Saying Yes and Living From Within

By June 9, 2014Emergence, Podcast

The problem with protecting and preserving what’s in your bank account or whatever health, education, social and moral structures you’ve built up – is that what you become attached to is all you get! What’s worse, what you hold onto causes it to diminish, dissolve, and eventually run out.

What if, instead, all the health and abundance you could ever need could appear fresh in your life every moment, without struggle? If you accept the challenge and opportunity in today’s podcast — “Saying Yes & Living From Within” — over the next couple weeks (or couple days), prepare to have things you’ve been striving for finally begin to emerge!

Listen to an excerpt of this week’s podcast, “Saying Yes and Living from Within” to find out how you can unleash all that you envision for your life, starting today!



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