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(Bonus Episode) The LIFT Practice, Super Conditions, and Reclaiming Your Destiny

The LIFT Process - Reclaiming Your Destiny

The LIFT Process: Reclaiming Your Destiny

Essentially, the basic premise of Emergence is everything you could ever need to be all you were created to be, do, contribute, create, etc., is already within you.

Just like the oak tree is already in the acorn – there’s a perfect pattern awaiting the right conditions, and when those conditions match the pattern within the seed, that inherent pattern of potential naturally emerges. The same thing is true for you.

There’s a perfect pattern of your destiny that is already planted in the soil of your soul, and when the conditions are congruent with that pattern, it naturally emerges.

Another way to think of it is your favorite music is broadcasting where you are right now, amongst a bunch of broadcast stations, but you can’t hear or experience the music. The music is not yet manifest, even though it’s fully present and broadcasting. It’s not manifest until you tune the dial of your radio so that your frequency matches the frequency of that broadcast. When you do that, when the frequencies match, then that broadcast that was already playing becomes manifest. You have found your manifest-station.

In the process of Emergence, the first step is to identify the seed that’s seeking to emerge in your life. Otherwise known as the vision, whether it’s in some area of your life, or your life in general. What is the vision that’s trying to emerge in your life? There are clues for that all around you!

The LIFT practice stands for Living In the Feeling Tone, and this is part of the Emergence process. This is a simple method used to help engineer or design a way of life that is congruent to that of your grand vision.

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[The following is the full transcript of this episode of the Emergence, A Revolutionary Path for Radical Life Change, with Derek Rydall Podcast]

Welcome to Emergence: A Revolutionary Path for Radical Life Change. This is Derek Rydall, your guide on the side, the founder of the Law of Emergence and author of the bestselling book Emergence. It’s just great to have you here today for this topic, where we’re going to be talking about the LIFT practice, super conditions and reclaiming your destiny. The LIFT practice stands for Living in the Feeling Tone, and this is part of the Emergence process. If you’ve been doing the Emergence work in any capacity for a while you’ve probably heard that term, been in any of the programs. Essentially the basic premise of Emergence, if you’re new to this, is that everything you could ever need to be all you were created to be is already within you. Just like the oak tree is already in the acorn, a perfect pattern awaiting the right conditions, and when those conditions match the pattern within the seed, that inherent pattern of potential naturally emerges.

The same thing is true for you. There’s a perfect pattern of your destiny that is already planted in the soil of your soul, and when the conditions are congruent with that pattern, when they match that pattern, it naturally emerges. Another way to think of it is your favorite music is broadcasting right where you are right now, amongst a bunch of broadcast stations, but you can’t hear the music, experience the music. The music is not yet manifest, even though it’s fully present and broadcasting. It’s not manifest until you tune the dial of your radio so that your frequency matches the frequency of that broadcast. When you do that, when the frequencies match, then that broadcast that was already playing becomes manifest. That station that was always playing becomes manifest. You have found your manifest-station.

So the process of Emergence, fundamentally speaking, is identifying, number one, what is that seed that’s seeking to emerge in your life? Otherwise known as the vision, whether it’s in some are of your life or your life in general. What is the vision that’s trying to emerge in your life? There are clues for that all around, and I go much more in depth in that in my book Emergence, as well as my program on Emergence. Then the second step is cultivating those congruent conditions, creating conditions that are a match to that vision, to that seed. Cultivating the conditions of your soul, of your mind, of your heart, of your body, of your experience. Now the difference between an acorn or any seed is it’s indigenous, meaning that it’s largely at the whim of external conditions, but you are endogenous, which means that your conditions are self-generated. So you have the potential to generate the right conditions, regardless of where you’re planted in the world.

