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(Bonus Episode) The End of Fear

Emergence | A Revolutionary Path for Radical Change | Derek Rydall

Every day, we experience thoughts and impulses that bring about a sense of joy, creativity, and inspiration.

We want to move in the direction of these desires, be guided by them, because these are the soul’s expression. This is the emergence of your higher vision.

But then you’re stopped short by fear.

Yes, there is healthy, protective fear: the kind that makes you pull off the road when you sense dangerous driving conditions ahead.

But the kind of fear that stops you from coming into alignment with your higher self, stops you from saying “yes” to your Yes …this fear prevents you from moving the edge of your own self-concept.

Fear and its cousins: struggle, anxiety – even frustration and anger – come upon you like an electric fence. The more energy you put into moving in the direction of your desires in the “greener pastures” beyond the fenceline of your current state, the more energy you’ll have to put into protecting yourself from this terrifying, painful threshold.

Until you break down.

Tellingly, this is just when most of our breakthroughs occur, and the reason is that those limits must be broken through in order to grow into our fuller selves.

So, how do we live in a world in which fear is a regular occurrence that’s never going away?

The end of fear comes at the beginning of our understanding what fear is.

Every poker player has something called a “tell.” This is the twitch or quirk, change in body language or tone of voice or focus of the eyes, some signal that lets other players have an idea what you’ve got in your hand.

Fear is your ego’s “tell.” It’s your personal twitch or quirk that signals you are coming up against your ego’s limited self-concept. Your old, limited way of being is cracking open, breaking down, and giving way to something much bigger, bolder, and better.

Listen to “The End of Fear” now to recognize what your fear is really signalling, to end your fear of fear, and to transmute your fear into excitement about what is about to emerge in your new life of unstoppable courage and confidence!

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