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(Bonus Episode) Unconditional Giving: The Path of True Abundance

Unconditional Giving: The Path of True Abundance

Unconditional giving – it’s the whole foundation, and ultimately, the core principle of Emergence.

As the emergence work says, whatever is missing is what we’re not giving. Whatever we’re waiting for, we’re waiting with.

If you are really operating as if the whole kingdom of Heaven, as if all of the Universe was within you, and whatever was missing was what you are not giving, your life would look different, as would mine.

We are the way the whole Universe has individualized itself; we are unique individualized expressions of all of the power, the presence and the love of God. (Whatever term you use, this is what it means to be the son of God. This is what it means to be the offspring of the Most High. This is what it means to be a radiant light, the light of the world, the lights of every man and woman.)

Right where you are is the whole Universe, therefore, there is no God or power or anything separate from you, or outside of you, that’s going to come to you, ever.

Remember, you are not on your way to something. You’re not on your way to Heaven or to God, to abundance, to wholeness, or to love. You’re coming from the everything. Just as the sunbeam is not on its way to the sun, it is the sun expressing. It’s on its way to expressing more of that light, bringing that light into all the seeming dark places, delivering its gifts.

That’s who you are – coming from God, from love, from abundance. You are that place where the whole Universe gets to put itself on display in a unique and unprecedented way.

If all of that true, (and it is) what’s the mechanism by which you express your infinite being?

There is no mechanism that’s going to bring it to you. There’s only a mechanism that’s going to allow it to come through you and as you, and that mechanism is giving, unconditional giving.

Another word for that would be sharing, circulating, serving, expressing, radiating.

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Full Transcript
[The following is the full transcript of this episode of the Emergence, A Revolutionary Path for Radical Life Change, with Derek Rydall Podcast]

Greetings my fellow Emergineers, Derek Rydall here. It’s just so awesome to be with you all again. I still look forward to the opportunity to connect with you on a deeper level and continue to anchor the truth that really makes us free. We’re talking today about Unconditional Giving, the Path of true Abundance. I’ve said this probably many times when I say, well, this is really the one. If you just get this, this is what it’s all about. This is the core most important principle in a nutshell or in an acorn shell. It is true that this is, and it’s true every time I say that, I guess, because when you go deep enough into any true principle, truth principle, you ultimately discover the whole thing. Just like if you go into any quality of truth deep enough, you end up finding the whole. If you go fully into love, you discover that it includes joy and peace and gratitude. If you go fully into gratitude, you discover it includes love, and peace, and joy, etc. When I say that, it’s not just a line. It really is true.

This principle that we’re talking about today – unconditional giving –it’s the whole foundation of Emergence and, ultimately, I’m probably talking about it as well, because at the time of this recording, I am in the midst of beginning my next book, which is all around Awakened Wealth, and the core principle of that is giving. As the emergence work says, whatever is missing is what we’re not giving. Whatever we’re waiting for, we’re waiting with. The truth is because everything is within us. I know we say this over and over again, but this is one of those truths that we have to keep remembering and anchoring in an ever deeper way, because there’s still many areas and ways in our life, ways that we think and feel, and walk, and talk that are not in integrity with this truth. If you are really operating as if the whole kingdom of Heaven was within you, as if all of the Universe was within you and whatever was missing was what you are not giving, your life would look different. As with mine, I’m not entirely operating on that. There’s still parts of me that look to the world and look to other people and unconsciously, or consciously, believe that somehow they’re my source, or that condition is my source and only if that condition would change, I would have more or be more. If only they would change, I could be more, do more, etc. That’s false, because everything is within us.

The whole of abundance, the whole of love, the whole of power that we are literally opening as eternity and infinity, as the Sanskrit term for man says the dispenser of Divine gifts, that we are the way the whole Universe has individualized itself, that we are unique individualized expressions of all of the power and the presence and the love of God. Again, whatever term you use, this is what it means to be the son of God. This is what it means to be the offspring of the Most High. This is what it means to be a radiant light, the light of the world, the lights of every man and woman. It’s saying that right where you are is the whole Universe. Right where you are is the whole of the Godhead. Right where you are, you are at the center, and you are a center in Divine mind. Therefore, there is no God or power or anything separate from you or outside of you that’s going to come to you, ever. Life doesn’t happen to you; it happens through you and as you, because there is no life apart from you. You are life. You are the way life is expressing itself.

