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(Bonus Episode) Why ALL Your Beliefs Limit You (And What You Should Do Instead)

Why ALL Your Beliefs Limit You (And What You Should Do Instead)

In the self-help, self-improvement arena, we put a lot of stock in our beliefs. At a certain level, it’s important to improve your beliefs and thoughts. It’s important to do the inner work, to take back control of your mind and reprogram its patterns and conditioning.

Step-by-step, we can uplevel our thoughts, our beliefs, and our emotional fuel, so that we are ultimately running on high-octane thinking, feeling and believing. This helps us move out of the victim state, where we believe we’re being acted upon by the world of experiences — where we believe life is happening to us.

It’s important to move from being a victim to a creator, where we see that the world isn’t victimizing us — our own thinking and the subsequent habits that come from our thinking is the real cause. We learn certain strategies — the law of mind and creation, visualization, affirmation — as well as other tools to regain control over our beliefs.

This is a critical first step on the path to personal freedom. Without this, we will remain in a perpetual cycle of reaction to circumstances that keeps us stuck — and even makes things worse. At this stage, we let go of being a victim and become a creator. Life is no longer happening to us, we are happening to life.

At this stage, you are controlling your conditions by what you are thinking, believing and consciously feeling, and are now manipulating situations consciously. At this level, it may or may not be for your highest good or for the good of others — you can create all kinds of conditions through the power of the law of mind, but it’s still in the realm of duality, of good and bad, up and down. That’s always the challenge at that level – you’re still operating with your human will and all of the conditioning and value systems that come with that.

Eventually, that doesn’t work as well as it used to. You manifest a things but aren’t fulfilled by them, or it even makes things worse. You manifest a bigger paycheck, but end up just broke at higher income bracket! You get a bigger house, but feel even less at home. You manifest a new relationship, but end up in the same arguments. You get all that stuff, but unconsciously, or consciously, you’re still afraid it could all go away.

To continue to activate your potential, you need to move to the next level, where you realize life is happening through you, that there’s a bigger idea than your human mind can conceive — and you need to surrender to it. This is the realm of vision, visionaries, and true innovation. This is where you become a channel, an instrument for an idea that is beyond your current paradigms, beyond your thinking, and beyond your beliefs.

You open up and become available to an evolutionary impulse that has something to do with the expansion of your soul and of humanity. You begin to develop mental, emotional set-points that are vibrationally aligned with your highest vision. This is where the magic starts happening, this is where Grace kicks in. As the saying goes, “God responds to you by corresponding to its nature in you.”

As you move through these stages, you begin to realize that life is not about manipulating, adding, attracting, or improving anything — it’s about waking up to a wholeness and perfection that is already here, waiting for the right conditions to emerge. We move out of mere metaphysics — which is still often about manipulating appearances — and onto the path of mysticism, which is about touching Ultimate Reality and letting IT govern, guide, and direct our life — because we realize that there is an Intelligence that created everything and It knows how to run the show better than we do!

Unlike traditional success teachings, religious teachings, and most self-improvement or metaphysical teachings — which are based in the world of duality and seek to change appearances — the mystical path is about transcending all thinking, all believing, all identities, all pairs of opposites, all attempts to merely improve our conditions, and to wake up to who we really are, what’s really going on, and why we’re really alive.

The result of that expanded awareness is that we pop out of our stories and beliefs, and all the limitations they contain. The result of that is an expanded awareness that must begin to manifest itself as what the world calls improved experiences and conditions. The difference is that you know you didn’t make them happen, you made them welcome — so you don’t feel like you have to use all your energy to hold them in place. The change is real and lasting.

It’s not an easy path to walk. We’ve been so conditioned to believe we must manipulate appearances to be happy, safe, and free, and that our mind or body is what’s controlling things. But that’s false. There is a larger order, a deeper intelligence, a perfect pattern that is already here, already complete. Nothing we think or believe can improve upon it or make it happen. But when we let go of our agenda and open up to the mystery, this larger possibility can emerge in ways we could never imagine.

I invite you into this next level of living by asking, “Who am I beyond all of my stories, beyond all of my beliefs? Who would I be and what could I do if I didn’t have any story or beliefs? What’s really here, what’s really true, and what’s really possible that I can’t presently see because of my beliefs?”

Contemplate this. Meditate on it. Journal about it. And watch as a whole new vista of possibility begins to emerge!