The LIFT practice is a part of that Stage Two. Stage One is the vision. Stage Two is cultivating the conditions. It’s a part of that process of once you know what your vision is, or have some idea or inkling, is now you begin to cultivate the conditions so that you can live in the feeling tone of that vision, the vibration, the frequency. The more you can live in the frequency of your vision, that is akin to tuning the dial of your radio, the dial of your consciousness, to the station where the music of your destiny is playing, where that beat of abundance, that symphony of success, is already playing. When your frequency matches that it manifests in your experience. It was already there. It’s already broadcasting, but when you cultivate the conditions through the LIFT practice that broadcast now becomes tangible and audible and manifest in your experience. You see?

There’s several things with the LIFT practice, but the core work with the LIFT practice is you start with your vision. So I invite you just to follow along and do this. You can pause this. You can take the time you need to do this, but you start with a vision of what you want to create in your life. Again, I invite you to get the book Emergence, because I walk you through it step by step by step to identify the clues to what’s trying to emerge in your life, so you can really create a coherent and cohesive well-defined vision for yourself. You can start with, let’s just say for example you had a vision of having a life of more abundance, more wealth. You were building some kind of business or venture, and you would have a level of wealth and abundance.

So you would begin to now use the tool of visualization to tap into really seeing and feeling what it’s like to live in that vision. This is really the correct use of visualization. The old use is to try to visualize stuff in order to make it happen or attract it to you, but the more congruent use of the visualization, particularly in the Emergence work, is since it’s already happening to you you’re not trying to attract anything, since it’s already present, but you are using the angel of your imagination by visualizing your highest idea to activate the feeling tones of the vision. Because the truth is that from your imagination, your current self-concept, you really can’t always, or even ever, truly imagine what your future will be like. Just as anacorn, if it had self-consciousness, or a caterpillar if it had self-consciousness, couldn’t really imagine what it’s like to be a butterfly. The caterpillar, if it was using visualization, it would imagine a better caterpillar life, but it wouldn’t necessarily be able to tap into what’s really emerging as its destiny, which is to grow wings and fly.

That’s one of the limitations of merely visualizing your ideal life and just leaving it that. When you use the visualization to activate a feeling tone, you can never go wrong with the feeling tone. Let’s say you visualize your life with this successful business or venture, and this money, and all that that would bring you, and all that you would be able to do and be and have and create and contribute, and you really get into the vision of it, and you really feel what it would feel like. So I invite you to do that with your vision. Really feel what it would feel like. See the vision. Feel what it would feel like. Notice also who you’re being. Then you can let go of the picture, and merely stay with the feeling tone, the vibration.

Perhaps in this example you feel powerful. You feel joyful. You feel peaceful. You feel inspired. Those are the feelings. There’s three pillars to your vision. There’s feeling, being, and doing. There’s the feeling, and then you notice, who am I being? How am I being in this expanded vision? You notice, as you’re living into this vision you’re being more generous, more outgoing, more playful, etc. So now you’ve got a set of feeling qualities and a set of being qualities, and you can just hang in that vibration, breathe. Let it expand, fill your body, radiate it. Just really soak in that feeling tone. Now, we go to the next step. That is the Emergineering part of the process, which means engineering the emergence of your life.

Now that we know how we would feel and who we would be if we were living our ideal vision, we begin to engineer a way of life that is congruent with that, a way of life that will begin to activate those qualities just as a matter of course. As you’re doing this practice, don’t try to do it all at once. Don’t try to do all the feelings and all the being qualities, but start with the one that has the strongest change, the greatest pull. Let’s just say in this case it’s joy. You notice that’s a quality you really long for or lack, or want more of. You just take the quality of joy.

Now you’re going to break that down in the following categories: people, places, activities, and objects. How this works is you would start with people, and you would go, what people have I spent time with, do I spend time with, or do I want to spend time with, that when I’ve been with them or when I think about being with them it activates a quality of joy in me? Again, this is whatever quality you’re working with. I’m just using joy in this example. That could be people that you’re literally with live and in person, like a friend at lunch or a family member doing a fun outing, or it could be somebody that you’reexperiencing virtually, like you’re reading them in a book, reading a book by them, reading a book aboutthem, or watching a show with them, or listening to an audio with them. It doesn’t have to be literally the person living or live and in person, or even on the phone. It can be when you’re experiencing their presence through any medium it activates joy. Right?