Remember, you are not on your way to something. You’re not on your way to Heaven or to God, or to abundance, or to wholeness, or to love. You’re not on your way to anything. You’re coming from the everything. Just as the sunbeam is not on its way to the sun, it is the sun expressing. It’s on its way to expressing more of that light, bringing that light into all the seeming dark places, delivering its gifts. That’s who you are. You are coming from God, from love, from abundance, from infinite, immortal, eternal being. You’re never going to go to it. You’re never going to arrive or reach any of those qualities or things. You are the thing itself coming from that. You are the way infinite love is happening. You are the way inexhaustible wealth and abundance is expressing. You are that place where the whole Universe gets to put itself on display in a unique and unprecedented way.

If all of that true, and it is, what’s the mechanism by which you express your infinite being? There is no mechanism that’s going to bring it to you. There’s only a mechanism that’s going to allow it to come through you and as you, and that mechanism is giving, unconditional giving. Another word for that would be sharing, circulating, serving, expressing, radiating. Fundamentally, if you want anything more to come into your life, you must let more life come out of you. If you want more love, it’s not going to come from your partner. It has to come from you. If you want more abundance, it’s not going to come from the clients, the economy, and the government. It has to come from you. Now, it can come through these channels. In fact, there’s not just one or two or three channels through which your love or abundance or whatever can come through, there is infinite organizing power. The Universe has an infinite way to express and to channel your good. It’s not being channeled, because we often talk about things being channeled to us as if it’s coming from some other place but us; it’s not. You can never, ever get outside of your consciousness, because, again, you’re not in the world, the world is in you. It’s in your consciousness. You are not a material body or personality construct that had a birth date and will have a death date and that’s all there is to you. You are a field of consciousness. Indeed, you are the field of consciousness knowing itself uniquely, and everything is in you.

God isn’t just in all things; all things are in God. You are God. You are the Divine consciousness knowing itself as individual being. Everything is in your consciousness. You can never get outside of your consciousness. There is no person, place or condition or power or law outside of your consciousness that’s going to maybe someday hopefully operate upon you. There is no such thing. Your consciousness is infinite. Therefore, there cannot be infinity plus. You literally are managing your own unique experience of the entire Universe in your consciousness. Whatever is an activity of your consciousness eventually becomes an experience. Whatever is not an activity of your consciousness cannot become experience, so whatever experience you’re having, good, bad or indifferent, it can only happen as an activity of your consciousness. It can never happen because someone or something outside of you has done it to you. There is no such someone or something. You’re it. There’s nobody out here but you. There’s only one I am, and I am expressing myself in an infinite variety of individuality, but it’s still I. you are that I. If you want more of whatever to come in to your experience, you have to begin to find a way to access and activate and express the more.

Now, this is core of the Awakened Wealth framework of the seven gifts, the seven ways you generate. Once you know that all of creation is not material, it’s spiritual, it’s invisible, it’s consciousness, you know that’s the real nature of all stuff. It’s consciousness. The real source of all stuff is consciousness, so it’s all here. It’s all within you. It’s all now. The next logical question is: How do I get it out? How do I get start manifesting it? Remember, manifestation is not making something happen that isn’t already here; it’s making what’s all we hear visible tangible. You can’t manifest anything that doesn’t already exist. You can only make visible that which is. Just like on a radio, you can’t make any song manifest that isn’t already broadcasting. You can only tune into the broadcast already in progress, and when you tune into that station, that music becomes manifest. In other words, you have a manifest station, the station becomes manifest. You didn’t make it happen, you made it welcome by tuning in. So the broadcast of your life is already at hand.

