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(Bonus Episode) Why You Can’t Get What You Don’t Have

There’s life and there’s life experience, and life (which is a synonym for God, or love, truth, universal power, spirit, etc.) is all that there really is.

Life is forever unfolding and expressing. It’s giving of itself everywhere, maintaining and sustaining its own perfection eternally.

You are a unique individualized expression of this infinite life. You and the truth of you is already a done deal. You’ve already made it. You’ve already arrived. You’re already a success. Your life is already fulfilled.

You’ve already made it. You’ve already arrived. You’re already a success. Your life is already fulfilled.

This is the fundamental truth of all being.

But we’ve been conditioned to believe that life is an outside-in game, that we are separate from life, from each other and from all the things we want. So much of how we’ve developed and conditioned our mind, emotions and our body to live in this world are based on beliefs and concepts that are contrary to the way life really operates.

The mechanism by which you experience this infinite, eternal pattern of good, is by your own conscious awareness of it.

In order to express something, you have to already have it. In order to have something in your life, you have to express it.

You cannot experience what you’re not willing to express. You cannot express what you don’t consciously have, or as the Law of Circulation says, you cannot give what you don’t have; you cannot keep what you don’t give, and you cannot sustain what you don’t receive. It’s circulating, but it has to come from within you.

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Full Transcript
[The following is the full transcript of this episode of the Emergence, A Revolutionary Path for Radical Life Change, with Derek Rydall Podcast]

Derek Rydall here, founder of the Law of Emergence and author of the best-selling book, Emergence. It’s just such an honor and pleasure to be with you again on this journey of emergence as we take this deep dive into the core universal success principles. Those principles that when we align our life with them begin to naturally, organically and even effortlessly bring forth our greater potential in every area of our life. We’re talking today about why you cant get what you dont have. Why you cant get what you don’t have? It’s interesting that so many of these spiritual principles are so ironic and counterintuitive when you first hear them. Obviously, it doesn’t immediately make sense to say that you cant get what you don’t have, or I could even say you can never have what you don’t already have. It’s purposefully ironic, and also it’s just the way these tend to sound to us because they are counter. It’s not so much that they’re counterintuitive. They’re counter programming. They’re counter cultural conditioning. We’ve been conditioned to believe that life is an outside-in game that we are separate from life and from each other and from all the things we want. So much of how weve developed and conditioned our mind and our emotions and our body to live in this world are based on beliefs and concepts that are counter, literally contrary to the way life really operates.

Most of what weve learned is unfortunately 180 degrees in the opposite direction of how life was actually designed to work. It’s one of the reasons that there is so much pain, suffering, lack, and limitation on this planet. In fact, when you look at the word evil, its live spelled backwards. So, when you live backwards, or live in opposition to the natural principles, you create, you manifest, you experience what the world calls evil and all of it’s many forms and faces. Why you cant get what you dont have is because theres life and theres life experience, and life which is a synonym for God, or love, or truth, or universal power, higher power, the great spirit. By all these different names, it’s the same thing. This one infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent spirit, this one infinite intelligence that is giving off itself everywhere, that created everything out of its own being and is maintaining and sustaining its own perfection eternally, thats all that there really is. This ground of being, this order, this harmony, this wholeness, this perfection, but its nature is infinite, immortal and eternal, so its forever unfolding. It’s forever expressing. It’s already done. It’s already here. Its already now. This is what one of the master teachers, Jesus, meant when he said that theyre asking when is heaven going to come and what its going to look like, and he said, It will not come by observation. It will not be lo here or lo there, meaning its not going to be over there or over here. It’s already at hand. It’s already within you. He was saying it’s not in the future, it’s not in the distance, it’s already here.

