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(BONUS EPISODE) Create Your Compelling Vision Now

Derek Rydall

Create your compelling vision not just for life but for the coming 12 months wherever that falls for you right now.

There is a Chinese saying when is the best time to plant a tree? 30 years ago – And when is the next best time? Now!

Wherever you are in your journey it doesn’t matter what ever time of the year it is doesn’t matter. The date is arbitrary the right time to create your compelling vision for next 12 months 12 days 12 hours is always NOW. It’s always the right time to tap back in.

There is always something seeking to emerge, there is always a larger version of you seeking to emerge, more life more light, peace, love, joy, beauty abundance, harmony.

All that makes life wonderful and good is infinite and exhaustible and uniquely patterned as you. And it’s always unfolding, always knocking at the door of your consciousness saying ‘Let Me Out’.

The more and more we are willing to live on that emerging edge of newness the more we will find our life continually renewed and restored. In fact the only place that real security exists is on that emerging edge, the emerging impulse, that evolutionary impulse.

If you’re ready and willing to live on the emerging edge listen to episode 120 of the emergence podcast and support your personal development and spiritual growth and to start participating in your future good NOW.

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