This is what Jesus was saying when he said, Heaven is not going to come. It’s not going to be absurd, it’s not going to be over there or over here. Behold it’s already at hand, it’s already within you, but you’re judging by appearances and having eyes you see not, having ears you hear not. In other words, you’re using your physical senses to determine what’s here and what’s real, and you’re asleep. It’s already here. It’s already now, and it’s already happening, but it’s spiritual and it’s invisible. Instead of trying to manipulate appearances, seek first the Kingdom of Heaven within you, make that contact and begin to express it, begin to live it, begin to shine it. Shine your light so brightly that all will see the works of God. When they see me, they see he that sent me. I mean these are all just different ways of saying what I’m saying that have been spoken by Jesus and Buddha and Krishna and all the great masters. It comes down to this: You have it all. You are it all. Now, what you’re going to do about it?

Don’t wait for anybody. Don’t wait for anything. They’re waiting for you. When there’s a problem or there’s a need, you’re like, God, why won’t you do something about this? God’s like, What do you think I put you there for? You are an extension of me. You are me individualized. I can’t do anything for you that you won’t let me do though and as you. God responds to you by corresponding to its nature in you, because there is no God apart from you. You’re it. You’re the point where God gets to be God. If you’re not letting it out of you in that point and in that area, God can’t be God as you. It can’t become an experience. The key about this, with the seven gifts, is—I won’t go to the whole process here. If you haven’t done the Awakened Wealth work, I highly encourage you, because it’s a master, a program in understanding the real nature of abundance, what it is, where it is and how to generate it regardless of conditions. The key is that one of the things I want to say, because I know a lot of you already feel a little bit burnt out or overwhelmed, and you might be feeling like, Oh, God, he’s telling me I’ve got to give more. I’m tired. Remember that giving, unconditional giving, includes you, meaning don’t forget to give to yourself.

Remember the Law of Circulation is such that you cannot give what you don’t have. You have to activate it within yourself. You have to fill yourself up. You cannot keep what you don’t give. You have to circulate it. Finally, you cannot sustain what you don’t receive. You have to receive it. You have to let life love you and support you and really acknowledge and notice where it’s happening in your life so you can really become cognizant of all the ways you’re being blessed, and loved, and supported, because you are, but you’re not receiving it consciously. You’re either denying it or deflecting it or you’re just not noticing it. This is one of the deeper meanings of that count your blessings. There’s a reason you want to count them, because the more you acknowledge where you’re being blessed, what you appreciate appreciates, that consciousness expands, and you start to really feel just how blessed you are. Right outside my window, a couple beautiful hummingbirds just showed up. You have to make sure to include yourself in the giving strategy.

What this also looks like is where in your life right now, in a relationship or situation, are you looking to somebody to give something to you? If that’s happening in that area, you are literally blocking that quality from being expressed in your life. Let’s say it’s respect or love. You must begin by giving it to yourself and asking a question like If I was to fully respect myself or fully love myself, how would I show up in this relationship, at this place of business or whatever it may be, in my family, with my children, with my mate? Begin to fill yourself up. What you might hear things like Well, I would have this conversation with them. I would ask them for my needs. I would take 100% responsibility to get my needs met”.

That’s the other thing. This is sort of a sidebar, but it’s an important piece. In relationship, we think relationships are 50-50. Well, I asked him for something, and he didn’t give it to me. I told him I wanted to talk but he didn’t have time. We leave it at that, and we feel resentful or sad or rejected. That’s not taking responsibility. Relationship isn’t 50-50. It’s a 100-100. It’s 200% proposition. You’ve got to take 100% responsibility for the result you want. You say, Hey, honey. Can we have some time to talk? I want to talk about some things, and I really need more time with you. I really love more time with you,and he’s like, I’m just so busy and blah, blah, blah. Instead of getting rejected – you might feel that rejection – but, you go, Okay, I understand. When could you talk?Well, I’m just so busy right now.We have to talk. It’s really important to me.I can’t talk about it right now.Okay, well, when can you talk about it?I don’t know. I’m going to have this and have that. You’re like, I really understand. Is there anything I can do to help you and support you so that we can have some time to talk? In other words, you continue to negotiate. You continue to move towards the result you want. You don’t just let it go because they’re resistant. Now, it doesn’t mean you’re forcing and demanding. Nothing in what I just said is that, but it means you take 100% responsibility. What you’re really doing then is you’re owning that this result is true for you and real for you. If still you’re not getting whatever that is that you need and not being able to express it, then that really shows you something about that relationship that needs to be addressed. You might after then begin to express it with more and more dramatic terms.

