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(BONUS EPISODE) The Focus Factor: How to Decide What’s Now So You Can Do What’s Next

Derek Rydall Real Growth and Momentum Only Comes from Consistent, Clear Choices that are in Alignment With Your Emerging Vision and Values

You’re in the right place if you find yourself generally challenged to start and really move in the direction of your big endeavors, your big vision, even if you know what you want but to follow through on them once you start, and to actually complete them.

To make a choice or a decision, means to cut away from, versus to be perpetually sitting on your psychological emotional fence because you’re afraid that “What if the grasses are greener on the other side?”, “What if I’m making the wrong decision?”, “What if it doesn’t work out?”  All of which the ego is tricking us to believe or actually giving us good reasonable excuses for not taking action, for not making a decision; BUT they’re not actually, because the truth is you can never ultimately know what’s right except in hindsight.

Now, you can develop intuition to know what’s the right true move, regardless of outcomes and conditions; but, you don’t develop that until you start acting.  Then, through hindsight, discern what it felt like when your intuition led you to something that ultimately worked out, and what it felt like when it led to something that you can’t get to, except with having focus and the ability to make choices and decisions, to build the next stage of your life, to follow through to completion and to follow through all the thresholds that will otherwise tempt you to lose focus, to start something different, or to do multiple things at once.

If you experience all of these, of course you know you’re not alone.  It’s one of the most common complaints and challenges.

Listen in now for the full explanation and support your personal development and spiritual growth and start participating in your future good NOW. And remember, self-help is shelf help – you have everything you need already!

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