You can also listen to an in-depth podcast on this subject, where we break it down and talk about how to put it into real-life practice TODAY. This will be a real game-changer!

And remember, self-help is shelf help – you have everything you need already!

Stay inspired!

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Full Transcript
[The following is the full transcript of this episode of the Emergence, A Revolutionary Path for Radical Life Change, with Derek Rydall Podcast]

Welcome. Derek Rydall here, founder of the Law of Emergence and author of the best-selling book, Emergence. It’s just great to be with you on this journey of Emergence, which is really about tapping into that Divine potential, that pattern of infinite perfection planted in the soil of your soul and creating the right conditions in your life so that that inherent good can unfold in your life like never before. You are meant to unfold naturally, as natural as the rest of nature, without struggle, without striving and even without overly thinking. Ultimately, your entire destiny of greatness could unfold without you taking thought for your life. If we could just get clear enough and still enough and connected enough, that which is already true about us would just begin to emerge just like nature. It would show up as inspired ideas. Those inspired ideas would transmute themselves into inspired conversation and compelling right action and ultimate achievements. It would all unfold without the process we have come to know as thinking and cogitating and struggling and straining and trying to make things happen which is not really normal or natural at all.

We are meant to unfold and feel like life is living us. When you’ve been inspired with some kind of idea and you didn’t think up the idea, the idea thought you. It’s like you’ve ever been praying and suddenly feel overcome by this devotional energy, and suddenly you’re no longer praying but something is praying you. You’re like an instrument being used. It feels so exhilarating, and you might find yourself forgetting to eat. You’re at the piano composing or at the computer writing or suddenly teaching, and this information is flowing through you, or whatever the case may be. You could be making love. You could be educating and loving a child. You could be playing sports, but suddenly you humanly aren’t doing it, you’re being done by something. That something is a higher pattern and activity that is always going on, and you’ve suddenly come into alignment with it. There are thoughts that become evident that are inspired, and they transmute into all these different levels: speech, action, expression and condition, but you’re not thinking them, you’re not doing them, and you’re not making them happen. You have become a place that has made it welcome. At the very bottom, that’s really the essence of Emergence. We’re really working to become those clear transparencies through and as which life can fulfill itself as us. We can become like a branch on a tree of life that bears witness to the life of the tree, to the leaves, the flowering and the fruit. You’ve had that experience most people have and imagine living like that all the time. That’s ultimately our aim.

The topic today is why all your beliefs limit you and what you should do instead. Especially in the self-help, self-improvement realm of things and even beyond that, we’ve come to really put a lot of stock in our beliefs. Obviously, there are relative levels. At a certain relative level, it’s important to improve your beliefs. It’s important to improve your thoughts. It’s important to do the inner work, to take back control of your mind and reprogram the patterns and condition your mind. That’s a very important step that moves you out of the victim state. When you’re a victim, you think you’re being victimized by the world of experiences, that things are happening to you, but what you’re really being victimized by is your own beliefs and your own programming. It’s appearing as circumstances and situations and your reaction to them in this perpetual cycle that just keeps repeating itself over and over and over again. That’s the victim state. You just learn to cope, manage and control your way through that. Then, eventually, you come to learn certain tools and strategies, the law of mind and creation, and then begin to adapt visualization and affirmation and various tools to start to regain control over your beliefs. That’s a powerful step. You move from being a victim to being a creator. Life is not happening to you, now you are happening to life. You are a creator. You are a manifestor. You are controlling your conditions through what you are thinking, believing and consciously feeling. You are now manipulating situations consciously.

At that level, it may or may not be even for your highest good or for the good of others, you can create all kinds of conditions through the power of the law of mind, but it’s still in the realm of duality, of good and bad, up and down, and it’s still up and coming from the ego and the conditioning of the mind, parental fantasies, peer pressure, societal conditionings, and the current values of the culture you’re in. If it seems to be that the highest value of the culture is having lots of money in a big house and a nice car, you’re going to use your mind power, your beliefs, and your emotions to manifest those kinds of conditions, which may or may not be for the highest good of your soul, or even the highest good of your family or of those that you care about. It might even hurt other people. That’s always the challenge at that level is that we’re still operating on our human will and all of the conditioning and value systems that come with that. Eventually, that doesn’t work even as well as it used to, or you get to manifest a bunch of stuff and get a bigger paycheck, but you’re just broke at higher income bracket. You get a bigger house, but you feel even less at home. You manifest a better relationship, but you end up in the same arguments. You get all that stuff, but you’re just unhappy and unfulfilled. Unconsciously, or consciously, you’re still deeply afraid that it could all go away. You’re right, because you are primarily the one doing it all.