If you are truly in integrity and asking for what you want and moving in that direction and giving yourself that sense of self-love and respect, enough to be willing to stand for what is important to you, because that’s what self-love and respect will ultimately bring you to. It will bring you to a place where you stand for what matters no matter what. They might be totally railing against you. They might be saying, You want too much or too needy. You know inside all you’re doing is standing for what’s right and what’s true, even if that means this relationship or this job eventually changes form. At the same time, you’re continuing to ask: If I loved myself or if I respected myself or valued or appreciated myself, how would I show up? How would I treat myself? What would I do? What would I stop doing? So, you’re continuing to fill yourself up. You’re continuing to do and be in a way that nourishes you, that gives you those qualities.

Then, you move to the second piece which is, now that you have something real to give, you look at that quality that you were waiting to get from that person or even trying to get, and you start giving it to them. You notice, where am I not really respecting or loving them? Where am I so caught up in trying to get my need that I become blind to their needs? Now, you can extend the giving and start circulating it by giving it to them unconditionally. Remember, it’s unconditionally. You’re not giving to them to get anything, because the minute you start giving to get, you’ve fallen off the loop. This isn’t a quid pro quo Universe. It’s unconditional. The sun doesn’t give you its light in order to get something from you. God, the Divine intelligence, isn’t giving of itself in order to get something from you. There is no such relationship. You are the way it is giving of itself. It’s unconditional, because it is a state of fulfillment. It doesn’t have anything to get back. You are a state of infinite fulfillment, so there’s nothing to get from anyone or anything. The minute you start to do that, you have to stop and remember No, I got it all. I don’t need anything from anyone.”

At the same time, I notice I sound like there’s a dichotomy here, and it appears that way when you’re dealing with words and the world of duality. At the same time, when you are asking for what you want from someone, more time or whatever the case may be, a promotion, whatever, you might say, Well, Derek, you just said I don’t need anything. Why would I be asking for that? When you are in this proper framework, you understand internally that, again, you are not this body, that you are not in a relationship, all of these relationships are in you. These are all dimensions of you. In this world, there is what we call interaction, an exchange and channels and all of that. One of the ways it manifests is by asking and receiving from each other. If you’re in a consciousness of knowing you have it all, that they’re not your Source, they are merely a channel, then when you ask for what you want, you’re not trying to get anything from them. You are opening yourself up and saying, I’m willing to receive from whatever channel. I’m asking this channel right now, but I’m opening up and saying I’m available. You are giving to yourself that love, that respect by asking. Do you see?

From that state, the asking is a form of giving to yourself. In many cases, you are actually giving to them, because by letting them have the opportunity to be a channel of your good, they get to grow, they get to expand. When they become a bigger channel by giving to you, they now are a bigger channel to allow more life to flow through them. Be careful. I don’t want you to get caught in the weeds of what is really semantics, but I understand how it can be confusing sometimes. It sounds like I’m telling you to go ask for stuff, but it’s not really that. Asking becomes the way by which you give to yourself, you give to them. You turn a transactional relationship into a transformational one, because you know you’re the Source. If they say no, if you truly follow through and own the result and they still can’t or won’t give it to you, that’s fine, because they were never the Source. They’re just one channel. So, you give it to yourself, and you open up another channel or reveal itself. Those channels that aren’t willing or able to be the channel of your good, they’ll either change, or they’ll move out of your life, or another channel will come in and that can take care of it.

The key here, as you’re giving, you’re first giving to yourself, then you’re giving whatever the missing quality is to the other individual or to the condition. Like my example of being a waiter, how I stopped waiting and started serving. I began to give, first to myself to fill myself up with these qualities that I will be living if I was living my destiny. Then, I began giving and bringing those qualities to my place of business, to the waiter’s job, to the other waiters, to the customers. I began to serve with a level of excellence and creativity and passion and love as if I was living my destiny. That channel of that restaurant wasn’t able to contain that, and it kept taking me out, fired me three times. It couldn’t handle it. Eventually, a larger channel revealed itself and was able to flow my good into my life. That’s how it works. You give to yourself. You fill yourself up. You give to others, and it’s unconditional. You’re not seeking anything in return. Just breathe that in for a moment, because that can be a sticky point for some people.