Heaven is another name for ever-expanding good, for the realm of wholeness and harmony. It’s already here he said, but having eyes you see not, having ears you hear not. Elsewhere, he said, Do not judge by appearances. He was saying that all these things youre seeking for, all these things you’re wanting and needing, youve already got it. Its already here, but because you’re judging by appearances, and appearances dont tell you the truth, they just tell you what your belief is. They are projection of your relative perception of the infinite perfection. I’ll say that again, everything that appears is a relative perception of the infinite perfection. There is this infinite perfection. This infinite is life itself. It’s already whole. It’s already complete. It’s already done. It cannot be improved upon. It cannot be diminished. There’s nothing separate or outside of it that can enter in to corrupt it ordestroy it. Life is love, peace, joy, beauty, abundance, wisdom, genius, harmony, order, all of the good of the universe is. It uniquely is knowing itself as an infinite variety of ideas that you are one of.

You are a unique individualized expression of this infinite eternal life. You and the truth of you is already a done deal. You’ve already made it. You’ve already arrived. You’re already a success. Your life is already fulfilled. As it says in the Bible, Who by taking thought can add one cubit to their stature? What God has wrought, no man can put asunder. This that is true about you is eternal, is enduring, can never be destroyed, diminished and can never be improved upon. It’s complete. Its perfect, okay? This is the ground of all being. This is the fundamental truth of all being. Behind every appearance, there is an infinite immortal, eternal activity of truth, a perfect pattern of infinite potential, of infinite expression, of infinite idea. You cannot make stuff happen. You cannot add anything to life, but this infinite life is always enfolding, okay? That’s the foundation.

Why is it true that you cant get what you dont have? Because you do already have it, but the mechanism by which you experience this infinite, immortal, eternal pattern of good that is your true self, the way you experience it is by your own conscious awareness of it. Thats the mechanism by which infinity unfolds. If there wasnt a mechanism, there would just be all infinity expressing everywhere and there would be no experience. Like if you take a camera, and you open the aperture and just leave it open, there will be no picture. Itll capture no image. It will just be flooded with light. Itll overexpose it, and there will be nothing to look at. It opens up for a split second, captures a little bit of light, a little bit of the scenery, projects it on to the film, you develop it or put it on your computer, put a frame around it, whatever youre going to do with it, and that is a picture and an experience of reality. The same is true for your consciousness. Within you is the whole Kingdom of Heaven, the whole of Nirvana, the whole of the Tao, the Christ consciousness, the Buddha field, the whole quantum field, infinite good of every name and nature. Its uniquely composited as a divine idea that is unfolding as you, but it cannot be experienced and expressed except to the degree that you are available and aware of it.

This is why the Scriptural passage says, You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. It doesnt say the truth just makes you free; you have to know it. Lets be conscious of it. As Ive used the analogy, youre surrounded by electricity, truly infinite energy, but it doesnt do you any good until you develop the structures to harness it, and you plug in. The same is true with our consciousness. Were developing the inner structures to capture or to hold more and more of this infinite energy of our being, this infinite pattern of our perfection. We are consciously activating and expressing and allowing it to flow out of us into experience and expression. In order to express something, you have to already have it. In order to have something in your life, you have to express it. You cannot experience what youre not willing to express. You cannot express what you dont consciously have, or as the Law of Circulation says, you cannot give what you dont have; you cannot keep what you dont give, and you cannot sustain what you dont receive. Its a circuit. Its a cycle. Its circulating, but it has to come from within you. You have to have a sense of having. It also says in the Bible, To he who has, more shall be given, and it shall be multiplied. To he who has not, even that which he has will be taken away. This is a statement of consciousness. Its talking about the have consciousness.

Again, this is not religious. If youve never listened to me, I have to say this. These are not statements of religion when I use scripture, whether its Buddha or Jesus or Quan Yin or Shankara or Lao Tzu or whoever. Its principle. Its not personal. Its not religious in the old sense. Its principle. Religious in the true sense, because religion comes from a Latin word religios that means to bind one back, the same term used for ligament, the thing that binds your muscle and bone together. The truth of religion is meant to bind us to the truth of our being. When I use all these scriptures its because of its profound power and truth. In the great scriptures of the world, weve just got to get beneath the dogma and the doctrine and the cultural idioms and understand it in our current context. Thats what Im trying to do here when I share all this.

