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Pushed by Pain or Pulled by Vision: The Choice is Yours

Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. There’s an evolutionary impulse calling us all to a higher level, now more than ever. It’s that whisper in our ear for something more, that inner glow of vision that speaks to us in our quiet moments.

When we listen and say yes to this inner yes, our life emerges to the next level. When we resist it, deny it, or make excuses for why we can’t honor it, we get stuck, our life stagnates, and crisis ensues. But fear not. Our crises are there to crack us open and release the seed of our potential — so we can live the purpose for which we were born.

Listen to an excerpt of this week’s podcast, “Pushed by Pain or Pulled by Vision: the Choice is Yours,” to break free of these limited patterns and take your life to the next level!



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