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(Bonus Episode) The Right Questions to Ask

Derek Rydall - There's a reason why the word 'quest' is in question

There’s a reason why the word ‘Quest’ is in ‘Question.’ If you want to live a great quest, live with great questions.”

A question is not something that is seeking to get something we don’t already have. From the Emergence model, the question is something that’s trying to emerge. Every question is answered. As the principle says, “Ask, and you shall receive.”

It’s not just the good questions, or the helpful questions, or the “positive” questions, but every question. It’s not personal, it’s principle. Every question is answered. If you ask, “Why doesn’t anything work for me?” You’ll get an answer. The answer will be plugging you back into all the reasons things don’t work for you, and bringing up a lot of new discoveries of why things don’t work for you.

That’s why things don’t work for me. You plug into the database of all of these patterns, but it doesn’t necessarily bring you any close to having things work for you better, because that’s not the question you asked. You didn’t ask, “How can things get better?” You asked, “Why don’t things work?” You get it?

The key principle here is ask the questions the answer of which is the actual result you want. In other words, if you want more abundance, you don’t ask, “Why am I always broke?” Right? Why is the economy so bad? Why can’t I find a job? No, because you’ll get a whole litany of answers for why. You’ll see later it’s not just answers you’re going to get in the sense of just ideas in your head.

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