Elsewhere, Jesus says, When you pray, pray believing that you already have it, that you may receive it. To he who has, more shall be given. It will be multiplied. Pray believing you already have, and you will receive. Take no thought for your life, but seek first the Kingdom of Heaven within you, and all those things will be added. All of these are telling us we need to make that inner connection. We need to develop that inner consciousness of having – I have, I am, I can, Im able. Its already done. Only when we are in the state of having can we get more of that, can we experience more of that, because that consciousness of having is literally the substance of the thing itself that weve now become available to, and it begins to clothe itself in form. If you imagine your ideal life, and you really feel into how you would feel and how you would be showing if that was true, and you look at where you currently are, how you currently feel and how youre showing up, youll see the gap between there in the feeling tone, the gap in the sense of having and the sense of being. Then, you begin to create a plan to bridge that gap. Its not a plan to go make a bunch of stuff happen. Its a plan to make yourself more available to that which is always happening, and therefore make it welcome. Its a plan to begin to generate the feelings, the mental, emotional, vibrational set point of already having, already being, already happening, and then begin to live into that. Express that. Walk and talk and dance and sing in that vibration even before, and especially before, the appearance is there. If you wait for the appearance to change, youll be waiting forever, because whatever youre waiting for, youre waiting with and youre weighing it down, because from the emergence perspective, whatevers missing is what youre not giving.

If you want more to come in to your life, you have to let more life come out of you. If you want something different to come in your life, you have to let something different come out of you. If you want more love, peace, joy in your life, you have to let more love, peace, joy come out of you. Again, the only way you can only let more love, peace, joy come out of you is if you are activating a sense of having more love, peace and joy. You begin to stand in that belief, in that feeling tone, and then live into it, and then you begin to generate more and more of a field, a morphic field, an attractor pattern of love, peace, joy or whatever the quality is. According to your plan, your pattern, your true purpose, those qualities clothe themselves in form. People will say, Wow, you have more money or more opportunity, or more health, or relationship, or whatever and youll know that you dont have more of that, youve just accessed and activated a greater awareness of that which youve always had and which they have as well. You just accessed and activated more of an awareness of having. That awareness, which is the substance of all experience, begins to manifest. Remember, manifestation is not about making something happen that isnt happening. Its about making that which is eternally happening manifest, visible, tangible, audible, and sensible. Thats all. You cant manifest anything that doesnt already exist. Its impossible, because nothing can appear in life unless it already exists in consciousness. You are manifesting. You are making manifest, making visible that which is going on all the time invisibly.

Again, as I’ve used the analogy of the radio many, many times for those of you that have heard me talk, ad nauseam perhaps, but it’s a great analogy. That is that your favorite music is already broadcasting right where you are. Music, information, but it isn’t manifest until you tune the dial of your radio to the frequency of the station where it’s playing. When your frequency matches that frequency, so that you’re now on the frequency where that music is broadcasting, that station becomes manifest. In other words, you have a manifest-station. It wasn’t happening in the distance of the future. It was happening now. The distance wasn’t a distance of time and space; it was a distance of frequency. The frequency gets generated through your feeling, through your belief, through your feeling and other elements like your environment, your actions, your words. All of that contributes to the feeling tone, contributes to the frequency, either dialing it up the dial or down the dial, either tuning you into K-RICH or K-LACK.

So, its all about having a state of having. I know this is hard. Believe me. It’s particularly hard, because its so completely opposite of how weve been conditioned. We’ve been so conditioned to look to our appearances to determine how we feel. It’s so ingrained, especially when youre struggling or suffering, you dont have enough money and the bill man is knocking on your door, and the landlord is threatening eviction, all of which I know, or physical things are going on with your body, or your relationships are in turmoil, or you’re alone, or whatever. I’m telling you, you already have all the wealth, and the health, and the abundance, and the peace, love, joy, and companionship, and that you have to come into a state of having and feeling that its already done and living, and moving, and having your being in that. You’re like, Derek, thats really, really hard. I mean I got to pay my bills. I just need to pay my rent. My back hurts. My wife and I are fighting. Im alone and lonely. It’s not working. That’s the other thing. You do it for a while, and you start to have moments and glimpses of feeling powerful and abundant, and in love, and it has nothing to do with your condition. You recognize youre generating it which is the first step of liberation.