For example, some people that have really strong religious leanings just reading the Bible or reading the teachings of Jesus, or watching a documentary about Mother Teresa. In fact, they did a study and saw that individuals watching Mother Teresa do her thing. Her generous service activated in the people watching the same qualities of love and the same chemicals even as somebody who was doing it themselves, part of the mirror neuron experience. You don’t have to be with the person, but begin to identify. Make a list. It might be people that you see sometimes, but you want to see more, or spend more time with them, or people you used to, but for whatever reason that you’ve come up with you don’t spend much time at all with them anymore.

Now, what’s another important distinction, if you’re already spending a lot of time with this person, virtually or life, that’s not somebody you need to put on the list, because if there’s not a need to spend more time with them they’re not a core activator right now for you. I mean, they may already be activating something, but they’re not going to necessarily take you to the next level, unless within that relationship, like I said, you know you want to spend more time with them. Make a list of those people, live or virtual.

The second thing is the places. You want to begin to identify similarly what places have you been, or do you go to, or would you like to go to, that activate this quality, in this case joy? Perhaps you notice when you’re going to see a movie you feel this joyful quality like being a child again, which is also partly an activity. Maybe you notice when you are in nature, or when you sit by the window and look out at the yard, drinking your tea. That place in the house brings you a lot of joy, or being in church, whatever, a place. Again, this might be a place you used to spend more time in, but now you don’t think you have the time or the money or the energy, or whatever you need to be there, or it’s a place that you sometimes do, but you know you want to be doing it more, like being out in nature, or it’s a place you haven’t done, but you’ve been wanting to, or you thought about it and maybe you’ve pushed it away, because you’re like, that’s just not going to happen, for whatever reason, time, money, energy, whatever other excuse you’ve given yourself for why you can’t be there. You want to make a list of those. Again, if it’s already a place you do spend a lot of time in and don’t necessarily, and maybe it does make you feel joyful, or whatever the quality is, but you already do it a lot, that’s probably not a place you want to list. You want to find the places that you’re not doing, that you used to do, or that you want to do, or that you don’t do enough.

Then we get to activities. These are obvious. These are things that you do. When you do them they activate this quality. In this case, joy. So it could be when you’re dancing, singing, do some kind of creativity, hiking in the mountains, swimming in the ocean, whatever that might be, singing in a choir, taking yoga class, exercising. When you do this activity it makes you feel joy, or when you imagine doing it you feel a sense of joy. You want to write those down. Don’t monitor or filter. Write it all down. Write everything that comes to mind that used to bring you joy, that brings you joy sometimes, that you think would bring you joy if you were to do it, or whatever quality you’re working with.

Then finally we have objects. Objects are any objects of the sense. So a sight, a smell, a sound, a trinket, an actual physical object. So it might be a picture of someone or something. It might be a sound, the sound of chimes, the sound of the ocean crashing, the sound of water flowing. It could be a smell, thesmell of certain aromatherapies or essences, chamomile, frankincense, jasmine, whatever, or certain flower smells, the smell of freshly cut grass, the smell of freshly baked bread, because it’s got perhaps sense memory attached. Being at grandma’s house and smelling the bread. Coming from school, smelling the fresh cookies that mom’s made for you, and you felt so joyful or loved, whatever the quality may be.

You want to write down all of these objects of the sense. It could be statues of saints, stuffed animals, little trinkets, whatever. Like I said, any object of the senses. Now again, you want to look for the things that you want to have, that you’ve had, but don’t have, that you have sometimes but don’t have enough. Maybe sometimes you smell the fresh cut grass, or hear chimes, or smell the bread, but it’s not often. Maybe sometimes you listen to certain kinds of music, and it really activates that quality in you, but you don’t do it very often.

What you’re going to do is you’re going to take this first quality, and you’re going to take those lists, and you’re going to identify at least one, and you don’t necessarily have to have one from every list, but it’s fun to try to do that, and identify at least one that you’re going to implement and engineer into your life over the next week. Some of them will be once a week. Some of them will be every day. Some of them will be things you put into your life as part of your environment permanently. That’s you engineering the feeling tone, at least that side of it.

