful process to avoid this pitfall and live a life of continuous growth, expansion, and success.


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