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(Bonus Episode) The Fields Are Always Full: How to Transcend Seasons and Cycles, and Experience More Abundance NOW [Podcast]

The Fields Are Always Full: How to Transcend Seasons and Cycles, and Experience More Abundance NOW

We’re doing a deep dive today around the topic ‘The Fields Are Always Full: How to Transcend Seasons and Cycles and Experience More Abundance Now’.

You’ve heard me use the analogy of the radio broadcast: Right now, right where you are, your favorite music is broadcasting. There’s information, inspiration, and music broadcasting that if you were to suddenly hear, it would inspire you, and would change your mental, emotional, physical state.

The only distance between you and the manifestation of the music is a distance in frequency. When the frequencies match, you have music. You have a manifestation.

So that music is potentially in your life, but it’s actually broadcasting at the frequency where it exists.

Just like the music, the fields are white unto the harvest, the abundance is already here now. It’s not here in potential. It’s actually here – health, wealth, wholeness, harmony, joy, peace, love, the fullness of life, Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana – everything you could ever want, hope for, desire and need are already here actually!

Not in potential, but actually… It’s only potential in terms of your experience.

[bctt tweet=”Life wants to manifest its glory, its greatness, its goodness as us, infinitely more than we want it for ourselves. ” username=”derekrydall”]

Our call today is to no longer wait for the harvest to come, to no longer wait for the economy to change, or wait for our family, our friends to agree with or validate us.

We will no longer wait until we think we’re good enough or have enough, but take a stand today, in the middle of the field of our life and begin to know, affirm and live from the truth that we are surrounded by and are an expression of abundance!

I invite you to make a commitment to yourself, to begin to show up, to take your basket and step into your “field” and harvest the good that’s there. Start to show up as if you’re really supported.

With this commitment, how will you begin to show up differently in your life?

Listen in to discover the other key distinction around this topic and for the full explanation and support your personal development and spiritual growth and start participating in your future NOW.

And remember, self-help is shelf help – you have everything you need already!

Stay inspired!

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