Quantum Prayer: The Potential Activator [Podcast]

Welcome to this Quantum Prayer bonus.

Today we take a deep dive into the potential activator and do some real inner work to activate your full potential!

If you’re facing some challenges, problems, an area of growth, or crises, then I invite you to bring whatever it is to mind now.

Allow yourself to feel whatever it makes you feel, and as strongly as it really is there. Allow yourself to become aware of all the things it connects to – all the past issues or memories that it brings up for you – the emotions, the thoughts.

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Now just take a deep breath. As you do that, allow in your mind’s eye to see images of love, power and possibility. Perhaps you visualize your ideal vision, or your ideal vision in this area – feel into that as you let this prayer wash over you and through you.

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To Your Emergence!

Stay inspired!


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Full Transcript
[The following is the full transcript of this episode of the Emergence, A Revolutionary Path for Radical Life Change, with Derek Rydall Podcast]

Welcome to this Quantum Prayer bonus, as we take a deep dive into the potential activator, and do some real inner work to activate our full potential. If you’re listening to this now, possibly you’ve listened to the training on the potential activator, and you’re facing some challenges, some problems, some crises. Whatever it is, just bring the challenge, the crises, the area of growth, to mind. Allow yourself to feel whatever it makes you feel. Allow yourself to feel it as strongly as it really is there. Allow yourself to become aware of all the things it connects to, all the past issues, memories, that it brings up for you, the emotions, the thoughts. I’m such a loser. I’m such a failure. It’s never going to work. I’m never going to make it. I’ll never be safe,and all the images and memories that arise that are connected to that. This is stimulating and activating the whole neural pathway around this core problem and its underlying root system.

Now just take a deep breath. You can either put your hands on your heart, or you can do a process called havening where you just rub your arms. Take your hands in from the shoulders down to your hands, just like you’re soothing a child. Let go of the images of the problem. Let go of the problem completely. As you’re doing that, allow in your mind’s eye to see images of love and of power and of possibility. Perhaps you visualize your ideal vision, or your ideal vision in this area, and you feel what it feels like as you let this prayer wash over you and through you.

As I simply throw myself wide open to this quantum field, this field of grace. Dropping down into this awareness of the allness and the fullness and the wholeness and the perfection of life itself. This one life. This one life. This one life that is all loving, all giving, all knowing, all powerful, immortal, eternal, indestructible and incorruptible. It’s infinite, so there’s nothing separate or other than it. This Divine life, God, love, truth, light. It’s not only in everything, but everything is in it. It is the only causative factor, and it’s causation is love, truth, peace, beauty, abundance, wholeness, perfection. Therefore, the only affect can be some product of love, peace, joy, beauty, wholeness, and perfection. It’s impossible logically, rationally, spiritually, and otherwise for there to exist anything in all of the Universe but an emanation of wholeness and perfection.

Anything appearing less than this is a misperception of the infinite perfection, a false concept that has become experience, but it has no power. It has no substance to form it. It has no law to maintain or sustain it. It has no cause to create it, because only God, only this infinite Intelligence is cause, and it can only create after its own perfection, its own wholeness, its own abundance, its own life and light and love, and that is what’s true about every being that is listening to this prayer now, all beings unique infinite individualized expressions of Divine perfection, of unbounded love and luminosity, wealth, health, abundance and fulfillment, bliss and ecstasy. Every being is a unique expression of this one life.

So I know that right where this individual is that is listening is all the power, all the presence, and all of the infinite potential of the Universe itself. It’s here. It’s now, and it’s uniquely patterned. It’s a unique individualized expression of all potential, of all power, unprecedented, unrepeatable. A unique expression of all love, all power, all joy. A unique expression of genius and brilliance and abundance. Yes. All of the good that has ever been or ever will be is right where this individual is, uniquely, uniquely. Therefore, they matter. They matter. Their life matters. What they have to offer is necessary. They are needed and necessary. They matter, and the whole Universe is for them and nothing is against them. All of life is conspiring to reveal their full potential, and whatever problems, crises, or challenges they face, they are facing them. It’s not so much what they’re facing, but what their problem is facing. What is their problem facing? It’s facing their infinite potential.

They’re no longer telling their little God about their big problems. They’re now telling their little problems about their big God. The God within their own being, the potential within their own being. They’re saying to their problems, I’m not afraid of you anymore. You’re just an opportunity. You’re just creating the condition for me to get stronger. Just like you go into a gym, and you look at the weight, and you don’t get scared of it, even though it’s going to tear your muscles. You go, I’m about to get stronger. I’m about to create more stamina, more strength, more capacity, more capability. That’s the meaning of this problem. There’s a larger life, a larger world, a larger self, seeking to emerge, and now you have the capacity, the consciousness, everything needed to embrace this challenge and to grow and to be stronger and to reveal more of your better self than ever before.

This is what is happening. This is the word spoken, the law that is activated, and everything is supporting it. Nothing is against it. Something magnificent is emerging. Something wonderful is happening. All thoughts, beliefs, concepts, habits, that no longer serve, that are no longer congruent with this larger life, with this next evolutionary leap, are dissolving and disintegrating, and whatever is needed to support it is emerging, integrating, activating. Now. With ease, with grace, with clarity, with dignity. It’s happening. It’s happening.

I give thanks for it. I let it be. And so it is. Amen.

This has been another installment of the Quantum Prayer process, the potential activator. For more of these activation prayers and deep dive trainings on living your best life and allowing the full potential of your being to emerge, make sure to register to join the Emergence podcast on iTunes. Go to DerekRydall.com. Get some more free goodies. Until next time, remember to live authentically, love unconditionally, and follow your destiny.

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  • Ivan Šestak says:

    Derek poštovanje.
    Vijerujem da me pratiš i da si uvjeren u svu moju Milost koju dijelim svim ljudima cijelog svijeta bez i pomisli da to naplatim. Potrebitih, nemočnih, gladnih, bolesnih čije živote treba spašavati i od najtežih bolesti za koje je sam čovijek kriv zagađujući prirodu i prirodna bogatstva uzimajući previše od prirode samo za sebe i svoje bogatstvo mnogo ljudi ne razmišlja o tuđim životima a i samoj prirodi koja čovijeka za sada samo upozorava svojim silama koje su nezaustavive za čovijeka da čovijek nejde pravim putem. A sve svoje istinite doživljaje vijerojatno ču i stići zapisati roman kojemu nema kraja a nedohvatljivi su za čovijekov um. Za sada san zapisao samo najljepše doživljaje koje sam proveo u Milosti Majke Božje milostima ,oprostima i ogromnim snagama nema kraja. Za sada samo dijelim sve svoje Milosti koje sam dobio ukazanjem Majke Božje a 18.08. 2002g. u propovijedi oca ĐEMSA MANJACKLA na prepunom gradskom stadionu uz pjesmu i molitvu i samo ukazanje za koje sam jedan dan prije ispričao prijateljima i obitelji da če mi se Majčica ponovno ukazati. No na moje iznenađenje 18.08.2002g. ukazanje Majke Božje iznad nje sam ISUS NA SAMOM VRHU DRAGI BOG GOSPODAR NEBA I ZEMLJE, a SA SVAKE STRANE PO JEDAN ANĐEO ČUVAR. Mojoj sreči i iznenađenju nije bilo kraja i sve odgovore doživljaje u cijelom svijetu znam unaprijed ali pomažem samo potrebitim ljudima bez pomisli na bilo kakovu slavu a kamoli naplatu jednostavno svoju milost dijelim. Amen.

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