Now, just as a caveat, this does not mean that if you’ve entered into an agreement with somebody, and they certainly agreed upon duties, tasks, activities, you’ve hired somebody to do something or somebody has hired you to do something, whatever the case maybe, and you paid them to give you some service or whatever, or you’re married and there are certain consensual agreements about what piece that you handle, that doesn’t mean that you don’t hold each other accountable. That doesn’t mean you’ll go, Derek said I should not ask for anything in return, so here I am, I’m going to give you all my time and energy. If you don’t pay me, fine. That’s not what I’m saying, although I am saying that in thesenseof for whatever the reason they breached the contract, you can still rest assured knowing that you lose nothing, because they are at best a channel, but never your Source. Whatever you’re giving unconditionally, it will always come back to you pressed down and overflowing. Whatever bread you cast upon water, circles back around you. You might give a whole lot to somebody. They may totally not receive it or breach an agreement or just give you nothing back, that’s fine. If you held them accountable and they still don’t, you rest assured knowing that because that channel is not willing or able, another channel will show up.

When you’re giving, you’re not giving and looking to that source or that place to get it back. You’re giving because that’s your nature, because you have it all. You’re giving and circulating because that’s the way you get to allow more life to come into your experience. The channel that it comes back towards you in or from is not really your business. You want to be careful, because you don’t want to limit the channel. You don’t want to limit the idea that your wealth and abundance can only come from your job, or if you’re married and you don’t work, they can only come from your spouse. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want to limit at all. If you’re in a particular country where there’s a particular economic situation, no, you don’t want to limit to that. You never look to any one particular place as your channel. You know that there are infinite organizing possibilities, infinite channels. You just want to put the Universe in your debt, because you can never out give God. You just want to be such a massive giver, such a massive generator of light force. Just feel that. I’m just feeling it right now.

I want to tell you this, too. You heard me talked about it recently, about a couple of experiences in the last several months where I had such an impulse to give that I actually, my ego got worried I was going to give everything. Then, it happened again. The second time, I realized,This is how life feels all the time. Life itself is an exhaustible giver, an inexhaustible giving-ness. That’s its nature. I got, That’s what life is. That’s when I begin to have this prayer move through me that I want to be an unconditional, all conditional giver. I want to be a transparency, an instrument of the unconditional, all conditional life and love of God. I want to be that place where the Universe has no blockage, that it can pour its life and its love, and its generosity, and its service through and as me unconditionally. If I can as the Scripture says, Be ye perfect even as your father in Heaven is perfect.It’s talking about coming into the realization alignment that you are that thing itself, to begin to live and give the way God does, because God is at the center of your being. When it says, He shines his light on the just and the unjust, pours his rains on the saint and the sinner, God is no respecter of person,it’s speaking a principle to us, that we are meant to give, and to love, and to shine, and to pour on saint, on the sinner, on the just, on the unjust. We are praying to no longer even have the capacity to withhold if we wanted to.

That’s the prayer I want to engage you in. My prayer is that I am such a pure, open channel of the unconditional, all conditional life and love and giving-ness of God that I couldn’t withhold the good of God if I wanted to, that life floods though me and flows through me and blesses everyone and everything on every level, including and especially me, no matter what, like the sun. The sun doesn’t go, Well, I’ll shine my light over here, because you’re good, you’ve been praying, and I won’t shine it over here. No, that’s not the way the Universe works. Now, you can always put on your shades and put on sunscreen and block out the sun, but the sun will keep shining. You can curse the sun, I hate the sun. I hate all this. The sun will keep shining on you.

