Living a Legendary Life: Launch Your Quest, Take Your Stand, and Leave Your Mark

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If you strive for safety and self-preservation, you’re guaranteed to die without really living. If you live for a vision bigger than yourself, you’ll live forever. The reason we remember great people is not because they maintained the status quo, but because they elevated life to a new level and took us with ...

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What You Really Want Really Wants You: the Secret Language of Desire

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We struggle so hard to ‘cause things to happen.’ But cause & effect is an relative perception, not an absolute law. Nothing is causing anything; everything is creating the conditions for something to emerge. When you let go of a pencil and it falls, you didn’t ‘cause’ that. You created the conditions that allowed ...

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Face Your Fear and Find a Way

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Here it is: the great secret to goal achievement taught by true masters. How to Face Your Fear and Find a Way, today!

You’ve waited long enough …the key to getting ANYTHING YOU WANT

Fewer than 3% of us have clear goals, and even fewer of us achieve them. What is it that makes ...

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Ask, Listen, Act

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REVEALED: the STRANGE TRICK of the mind that keeps you focused on the wrong thing, and the powerful SHIFT to get you UNSTUCK and UNSTOPPABLE today!

There’s nothing more important than having clarity on your vision and purpose – because if you don’t know where you’re going, every road will take you there. As ...

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Derek Rydall | The Emerging Edge


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Your vision is made up of three primary pillars: how you would FEEL, who you would BE, and what you would DO if you were living it fully. This is an important distinction because people focus most on the doing, less on the feeling, and rarely on the being. If their vision is to have a thriving business and the love of their life, they write down what that would look like, create a plan ...

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Derek Rydall

Do You Have a ‘Broken Art’? How to Own Your Creative Power

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“Each word before leaving my lips seemed to have passed through all the warmth of my blood. There was no fibre in me which did not give forth an harmonious sound. Ah, grace! The state of grace! Each time it is given me to touch the summit of my art, I recover that unspeakable abandonment.”
— Eleonora Duse

If you fancy yourself a “creative type,” you might feel like you have to fight a never-ending ...

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