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Derek Rydall | The Emerging Edge

We have been born under a mistaken identity. And almost everything that we see, hear, and experience – almost everything produced by society – keeps us in the dark about who and what we truly are. The mistaken identity is that we are merely human beings, having an occasional spiritual experience; that we are born in sin, worms of the dust; that we are circumscribed by our personality, a product of our culture and family, conceived on a certain date, destined to die.

But that’s a lie.

And when we peel away the dogma and doctrine of all great spiritual teachings, we discover that they have been trying to wake us up from this illusion or Maya all along. ‘Sin,’ as it turns out, is not some demonic quality of our soul; it is an archery term that means ‘to miss the mark.’ The only ‘original sin’ we were born under is this false belief about who we are.

The fact that this human self we perceive isn’t who we really are doesn’t mean it’s bad or that we should disregard it (as some extreme religious practices have concluded). This human incarnation is a magnificent thing, with the potential to reveal beauty, power, and greatness beyond our imagination. But it’s a pale reflection of the truth. Every level of our experience – mental, emotional, physical — is a relative expression of an Infinite Perfection, an Eternal Self, forever unfolding in this timeless moment.

Our human self is like a great character in this ‘divine drama’ that we are acting out for the evolution of our soul; a work of art we are painting on the canvas of our experience. We’re the Actor, not the character; the Painter, not the painting.

Your true Self is ‘made in the image and likeness of God,’ eternal, changeless, and infinite, whereas your human self is made in the image and likeness of your history, culture, and the transitory world of changes that arise out of the Self and dissolve back into it, over and over, like a wave upon the ocean.

Everything you need for your total fulfillment is already within you, constituted as a part of this essential Self. And when you are more identified with THAT, all your needs will emerge without the effort and struggle so common to the human experience.

We spin our wheels trying to come up with solutions to all our social, political, personal and professional problems, creating new policies, more restrictive laws, bigger prisons, and more powerful weapons to ‘attack the issues’ – or just twisting ourselves into pretzels trying to solve things.

But no matter what new invention, theory, or practice we engage in, if it doesn’t emerge out of some degree of true Self-realization, out of an awareness of our innate wholeness, it will never create lasting peace, abundance, or fulfillment in our lives or on the planet. It can’t. Because we don’t get what we want, or even what we fight for and claim – we get who we are in consciousness. Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s not personal, it’s Principle.

To Your Emergence!

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