The same thing is true of life. You can hate life. You can deny life. You can reject life. You can judge and attack and condemn life, but life will keep serving and blessing, and loving, and shining, and pouring. It doesn’t have a choice. That’s its nature. It’s just waiting for you to open up and receive it, to throw open the blinds and the curtains, and remove all the protection and stand naked in the light of pure love and giving-ness that is always, always, always blessing you then, to intend to become that same blessing to everyone and everything in your life that you may be able to really say, When you see me, you see the God that sent me. I let my life so shine that all may see the great works and be liberated as well.  That happens whether you’re saying anything or doing anything. It just becomes a field you represent –unconditional giving.

As you open that up, your channel becomes bigger and becomes stronger. It becomes able to carry more velocity, more power, more energy, and you’re able to pour and shine and circulate more and more and more. It begins to look like what the world calls you’re having more and more and more. What’s really just happened is you’ve allowed more and more to express through you. It will look like all kinds of things are coming to you, but what’s really happened is you’ve let more and more of life come through you to the path of unconditional giving. You just learned to love every part of you. Remember the saint, the sinner and the just and the unjust are not out there, they’re really in you. You begin to bless and love, and serve, and support all of you unconditionally as well, as you also begin to extend that for others.

Just take a breath right now. Remember, this includes especially the word forgiveness. Just look at the word for-giving, not for-taking, not for withholding –for-giving. Wherever you’re unforgiving, you are withholding. You are saying, In this spot, I will not allow love or peace or generosity or whatever it may be. Then, you think you have a good reason – they did me wrong, they cheated me, they lied, cheated, stole, betrayed, rejected. There are no justified resentments. On a spiritual path, there is no justified resentment. Here’s why. It’s not personal. It’s principle. Wherever you are holding a judgment, or a resentment, or an unforgiveness towards someone, no matter what they’ve done, you are saying, In this area, in this channel, I will not let life flow through me. You think you’re hurting them or somehow blocking their good in doing them, getting your revenge or somehow it would be a betrayal of you to forgive them, etc., etc., but understand, remember, life doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you. So, wherever you’re withholding love and truth, and the full-on loving and giving-ness towards someone, in that capacity and to that extent, you are blocking that from coming out of you, and to that extent that you’re blocking more life and love from coming out of you. No matter what the mind says is the reason, to that extent, you are preventing that level of love and good to show up in your life. Like the old saying, Not forgiving someone and thinking you’re going to hurt them is like you drinking poison and thinking that’s going to do something to them. Wherever you’re withholding your love, your appreciation, your complementariness, whatever your withholding anything, wherever you’re not full on loving and blessing someone, you are blocking your good. In a very real way, that’s nothing to do with them. You’re blocking life from coming out of you.

If you could imagine you’ve got all these openings for all of life, and you also want all of the centers of your being to be wide open and just radiating like the sun. Every little judgment, regret, resentment, unforgiveness, it’s like putting a cork in that hole, putting a cork in that channel. If you could imagine this radiant being with all these little openings where all the beams of light shine out until it creates its glorious sun of your being, and every little one of those is putting like a stopper on those. So you’re going to see like there goes one beam, there goes another beam, there goes another beam, until eventually there’s a whole big dark spot over here, and then eventually there’s a big dark gap over here. Pretty soon, the light is just fragmented, is shrunken. That is what you’re doing when you hold onto a resentment or regret, a judgment, an unforgiveness. There are no justified resentments, not if you want to be free, not if you want to be healed and whole and abundant and fulfill your purpose. If you just want to be right but be in Hell, then go ahead and hold onto your judgment, to your resentment, to your unforgiveness. I literally mean anyone. I don’t care if they’re a murderer, a rapist, a terrorist, a politician. No matter who, it doesn’t matter. Your job is to love your enemies, which are really in your own household. Your job is to be the light and the love.