Eventually, you move into the third stage, which is where you realize life is happening through you, that there’s a higher life. There’s a higher pattern. There’s a higher ideal. This is the realm of vision and visionaries and true innovation. This is where you become a channel, an instrument for an idea that is beyond your current paradigms, beyond your thinking, and beyond your beliefs. You open up and become available to an evolutionary impulse that has something to do with the evolution and expansion of your soul. It has something to do with the real reason why you’re here, because you’re not here merely to move deck chairs around on the Titanic. You’re here to discover, uncover, and express something unprecedented. In some way, big or small, you are an unrepeatable nomina in the mind of God of the Universe. A nomina is a Divine idea, versus phenomena, which is a transitory expression of that nomina. You are a Divine idea that has never happened and will never happen again. There’s something about your life that you’re here to express and reveal that is unprecedented.

In stage one and two, you can’t access that, because you are either being a victim in a consensus state of self-defense and self-preservation and reaction, or you are a creator and you are constantly trying to manipulate conditions to create a life based on your current beliefs, your current conditioning, value systems, etc. In stage three, you are now becoming a channel for something bigger, a channel that is beyond your thinking, beyond even your own identity, and beyond your beliefs. Ultimately, you even let go of the idea, because there’s still a sense of a personal self. There’s still a sense that you are doing it for your own good or for the good of those that you care about, and there’s still a level of a personal self. You still believe, on some level, you have a separate life to protect, to preserve, to perpetuate, to prop up, but, eventually, you have to let go of even that, even that sense that you have any separate life apart from the one life.

You’re moving to stage four, where you realize that life is no longer happening to you; you’re not happening to life. It’s not even merely happening through you, but life is happening as you. You are life expressed. You are a branch of the tree. You are not separate from the tree. You are a ray of the sun, a wave on the ocean. You are a unique individualized expression of life. You are the way life expresses itself. There is no you. You have no life separate from the one life. That’s the purest, most complete space in which the true glory of life, the Christ consciousness, the Buddha consciousness, and the highest ideal can begin to manifest and unfold as you. There’s no end to that, because it’s infinite. So it’s forever unfolding, and perhaps has even greater and greater stages. Those are fundamentally the core four stages we move through.

While it’s important to work on is our beliefs. The next level to working on creating strong beliefs is developing beliefs that are congruent to our highest vision. You begin to move out of merely having strong beliefs, religious beliefs, spiritual beliefs or cultural beliefs and beliefs to try to merely survive, like believing that all of your needs are met, or believing that you’re abundant, or believing that you’re rich or healthy or whatever, and instead you begin to move to, Well, here’s the vision that’s seeking to emerge through me, this higher idea for my life. Now, let me develop my beliefs to be congruent with that. That’s the next level with your beliefs.

You begin to develop a belief system: mental, emotional, vibrational matched points, or vibrational match, to this highest vision. That allows you to tune in to that vision and become vibrationally aligned with it. God responds to you by corresponding to its nature in you. Now you are becoming as it says, Be perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect. In the Biblical context, what that means is to get a little bit closer to thinking and feeling and ultimately acting the way you would act, think and feel if you were God, if you were Divine, if you really were whole, complete and perfect, a unique infinite individualized expression of life. You begin to shape your beliefs to be even closer and closer to that. That’s a more refined version. Again, all of this is wonderful, powerful and usually necessary, but it’s still a staircase. It’s still the scaffolding in order to paint this great painting or paint the house. Eventually, this scaffolding also has to be removed. Your beliefs are scaffolding. They’re valuable to get you to the place where you are vibrationally really close to your highest ideal. Ultimately, it’s important to know that even your best belief, your highest thought, is not truth. The belief that God is all there is, or love is all there is, is not truth. It’s a belief pointing to the truth. The truth behind that statement is infinitely greater. Your belief that you’re abundant and all of your needs are met abundantly and everything is working together for your good is a great belief, but it’s not the truth. It’s still just a container, a context of scaffolding. The truth of you is infinitely more than that.

