Quantum Prayer: The Potential Activator [Podcast] BONUS EPISODE

Derek Rydall Podcast

As we take a deep dive into the potential activator, and do some real inner work to activate our full potential.

Whatever it is, just bring the challenge, the crises, the area of growth, to mind. Allow yourself to feel whatever it makes you feel.

Allow yourself to feel it as strongly as it really is there.

Allow yourself to become aware of all the things it connects to, all the past issues, memories, that it brings up for you, the emotions, the thoughts

Now just take a deep breath. As you’re doing that, allow in your mind’s eye to see images of love and of power and of possibility. Perhaps you visualize your ideal vision, or your ideal vision in this area, and you feel what it feels like as you let this prayer wash over you and through you.

Listen to the audio to get the full quantum prayer.

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