Now, again, another caveat. This doesn’t mean, loving and forgiving and giving, doesn’t mean you necessarily are in conversation or in a relationship with them in terms of a form where you’re talking. You’re always in relationship, but as the old story goes, the woman that’s doing all this growth and healing and she’s expanding, and her husband just won’t do it. She keeps inviting him, and he keeps rejecting it, judging her. She keeps doing the work, and loving herself, and loving him and inviting him, and eventually she’s really becoming empowered. He gets a little nervous. He said, What? If I don’t grow, you’re not going to love me anymore? She said, Of course not, honey, I’ll always love you. I’ll miss you, but I’ll love you.She’s not going to hang around and be in an unloving environment that’s not in integrity with who she’s become, and neither should any of us. Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t stay in and do the work. As much as possible, you want to do the work so that you are not reacting, but whether it’s a job or a relationship or whatever the case may be, they may very well come a point where you are loving, you are free, when you think about them, all you feel is love, gratitude, appreciation, and this environment or relationship is no longer in integrity. It doesn’t mean that you’re better than necessary. It just means to continue to love and honor, and value myself, to continue to live in integrity with my vision and my truth, I have to move on. I love you. I’ll miss you. Sometimes, that’s when the real growth and change happens for the other party, but not necessarily.

This is sort of the spectrum of what living the unconditional giving, a life of unconditional giving, looks like. Then you start to discover that you’re no longer afraid of circumstances or people doing or not doing, because you really start to realize they’re not your Source, they never were. They’re not your source of companionship, or love, or wealth, or support, or power, or recognition, or reward, or respect, or validation. They’re not, and they never were. You and you alone are your own salvation. In fact, even I here, I’m not your source of truth and teaching, and empowerment. At best, I’m a channel of your own inner teacher. If you’re not willing to receive, and you’re not giving in some level to yourself, you may not even be able to receive what I’m giving to you. That’s the other thing that can happen. You can be in a relationship or situation where you’re being blessed, but you can’t even see it or receive it because of your own blind spot, your own blockages. That’s why we have to really give to ourselves first, so we can start to really be aware, and then start to notice the blessings and receive them. The path of unconditional giving is the master path. It puts you in a right relationship to the Universe, a right relationship to your emerging soul. It allows you to be a being that frees others in the same way, because in relationship, then you start to realize to not be codependent anymore and to not let people make you their source either. You can begin to gently give them back to themselves. This is the path of unconditional giving, and I invite you onto this path. I know you’re ready.

I  just invite you to look at one area of your life right now where you are struggling, where you are perhaps looking to someone or something as your Source. Just notice what is the quality or thing I am trying to get from them or waiting or hoping or wanting? We want to trade in our wishbone for a backbone here. We want to take a stand for whatever the quality is that appears to be missing. Take that one quality, and, even now, just ask yourself. If I was to give this to myself, let’s say the quality was love or respect. If I was to totally love and respect myself, what would that look like in this relationship or situation? If I was to give ____ to myself, for myself, with myself, how would I show up in this relationship or situation? What would I do? What would I stop doing? What would I do differently? How would I hold myself? Just see what bubbles up. Just make note of that, and this is going to become your contemplation. Over the next seven days, you’re going to work with this quality in this area and begin to take back your power here. Remember, whenever you make anybody or anything outside of you your source, the Universe is set up to fail you, so you can take your power back, so you can be your real self and give you real gifts. As long as you make something or someone outside of you your source of safety, security, support, or supply, you have to start controlling, cajoling, manipulating, shrinking, twisting yourself into all manner of things to get what you think you don’t have or to hold on what you afraid they’ll take, and you’re not present or available to really flow the life and the gifts that you’re here to give.

From a universal perspective, as that shrinks and shrinks and shrinks until you’re no longer able to give your gifts, you no longer have a value here. That’s the real esoteric meaning of Jesus cursing the fig tree because it wasn’t bearing any fruit. If a branch does not bear fruit, it is cut off. It is pruned. If we are giving that power away by looking to something outside of us as our Source, we are shrinking our channel until we’re not able to give the fruits that we were created for. Look at this one area and notice where you’re looking to someone or something else. Notice what the quality is that you’re going to take responsibility for. You’re going to take responsibility for giving it to yourself and activating it within yourself. Then, you can look at. Notice that quality and ask, where am I withholding that very same quality from them? For example, if it’s your partner and you’re waiting for love or respect, ask where am I withholding love and respect from them? Start to notice where you’re judging them, because you’re so caught up in your own needs, you’re not really hearing them and seeing them, because all you can see is what’s missing for you. Just notice that without judgment. Ask if I was to give that quality, what would that look like? If I was to love or respect or whatever the quality is to them, what would that look like?