The other side of the LIFT practice is look at those qualities of being, and notice what are the qualities of being, which one of those qualities really stands out for you? Remember, a feeling quality is more static, like peace, love, joy. A being quality is more dynamic. It’s more action oriented, like more giving, more outgoing, more playful. It’s something you can do. So you want to pick one from that list that speaks to you the most, has the greatest charge, the greatest pull, and you want to take that out and simply ask the question, what would it look like for me to step into being fill-in-the-blank more fully in my life now? If you’re working in a particular area, like relationship or business, your job, and let’s say the being quality was outgoing or playful. You might say, what would it look like for me to be more playful at my job? To be more playful in my relationship? Just to be more playful in my life. As you ask that with sincerity, eyes closed, and listen and notice guidance, things will start to emerge, impressions, images, ideas, thoughts.

If it comes across vague, like something like you say, what would it look like to be more playful in my life, and you hear get involved in music somehow. Then you want to be more specific. You want to say, what specifically would that look like? Then you hear, sing more, or dance more, or dance around the house, or take a dancing class. You want to keep asking the guidance, and what would that look like? What specifically would that look like? Until you get something that is actionable. You don’t want guidance that just says, love yourself more. You want to ask, what would that look like if I loved myself more? What would that look like for me to love myself more? Until it becomes something concrete and actionable. Then you want to engineer that new action into your life. Again, this is only one quality in each category, but that alone could begin to make significant difference, just starting to activate some of these qualities in your life again. Another side thing to understand is you’re not just engineering things into your life, but those people, places, things, and activities that are no longer congruent with your vision. You want to begin to look at making a list of those. What relationships or people steal my joy? What activities take my joy away, or whatever the quality is? What environments deplete my joy, or whatever quality? What objects in my environment? Then wherever it’s possible, without doing harm to anyone, you remove those. You start to remove those things. For example, maybe you’re watching a lot of TV news and listening to talk radio,and you feel pulled to it, but it always makes you sad or scared or mad. That’s not congruent with your vision.

It’s beyond the scope of this session right now to talk about this, but in some cases, in fact, if it’s pushing your buttons there is still valuable work there to do, shadow work, values conflicts. If the news is pushing your buttons, scaring you, that’s really giving you something to pray for, to pray about, to heal, but for the sake of this process, and especially depending on where you are in your growth, it’s really important to first remove the things that are not lifting you. When I first got on this path there was a point where I had to completely get rid of everything. I got rid of TV news, a lot of books, videos, and people, and sort of cloistered myself and just had in my life only the people, places, and things that nourished what was emerging in me, a deeper spiritual connection, a creative connection, things that affirmed me and inspired me and fed me.

As I grew stronger I could start to step back into some of those relationships and things. For example, I could step back into some relationships with my family, extended family. Whereas for a while I had to extricate from some of those relationships and not see them or talk to them, at least not as often, until I had the inner strength from doing this work that I could step back into those without having it take away my power. Sometimes that’s necessary. Again, take it step by step. Don’t suddenly kick everybody out of your life and get rid of everything and join a monastery. That’s not what we’re saying here. Take it step by step. You’re building a new way of life.

So you’ve got the feeling, the being, and then the doing part, which you’ll already be doing some things is, depending on your vision, there are certain things you can begin to do to live into that vision, even before the vision appears. For example, when I wanted to have our first home I was doing all of these first steps, but then I also started going and looking at new homes, even though we couldn’t afford it, even though it seemed crazy and most people would never do that. Because I was doing the inner work of feeling it, of being it, of activating it, I had the vision. The third step is the doing it. So I began to do what I could do to live into that vision, and all that I could do was learn about buying a new house, visit dream homes, look at the models, hang out in the models, play house at the models, and come back to our little condo and feel sad and depressed by contrast. I would do the work again, feel good again, feel like I’m living in my dream home, feel the vibration, the quality, the frequency. Go look at homes, and in a matter of a couple months I had a breakthrough and an opening and realized that we could do it, that we would do it. A month or two later we were moving into our dream home.