Ultimately, who you really are is an isness that you can’t add to or diminish. As it says again in the scriptural context, Who by taking thought can add one cubit to his stature? What God has wrought, no man can put asunder. Jesus said, Take no thought for your life, but instead seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, which he said was within you, and all the things you’ve been searching for will be added onto you. He’s not saying do a bunch of affirmation and visualizations and create a better belief system. He’s saying quite the opposite, let go of all that and just make contact with the truth of your being. Know the truth, and this truth will make you free. Buddha taught a similar thing. He taught what we understand as the releasing of all desires, but it’s really what was called craving and aversion. In other words, it’s the incessant drive to get or get rid of something in order to finally be happy or free. In that mind structure, that’s constantly craving something more or seeking to get rid of something, or what’s also known as the pain-pleasure mechanism, is really fundamentally what the false self is made of. Most of our belief structures are built on that. In other words, we’re establishing belief systems I’m rich, I’m abundant, I’m healthy, I’m wealthy, I’m happy, I’m in love, everybody loves me, etc., etc. as a response or a reaction to this pain-pleasure mechanism, because those beliefs move us to greater sense of pleasure, versus our lesser beliefs, which move us towards a greater sense of pain.

Again, relatively speaking, it’s all good stuff. You’re stepping up the ladder. It’s the staircase to Heaven. Step-by-step, you’re upleveling your thoughts, upleveling your beliefs, upleveling your emotional fuel, so that you are ultimately running on high-octane thinking and feeling and believing. It’s great thing to do that. In fact, in my experience, it’s often necessary, as I said, because it’s very, very difficult to just shoot that gap. Even a lot of people in a lot of teachings that are very absolute teachings about just realize your oneness with God and that’s all you need to do, the problem with that is that because the mental, emotional, astral, etheric bodies are so full of static, there’s so much static on the line between you and your soul, you and the truth of being, that it’s very, very difficult to make direct contact. Unbeknownst to you, you could spend years and years meditating and praying and seeking that direct contact and actually be driven by a lot of these beliefs and be going in circles not even realizing, because there’s so much unredeemed energy in your beliefs, in your thoughts, and in your emotions.

Now, of course, certain meditation processes, like the pause and mindfulness meditation, will create the context for you to observe all of that content. As you observe it, the thoughts, the feelings, etc., they begin to disintegrate. You begin to break karma, redeem all of that energy. That absolutely is a vital and important aspect of the process. Again, in my experience, it can be very, very slow-going. There can still be so much static on the line. For some so much you can’t even get into a really in-depth meditation practice, because there’s so much static of these very low level beliefs, thoughts and emotions. It’s a very good part of the practice to be refining and refining and refining your thinking, believing and feeling so that there’s less and less static and you are more and more congruent with your highest vision. At a certain point, you want to begin to practice this idea that all beliefs, all thoughts, are limitation. This is somewhat what Byron Katie, if you know Byron Katie has worked the work, is sort of getting at, which is beginning to observe your thinking and ultimately let go of your story. Now, for the most part, she still talks about letting go of the story that hurts, the story that doesn’t serve you. Again, very good stuff to do. I want to suggest that even your good story is limiting you.

Here’s the bottom line mystical truth. All the thoughts you have about yourself and about life, all of them without exception including all of the good thoughts, are not the truth about you. You are not the personality that you think you are. You are not this person born on a certain date that’s gone through these certain experiences, etc., etc. That whole story, that whole psychological construct and identity and every aspect of it, none of that is you. That’s shocking. You might get it on some level, but the implications of it are shocking. None of that is you. Any more than an actor taking a script with a very well-developed character and storyline and playing that part, they can play that part, and they can access certain dimensions of themselves to fill that part out and to express that part, but they’re not that part. This character you’re playing in this Divine drama is not you. This is the deeper esoteric meaning of, Before Abraham was I am. Your I am nature, your true nature and infinite, immortal, indestructible, incorruptible being is not the part you’re playing in this Divine play, no matter how good or how bad. We’re used to transcending the bad parts of our story or at least trying. What I want to suggest is to begin to contemplate what would it mean to transcend even the good parts, the parts that you really value, like you’re a great mother, a great father, a great student, a great teacher, a great healer or want to be. What I want you to understand is you’re actually none of those things.

