ASK DEREK: Karma, Environment, & Feeling Good When Things Look Bad [Podcast]

ASK DEREK: Karma, Environment, & Feeling Good When Things Look Bad

ASK DEREK: Karma, Environment, & Feeling Good When Things Look Bad

Today’s episode covers your questions submitted on the topic of karma, environment, and how to feel good when things look bad.

Listen to the in-depth podcast on the subject for my answers and explanations and how they relate to the Emergence principles! This will be a real game-changer.

To Your Emergence!

Stay inspired!


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  • Donna says:

    When you spoke on a call as serving so many, you said Jesus Christ was myth. I have allowed much with you and received. When you spoke this way with such authority I can no longer listen to this. Truly cannot even share your work being so focused on diminishing Christ. This is not necessary Derek it is ego cutting out populations that intimately connect with embodied Christ. I am submitting comment here as I felt blocked by others in speaking out. In future I hope you include everyone.

    • Derek Rydall says:

      Dear Donna,

      I invite you to listen again, I never said Jesus was a myth and never would. What I may have said is that the bible is a collection of books that express the evolution of human consciousness, and it is composed of myth, allegory, story, and historical reporting. But even in this context, myth doesn’t mean ‘not true.’ In fact a myth is actually more true than facts, because it expresses what is difficult to express in language. Like poetry.

      The bible must be understood in the context of the people who wrote it and the times they were in, to truly grasp it’s meaning and significance and discover the real inspired Word of God. If it’s taken literally you will miss much of the real truth teaching. This is why it says ‘the letter killeth but the spirit giveth life.’ Literal interpretation kills the divine revelation, but if we read with our heart and soul, we realize so much more.

      I love Jesus and his teachings and believe it is all the inspired truth, but again it must be understood spiritually not humanly, if we are going to know the truth that makes us free. I hope this clears things up. Much love and blessings.


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