That all was part of doing this LIFT practice, and I’ve done this in many areas of my life and helped clients to do the same. You can add that one in as well if you’d like. Again, this is a process. Be gentle. Be patient. You’re developing a new way of life. You’re developing a new emotional, mental, vibrational set point. So be patient with it. Focus on creating a life that really is congruent with this vision. It’s based on the old adage, surround yourself with the people, places, and things that represent your future, or where you want to go, not where you’ve been, or even necessarily where you are. As Wayne Gretzky, the famous hockey player said, I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it is.

I just want to say one other thing about this, what I call a super condition. What that is is when you find where you can put multiple things together. This doesn’t mean you’re going to add necessarily a bunch of things extra in your life. If you’re already exercising, let’s say, and you know that being out in nature is one of the activities or places that really lifts you, you might do some of your exercising in nature. If you already know that spending time with Bob or Sue or whoever lifts you, you might invite that friend to go jog or hike in nature. Now what have you done? You’ve combined a person, a place, and an activity that all lift you, and maybe there’s even certain objects, certain kinds of clothes, maybe the smells around you, or something you can put on you, and you combine all of these sight, sound, activity, person, place, all into what’s called a super condition. If you look at your life, there have been moments in your life when this happened organically. You found yourself with the right person in the right place doing the right thing, surrounded by the right objects of the senses, and you were completely lit up. Right? You weren’t just a little bit happy, a little bit peaceful. You were totally lit up. That’s what called the super condition.

Granted, sometimes you can be completely lit up by grace and by some spiritual activation where you’re feeling that way even when the outer conditions aren’t that great, and that will eventually come as you embody this frequency, but for now we’re looking to build those super conditions into our life. Interestingly to note, babies and young children do this naturally. Young children will naturally gravitate toward super conditions. In other words, before they’re conditioned to believe what’s right and wrong and what they should and shouldn’t do, be, or have, or who they should or shouldn’t be with, they will naturally gravitate towards the people, in the places, with the activities and the objects that completely light them up, that completely feed them and nourish them and grow them. Right?

Then a well-meaning relative or parent comes along. This happens with children. Uncle Joe wants to hold little Sue, and little Sue doesn’t want to be held by Uncle Joe. Right? Mommy forces little Sue into Uncle Joe’s hands, thinking, come on, Sue, Uncle Joe loves you. He wants to get to know you, or whatever. Little Sue doesn’t want to get to know Uncle Joe. Then you might even shame the child. Why are you being such a brat? Intuitively and instinctively, little Sue knows Uncle Joe’s vibrational field, for whatever reason, she may know some things that mommy and daddy don’t know about Uncle Joe, but for whatever reason it’s not a match for little Sue. Likewise, a parent or teacher or relative might force a kid to be in an environment that is antithetical to their developing vibration. This happens all the time. It happens a lot in our rigid formulaic school systems. The child is forced into a frequency, into a space that’s not lighting them up. It’s not congruent.

On and on this happens until little bit by little bit, through shame, blame, fear, fear of rejection, loss, that child begins to develop coping and defensive mechanisms to adjust and adapt to their environment, to the people, places, things, and objects that seem to be what they should do, be, and have as a means to survive. Until you end up an adult, and you end up in a home, in a job, in a relationship, and in certain situations that at least somewhat, and sometimes almost entirely, has been designed from a place of survival. Do you see that?

What we’re doing now is taking back that natural ability to create a way of life that serves and feeds our soul’s emerging potential. It’s a natural ability. We’ve been conditioned out of it. We’ve been shamed and guilt tripped out of it. Now we’re reclaiming our destiny. Isn’t this exciting? Even though I’ve taught this so many times I just get excited every time I talk about it. I hope you’re getting excited or inspired as well. I invite you to take this, listen to it again, write it down. Do the work. Do something to activate this potential, and lift your frequency, lift your life to the next level.

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