When you really see, I have the capacity to generate anything, any feeling, regardless of condition, you start to wake up from the illusions that your conditions are causing your feelings, because they never are, ever. Not even ever. So, you start to realize that, but then what happens is you hit a threshold and you start to go, Well, its not working. So, you’re feeling, but then youre looking outside of you for the result. Its like planting a seed and going, its not working, and digging the seed up over and over again. Eventually, you kill it. You lower the vibration until its not able to create that critical mass and manifest. This is a very common challenge. Here’s the reason why its happening in terms of your esoteric or spiritual evolution. The truth is that life is spiritual and invisible, energetic or vibrational.

The truth is that you are a spiritual or energetic, vibrational being. You’re not a material being, and you’re not living in a material world. You’re entertaining a material concept of things, but you live in a spiritual Universe, and you are a spiritual being. Everything you could ever want, hope or desire or need is spiritual. Ultimately, you’re being called to awaken to that and to consciously live in a spiritual Universe. As long as youre looking to the material forms, which are just the effect, old thoughts, a mirror of the past, the wake of a boat, that has no power whatsoever, as long as youre looking to those to determine whats real or true, you’re just looking at an old photo on the wall of some old past experience as if thats going to have some power to determine your life. You’re looking to the wake of the boat and expecting it to drive the boat, but it doesn’t. The energy presently being activated in the boat and the steering presently going on by the captain of the boat, thats whats driving the boat, not the wake. Your appearances are not driving your life. They are effect. They are a movie; they’re a projection. They have no substance and no power, but we give it the substance and power by looking to them and judging by appearances and reacting to appearances and letting them determine how we think and feel and move.

Its a complete illusion, because they never had a power over us. Were being called to learn how to live spiritually, to think, speak, feel and move not based on any appearance, but based on the highest truth of our being that we can master. Im going to think and feel, walk and talk based on the highest truth that I know, not just for a little while. Im not going to do that until it becomes my subjective habit, until no matter what the appearances are. Im not reacting to appearances. Im responding from the highest truth of my being. Then, the appearance is changed. Youre being called to develop your soul senses, your ability to see in the dark, to see in the soul, to live from the spiritual reality of your being. When you hit those thresholds, and youve been doing some of this work and its not appearing to work, its like the bamboo tree analogy where the roots are growing and growing and growing, and nothing seems to be happening on the surface. It takes years, and eventually in a matter of a couple weeks, it grows eight or nine stories.

Now, Im not saying its going to take you years but when its not happening right away is because you havent yet completed the root system. Youre being called to develop it. You cannot be tempted to judge by appearances. The sign of growth and progress is not that the situation changes, but that your reaction to it begins to change. The spectrum is at first youre in complete reaction – fear, anger, lack, whatever. As you do this inner work, you start to get free from that, and the reaction is less and less, or its duration is shorter and shorter. Like getting yourself into physical stamina where you have a quicker and quicker recovery rate. Eventually, youll reach a point where its neutral. You dont feel good or bad about it, your buttons arent pushed anymore, a very, very powerful sign. Then you start to move on the other side of it where you start to have a sense of gratitude, joy, aliveness, love, abundance even though, again, the condition hasnt changed yet. So, youve gone from a negative reaction to neutral position, to a positive response or radiation independent of the situation. At some point, that reaches critical mass, and it begins to manifest, but you know youre really changing when your response to the situation is expansive and positive, or its becoming less and less negative and becoming neutral.

