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(Bonus Episode) The Price of True Freedom

Emergence | A Revolutionary Path for Radical Change | Derek Rydall

What is true freedom?

And why should you strive to have true freedom? What’s the reward?

In many therapy and self-help programs, such as 12 step programs, it begins with a desire to have freedom FROM something: freedom from pain, bondage, limitation, addiction.

But, as the Buddha taught, aversion – our desire to get rid of something in order to be free – is part of the core of the false self.

See, if we’re trying to be free from something, we’re still married to it vibrationally. As long as you’re focused on what you’re being free from, you’re still in bondage to that very thing.

In fact, the more we try to get freedom from, the more bonded we become to that cycle and the more we’re stuck on that wheel of karma.

Every time we try to get or “get rid of” from that place we create more karma, because we’re increasing our sense of separation from the one life, the source, and the substance of all of creation.

That substance of all creation is who and what you are now …not who you’re going to be when you get freedom from a circumstance you don’t like.

And so, as helpful as many self-help programs can be in the beginning, at a certain point we have to shift from trying to get freedom FROM …to stepping into our freedom TO.

A freedom towards something. A freedom to choose. A freedom to live the way you want to live.

There’s economical freedom. There’s mental freedom. There’s emotional freedom. And there is, of course, physical freedom in the form of feeling safe and secure or feeling health and wellbeing. 

When we have freedom, it gives us more choices in the midst of circumstances to do what we want regardless of how we feel, how much money we have, even what our beliefs tell us.

You start to get distance, which allows you to observe patterns, expand your awareness, and experience even more freedom.

Listen to “The Price of True Freedom,” which reveals a deeper truth that leads to greater intuition, greater insight, greater wisdom, and even Divine ideas.

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