The other final piece here is you can look at: Where is this quality showing up in my life that I feel is missing? So, love or respect. First of all, look at that specific relationship or situation and go, where in this relationship is this quality already being given me, even though I may have not seen it? Start to really look, because you’ll start to see that they may very well be giving you that quality in the way they know how, or there may be some very obvious places where they are, and you want to start to notice that. It’s all about having a consciousness of having. You start notice, Oh, look at right there. They did love me or respect me. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to look like, but they were trying to love and respect me there. Over here, when they do that thing, they’re trying to love me. That’s the way love is happening through them. Oh, yeah, and over here, too. They’re paying all the bills. They’re paying this bill. They’re loving me. They’re supporting me. They’re respecting… wow, it really is there. They may not be there in the way you want it, or completely there, but you start to notice it’s there. That starts to activate it and fill you up. You even can expand it and go, Where else in my life is this quality actually already showing up for me, coming to me? You’re like, Oh, my friend over here. This person over there. Then, you’ll even expand beyond people, and you’ll go, Well, the way the sun is just there for me, or the way the earth just supports me, or the way there’s indoor plumbing and central heating…͟You start to notice all these ways that love and respect, and support, and whatever is actually very much present in your life. This is the third part of the circulation principle, the receiving.

The blessings are all around us, are we seeing them? Are we receiving them? First, we’re filling ourselves up. How would I show up? How would I give to myself if I was loving and respecting myself? That’s having, because you can’t give what you don’t have. Then, we can begin to extend that and go, Where can I begin to give it? What would I look like to give it to this person or this situation? Finally, Where is it already appearing or happening in this situation and beyond that I can start to breathe and receive and count my blessings? This is your initiation into the path of unconditional giving. Take another deep breath as we just let this drop in and anchor in and you commit to this path. More than anything, I want to be a transparency and instrument of the unconditional giving of God, the unconditional giving of love, of life. As it drops down into this field of grace, just throw ourselves wide open like never before. To this power and this presence and this love that is always giving off itself everywhere, no withholding in it whatsoever.

Life is shining and giving and pouring. The fields are white unto the harvest. The cattle on a thousand hills is yours. The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof, and all that the Father has is thine. This is the principle. There is abundance everywhere. There is love, peace, joy, beauty everywhere and it’s unconditionally giving of itself through you and through you and as you now… now. Its only condition is that you receive it, that you become available to it, that you allow it, that you see it. You don’t have to earn it. You don’t have to achieve it. You don’t have to worthy of it. It’s grace, amazing grace, the giving-ness and given-ness of God – always pouring, always flowing, always available. We’re already living and moving and having our being in heaven, in harmony, in exhaustible good. We never left, we never fell. We’re already home. We’re already whole. We’re already complete. Our only prayer is, Oh, let me see it the way it really is. Let me be it the way it really is. Let me be an instrument and a transparency, so that all of life can flow through me and as me and to me and all around me, that my life may so glorify the one and only life that everybody that comes into my space is uplifted and healed, and blessed, that the multitudes are fed, that the blind see, that that sick are healed, that the crippled walk, that my life becomes the grace of God, the blessing of the Universe forever pouring forth.”

This is our true purpose. This is the law that is being activated now. We are the light of the world. Whatever needs to be released or embraced, thought, spoken, or done to allow this to be so, to allow our light to be up in its wattage, to move from being a 10-watt or 50-watt to a thousand watts, to move from being a dimwit to a powerful wattage. We’re willing. We’re ready. We’re able. Use us. Send us. Thy will be done. This is the prayer of our heart. Use me, life. Use me. I’m ready to be expanded and stretched that more of life and love, and truth, and power, and wisdom can pour through me than ever before. I’m ready to go from being merely a garden hose to a fire hose. I’m willing to be as open and available than I have ever imagined. I know now that in this collective agreement, something wonderful is taking place. Our yes factor is high. Our life is not a question mark; it’s an exclamation point. We’re saying yes, yes, yes. I’m ready. I’m willing. I’m able to be a bigger channel of Divine giving than ever before. It’s happening now and so it is. Amen. Just breathe, receive.



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