As I like to say, when life squeezes an orange, all that comes out is orange juice, because thats all thats in it. When life squeezes you, what comes out? When a situation squeezes you, what comes out? When you dont have the money or the relationship goes sideways or the body goes sideways or the job gets lost or the things doesnt work out, thats life squeezing you. Whatever comes out wasnt caused by the squeeze; it was caused because it was whats within you, just like the orange. If I squeeze an orange, I dont cause orange juice to come out. I dont cause the orange juice to be in it. Im creating a condition where that which was always in it can come out. When life squeezes us, what was already there comes out. If what comes out is fear and anger, and sadness, and grief, and shame, and guilt, and lack, and revenge, and reaction, its nobodys fault. Not even yours, by the way. Its just the fact that thats whats in you. Life is squeezing you to show you whats in you so you can purify it. You can purify your intention and your beliefs and your perceptions, and gets stronger and stronger and more anchored in the truth of your being. Eventually, life can squeeze you any which way, and all that comes out is love, truth, power, poise, confidence, generosity.

Thats what were on the path towards. It starts with realizing that life cant give you anything. Life cant take anything away. No situation or condition is the source or cause of your life. You must take a stand in your own inner kingdom, your own inner Universe of wholeness, and do the work to embody the sense of having. I have, I have, I can, I will, I’m able, its already done. Im going to stand there and talk to myself and have conversation and activate feelings and take actions, all of which are in congruence with that truth. How long? Until I’m living in a state of whatever is the quality that I think I would have that the condition was changed. You know that youre free regardless of conditions, and then the condition changed.

As long as you are looking to conditions and internally, you have a state of I don’t have, it’s not happening, it’s not working, something’s wrong, I’m wrong, there’s not enough, I’m not enough, and then you do in all kinds of stuff to make stuff happen, you will keep manifesting your inner state of not having. Remember to he who has not, even that which he has will be taken away, because youre just manifesting and magnifying a state of not having, and so you get a greater and greater demonstration of not having. Even if you manifest a bigger paycheck, you end up being broke at a higher income bracket and having even more stress and anxiety than ever before. You must stake your claim to realize and embody a state of having, a state of it’s already done. This is one of the greatest secrets. Its not easy.

Another analogy I talked about, when a racecar driver is taught how to drive and deal with when the car hits an oil slick and spins out towards the wall, everything in your body wants to look to the wall, believing that if I just keep my eye on the wall, I wont hit it, but in fact, if you do keep your eyes on the wall, you will hit it, guaranteed. You have to do what at first seems counter and look away from the wall, look towards where you want to go. Thats an analogy to dont look at the problem, dont look at the condition, but look towards where you want to go. Look to the vision. Look to the highest thought, belief, idea. Get into that feeling state, even while your car is sliding towards the wall, even while your life seems to be sliding towards a problem. Im not saying ignore the problem, don’t do anything about the problem. I’m talking about an inner state, first and foremost, that your inner vision is directed towards the highest vision, towards the highest thoughts and feelings, towards the finish line. There’s a crucial moment. Basically, why this works with the car is that your hands follow your eyes, so if you look towards the wall, your hands keep steering to the wall. If you look away from the wall, your hands start steering away from the wall.

The same thing with your awareness. Your mind energy goes where attention flows, or energy flows where attention goes. Even when you turn your hands and you look away from the wall, theres a period in some cases, sometimes many cases, where the car is still sliding towards the wall, because it has momentum and its slick. Youve turned, and youre still sliding towards the wall. It can be very tempting to not have the courage or the patience and to look back towards the wall again and go, It’s not working. It’s not working. I have to look at the wall. Then, slam, you hit the wall. If you look, keep looking away, its sliding to the wall, you’ve done everything right, you’re doing the work, you turned your hands, you turned the wheel, but its still sliding towards the wall, but you keep your vision, you do not look at the wall, you do not get pulled down by that, at some point, the wheels catch and the car pulls out of that spin. The same thing is true with our internal momentum, the mental, emotional, vibrational momentum. At some point, it catches and we pull out of that spin. If we get impatient or afraid, and we look at the problem, we stir by back into it again vibrationally.