Now, there is a spiritual truth behind all of those levels. There is the Divine father, mother, the Divine teacher, healer, the Divine true life that you are, but it’s so much more than those labels. The problem with all of those levels, including the good ones, is that they come along with a whole container of baggage. If you assume the identity, I’m a father, I’m a mother, I’m a student, I’m a teacher, I’m a creator, what you get with that is all of the history of baggage and memes and artifacts around that label that you will now have to work to overcome. Do you understand what I mean? You will now have to work, because you’ve now assumed that identity. All of the memes and all of the energetic frequencies that go along with that you’re going to be susceptible to. You’re going to have to now work to overcome all of that. If you accept that you’re a human being, then even in your greatest efforts, you’re going to often be just simply trying to improve your humanhood. As long as you accept that you’re a human being, that belief system, you are susceptible to all of the ups and downs and trials and tribulations of a human being. This is the deeper meaning of to be in the world but not of it, to be playing full out, but to wake up from all of these identities, all of these labels which are part of our belief systems.

We’ve been taught 99.999% of all of the teachings that are out there. Even a large degree of what I’m doing here is still helping you improve your belief about yourself, to make you think about yourself as a better human, as a more prosperous human, a healthier, wealthier, happier, more loving human, right? Maybe you might even include as a healthier, wealthier, happier, spiritual being. It’s still within this identity of being this person and trying to improve upon it. What I want to suggest, for some of you may be going, Geez, Derek, I just want to pay my rent and heal my back and fix my relationship. This is down the rabbit hole for me.We’re planting seeds here. I want to begin to open and stretch your mind because understand that all problems exist in time. All problems exist in the mind. All problems exist in thought. Whatever the structure of the thought is –a thought, a belief, a perception, a story – all problems exist in your story. Your story is a set of perceptions. All solutions exist outside of your current story, outside of your perception, outside of your identity, ultimately outside of time.

When we keep increasing our beliefs, that’s a valuable step, because if you have a higher quality belief certain problems you’ve struggled with can’t exist in that higher framework or that higher paradigm. The more you can begin to completely disidentify with the story and begin to have an extemporal experience of yourself, meaning out of time, out of the story, that I’m not the story, I’m not this character, and I’m not any of this stuff. I’m something so much bigger, so much more that has never been touched or diminished by this. As you begin to contemplate that and seek that larger expanded awareness, all solutions are in that expanded awareness. One moment of popping out of that story can radically and completely transform your life. It might take you years and years and even lifetimes of improving your belief to really transcend some of your core struggles. One moment of extemporal realization, one moment of popping out of your belief system, out of your story altogether, shooting the gap of your thoughts and touching the realm of the real where you have never been diminished, this is the place of miracles.

This is how spontaneous healing can happen. People have finally been brought into their needs, and they’re so utterly distraught and so utterly just over the struggle that something snaps in them, and, for a moment, the ego is ripped from its moorings and the veil is torn apart, and there’s a moment where they touch the realm of the real. Those are the moments you hear about where they suddenly become enlightened. Eckhart Tolle talks about that very moment where he’s in such suffering. He’s like, I can’t live with myself anymore, and, suddenly, in that moment, the pressure around that identity of self was so intense he broke from that storyline. He suddenly was like, If there’s a self I can’t live with, who is the I that can’t live with that? He suddenly had a moment of satori, of instant enlightenment. He broke out of the story. He broke out of time. He had a moment of expanded awareness beyond belief, beyond good and bad thinking.

I think that was Rumi that said, Out beyond good and bad, there is a field. There are good and bad thinking, There is a field, I’ll meet you there. That was what Eckhart Tolle did. Byron Katie had a very similar experience where she suddenly just broke, and she felt asleep. When she woke up and she suddenly looked around, and she had no sense of identity, no story, and she thinks she’s all like a cockroach walking around or something, and just was full of bliss, like there was no story in the way, including any good beliefs. There was nothing. There was no thinking. There was just reality, just isness. That’s always here. That’s always true. That’s who you really are. It’s beyond your beliefs. While it’s very valuable to improve, improve, improve, your mental, emotional, vibrational state, I want you to hold all that in the context of that’s not the end game. That’s just preparation. In the midst of that, your prayer is more than I want to fix, change, heal or improve anything including my thinking. I want to wake up to the truth that makes me free. I want to see the way God is. I want to know who and what I am, not through a glass darkly but face to face, beyond belief, beyond thought, beyond even good thinking, beyond even good beliefs, beyond all beliefs, all thoughts. Reality exists in all of its wholeness, completeness, perfection, fully shining in all of its majesty, the Kingdom of Heaven, Nirvana, paradise. We haven’t left it. We’ve just covered it up with a lot of thinking, a lot of layers of perception. We’re experiencing all of our own perceptions and thinkings. We try to improve our perceptions and thinkings, and all what we’re really doing is swapping one state of hypnosis for another. We’re just trading one dream, one nightmare for a dream but we’re still asleep.

