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(BONUS EPISODE) Whatever It Takes

Start Giving Whatever

This episode is really a transmission that’s been moving through me now for months. It’s part of a series of talks that I’ve been giving that are calling for an entire up-leveling of our fortitude and our resilience, and our stamina, and our courage to do whatever it takes.

Whatever it takes to get the results that we truly want to get. Not just results in terms of materialistic elements in the world but also internal results. If we want to have a deeper connection with peace and want to grow our sense of peace or our sense of love. That’s a very, very difficult path to really embody unconditional divine love. That is for the faint of heart. As Emerson said, “God will not do his work through cowards”.

And so it takes a mighty level of strength, and courage, and stamina to be a person of true unconditional love. To be a person of compassion. A person of patience.

As you probably heard me say, “It’s hard to be a light in the world when you can’t pay your light bill”.

Listen to this episode now to support your personal development and spiritual growth and to start participating in your future good NOW.
And remember, self-help is shelf help – you have everything you need already!

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