Now, is it guaranteed that if you look away from the wall youre never going to hit it? No. Absolutely not a guarantee, but it is a guarantee that if you look at the wall, you will. If you keep your attention riveted to the problem, you will keep creating more of the same. Even if, through sheer will, you manage to resolve that one problem, it will pop out twice as hard, twice as bad, because youve manipulated appearances, but you havent fundamentally changed your consciousness. You haven’t evolved. Problems can never really be solved, but they dissolved as you evolve. You have to have your attention on the vision, on expansion. As you expand beyond the paradigm of the problem, the problem can no longer survive in that. The solution lives outside of that problem paradigm, so when you expand into that larger paradigm, you expand into the solution.

It’s challenging. You’ll never hear me say this isn’t challenging, but you have to have the courage, conviction, commitment and ultimately some level of discipline and that includes support and other people to remind you, so that when youre spinning, you have a practice that brings your attention back to the vision, back to the truth. You have the practice that activates the inner feeling tones that you want to feel, that develops the inner vision, the inner awareness, beliefs, and it has you taking constructive action. So that your way of life is consistently moving towards an ever greater state of having, of being, of it’s already done, I’m already it, life is working together for my highest good. That gets integrated. It gets embodied. You pulled out of the spin. You’re back on track. Youre moving fast with momentum, and you cross the finish line. Then, you begin another race and another opportunity to grow and expand.

This is the principle. You can’t have or get what you dont already have. You have to take a stand and stake your claim in developing your consciousness of I have, I can, I will, Im able, its already done. Stand in that and feel that, and develop that as long as it takes, by the way, because whats the alternative? To fall back into the belief that you dont have and to feel really bad and depressed and down and lacking so that you can just manifest more of that? Honestly, if it takes you a day, a week, a month, a year or more to develop a state of consciousness of having, its worth it. That is an investment that pays reach dividends. This is what it means when the biblical scripture says,Lay not up your treasures on earth where rust and moth shall corrupt and thieves shall break in and steal, but lay up your treasures in Heaven where rust and moth cannot corrupt and thieves cannot break in and steal. It’s telling you, dont make appearances your Source. Don’t judge by those things, because that will just be eroded and taken away, but turn within and make that contact with the real source and lay up your treasures there. Build an inner state of consciousness there. That consciousness you will take with you forever. Whatever you build on earth is relative, and it will ultimately go back to dust. Whatever you build in consciousness, you have forever. You’ll take it with you, even when you leave this place. That’s why if it takes you a year, honestly, even if it takes you a lifetime, youve built something that you own now forever.

I  invite you to this journey and this path of developing a state of I have. I hope this has served you. If you have not yet registered, please register for this podcast so that you can get ongoing support and activations and healing support and the cutting edge best practices around how to really find your passion and live your purpose and make an impact and an income doing the thing you are born for, and making that deeper connection to the source of all creation, all power within you. Just sign up to register for this podcast on iTunes. If you want more additional support and downloads, go to derekrydall.com. Go into the free resource section, grab some of the free downloads. Go register for the blogs. You will get an additional material. None of it costs you a penny, where I can really support and help you master emergence and master these principles so that you can create a life you are born for.

If you haven’t yet grabbed a copy of my book, Emergence, the best-seller, you can go to www.getemergencebook.com. When you click on the Amazon or Barnes & Noble button, and you buy the very inexpensive copy of that book, I’m going to give you $1791.00 in free bonuses and support, including a month of the Emergence Academy where you’ll get live coaching with me as well. So I can really help you make this stuff real and take a quantum leap in your life. Again, I hope this has served you. If you’ve been inspired, tell a friend. Refer to a friend. Teach this to somebody within the next 24 to 48 hours and you will embody it even more. Share it with friends and loved ones and clients. Remember whatever you give, you keep. The more you give and serve and help others achieve the things you want, the more you will have them for yourself. Until next time. Remember to live authentically, love unconditionally and follow your destiny.

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