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How to Say Yes to Your Yes [Podcast]

Welcome, everybody. Derek Rydall here, founder of the Law of Emergence and author of the bestselling books Emergence and The Abundance Project. I’m really excited to talk to you today about a phrase that I say a lot. It is really the foundation of everything I teach and the foundation of how I teach others to enroll people into their work. It’s called say yes to your yes. It’s the yes to success principle. It comes from really the Emergence principle or the Law of Emergence, a principle that I coined.

I’ll just back up for a minute to help you understand, if you don’t already, what is Emergence. What does is this really about? I talk a lot about the acorn, and the oak is already in the acorn. The apple tree is already in the apple seed. The butterfly is already in the caterpillar. When the conditions are right, the full potential of the seed emergence. When the conditions come into alignment with it, it emerges. When the acorn is feeling something, if it had consciousness, it’s like, there’s something more for me. It’s looking out at the field of oaks, and it’s feeling there’s something more. That feeling of something more, that resonance, is its yes. It’s the evolutionary impulse. It’s the emerging impulse. Sometimes it becomes an urgency of emergence.

For you, it might be that you see somebody, you meet somebody, or you hear about a book, or you hear about a program, and you know there’s something there for you. You don’t know exactly what it is always, but it’s this feeling. It’s this inner desire. It’s this inner resonance. It’s this something wants to unfold. I used to call it there’s a movement going on. That’s your yes. The way that we are meant to progress and unfold is by getting in touch with that yes, getting in touch with that desire, that resonance, which you get clearer and clearer on the more you do the work and pay attention and practice saying yes to it. Getting clear on it, and then saying yes to it. Getting clear on it, and then stepping out on it. Getting clear on it, and then going for it. Not waiting for the outer conditions to look like you’re being supported.

Because here’s the key, we’ve been conditioned backwards. It’s like, I’ll take the time to do the things I really care about when I have more time, or I’ll invest in my education or growth when I have more money or when the economy is better or when my spouse agrees or when my parents agree. I’ll go for this dream when I know I’m good enough. It’s exactly the opposite. The way life emerges is you feel the yes. You feel the resonance. You say yes to it. You step out on that invisible bridge, and something is activated, and something begins to unfold. Then that will bring up whatever else in the way. Then you step out on it, and it unfolds.

As you do that, you don’t sit down and write your book because you’re inspired, and then you wait to feel inspired. You do the thing you know you want. You activate the inspiration. You don’t just go to the gym when you feel like you’re ready to get pumped, and you have all the energy. You say yes to that desire to be in shape, and you activate the energy. You don’t just wait to feel loving, and then you love somebody. You know you want to love. You say yes to that yes, and you love, and you activate more love. That’s how it works.

Yes to the yes. Whenever I’m enrolling somebody in any program, I’m only doing two things, helping them get clear on their yes, and then helping them have the courage to say yes to their yes. Whenever I’m coaching somebody on anything, helping them get clear. What’s your yes in this relationship, this job, this area? They get that feeling, that resonance. Then helping them to have the courage to say yes, step out on that invisible bridge, and let life do the heavy lifting. That’s how your life unfolds. That’s how you get in alignment with the evolutionary of principle of life.

So, until next time, live authentically, love unconditionally, and follow your destiny.

To Your Emergence!

Stay inspired!


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