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(BONUS EPISODE) The Only Goal That Matters: The One Minute Mystic

Derek Rydall The Only Goal That Matters: The One Minute Mystic

I’m very excited to talk about today’s topic, “The Only Goal That Matters: The One Minute Mystic”.

The real principle of life, of ultimate liberation and fulfillment, is to seek first that connection within you. To begin to organize your whole life and your whole living around only one thing – to seek God consciousness, Love consciousness, connection with this Divine Spirit, this evolutionary impulse, the Real.

This inner source is Cause.  When you are one with it and are consciously connected and feeling its flow, it manifests Effect according to your Divine pattern.

The One Minute Mystic is about beginning to develop a way of life where you’re stopping on a regular basis, just for a minute, maybe even only 30 seconds, and pulling yourself out of the hypnotic spell of the world and of your own mind.  Freeing yourself from a conditioned set of programs that are constantly bombarding you to believe that if you just had more of this, or less of that, you’ll be free.

[bctt tweet=”The only problem is our sense of separation from God. The only solution is the realization that we are One.” username=”derekrydall”]

From this day forward, your driving goal is to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven within you, the Nirvanic state. To seek first the deeper connection with the Divine, to be a place of peace and love and truth for the next 30 to 60 minutes.

I invite you to call this connection forth as the activity of your awareness every day, and ultimately every hour.

When was the last time you’ve paused to reconnect with your Divine Truth?

Listen in now for the full explanation and support your personal development and spiritual growth and start participating in your future NOW.

And remember, self-help is shelf help – you have everything you need already!
Stay inspired!

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