Again, I’m not knocking these stages. I still work on it myself. We want to at least begin to inch ourselves into the mystical path, because the mystical path isn’t about improving your beliefs. It’s about waking up. Metaphysical teachings are more about improving your beliefs and self-help and self-improvements and most even religious teachings. The mystical path is about waking up. It’s about transcending all thinking, all believing, all identities, all pairs of opposites, all attempts to merely improve our conditions, and to wake up and discover who we really are, what’s really going on, who we are, where we are, what we are, why we are in the ultimate sense. The result of that expanded awareness is we pop out of our stories and beliefs. That then expresses itself as what the world will call improved experiences, improved conditions. The difference is they’re different in quality, because when you pop out of your belief and touch reality, and touch grace, and it transmutes itself into better experience, you know that you didn’t manifest that experience through your own mental thinking and believing. There’s not a personal sense of attachment or a personal sense of you have to keep it going, or as if you have done it all through your own believing and ultimate manipulation. There’s a part of you that knows it’s not permanent. You can’t necessarily depend on it 100%, and you’re never fully free in it. When you touch reality, the reality of wholeness, and that wholeness manifests as improved conditions, there’s a level of knowing that that was just the way it is and that’s never going to change. There’s a whole different level of freedom.

I just want to invite you into this next level of beginning to contemplate. Who am I beyond all of my stories, beyond all of my beliefs? You also come into what’s really called a knowing. Believing is a surrogate for ultimately knowing. What you’re really wanting is to have a knowing. You can have a lot of belief about something and even that belief can inspire you and charge you up. You can really believe in God or that life is for you, etc., and it can support you. When you touch reality directly, you now have a knowing that you’ll never have to think about again. You don’t have to do any affirmations about it. Nothing the world can ever show you or do can ever change your mind, because it’s not on your mind. You’ve touched reality. It may transmute into a set of constructive powerful beliefs and thoughts, but it’s not coming from those. You see?

You are now anchored in solid ground that no shifting sands or winds can blow it away, move it away. You’re free now. The more you’re anchored there, that’s what it means to be spiritually liberated, to be awake, to be enlightened, to be free. That’s what’s I’m inviting you into. This is the next stage to begin to contemplate. Who would I be if I couldn’t believe anything, I couldn’t think anything? Who am I without my story even my good story? It begins to pray the prayer of awakening. More than I want to fix, change, heal, control or improve anything or anyone, I want to wake up to the truth that makes me free. I want to see ultimate reality. As that becomes your mantra, that makes you a candidate for these insights and for these openings.

I invite you to begin to include that as part of your practice, your meditation, your contemplation and share. Post in the Facebook groups. Share some of the insights that are beginning to emerge as you begin this or go deeper in this path of being a true mystic, a modern day mystic. I welcome you to this path. I hope this has served you. To continue to get more support, if you haven’t already, please register for this podcast on iTunes. Leave a review so that others can find this material. Share it with a friend or loved one. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give people, is to share content that has moved you, inspired you or helped you in some way. It costs you nothing, but it pays tremendous dividends, and even turn and teach it to somebody, because what you teach, you embody much, much deeper. You can go to DerekRydall.com. Go in to the free resources and download some free trainings and support. You can go to EmergenceTraining.com, if you haven’t already got your free Law of Emergence course. If you want to grab my book, Emergence, you can go to GetEmergenceBook.com. Click on Barnes & Noble or Amazon tab, and grab a copy of the book for like $10 or $12. Come back there, put in your information. I’m going to give you almost $1800 in free support, programs, and you’re even going to get a trial to be able to do some coaching with me in the Emergence Academy, so I can really support you in getting real results.

I’m all about results. I know I do some deep philosophical waxing and down the rabbit hole talks to open your consciousness and plant seeds to begin to blossom a more fertile vibrant awareness of truth. I’m also about rolling up your sleeves and getting practical and really helping you create a great human experience, not just merely sit in the cave and contemplate your navel. Please go check out those free resources. Share this with your friends and loved ones and clients and just take one action that applies this. Teach it, apply it and watch as really those seeds take root and begin to bear rich fruit. Until next time. Remember to live authentically, love unconditionally, and follow your destiny. Take care.

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