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Ask Derek: How Do I Manifest More Money or Anything?

Ask Derek: How Do I Manifest More Money or Anything?

First it’s important to understand the true nature of manifestation.

Manifesting, from the Emergence model – from the truth principle, is not about making something happen or appear that does not yet exist. To make something manifest to is to make that which is already happening, (but is invisible, intangible, or inaudible) tangible, audible – manifest.

I like to use the analogy of the radio station to help explain this… Your favorite music is playing right now on some station, but it’s not manifest until you tune your dial into the frequency where that music is broadcasting. When your dial matches the dial where the station is and where the broadcast is happening, that music becomes manifest.

You didn’t make it happen. You made it welcome. It wasn’t in the future. It wasn’t in the distance. The music was broadcasting right where you are, but you needed to come into vibrational alignment or attunement with it. The minute that alignment happened, that station became manifest, or as I like to say, you had a “manifest-station”, a manifestation.

Listen to the in-depth podcast on the subject to get the full explanation, and learn how to put it into real-life practice TODAY. This will be a real game-changer.

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Full Transcript
[The following is the full transcript of this episode of the Emergence, A Revolutionary Path for Radical Life Change, with Derek Rydall Podcast]

Welcome to another episode of Ask Derek. This is Derek Rydall. Not the sage on the stage, but your guide on the side for this journey of emergence, and with these episodes we’re dealing with core questions that have either been specifically asked, or that are most commonly asked, and this a very common question, how do I manifest more money, or just how do I manifest more, or how do I manifest period? It’s a very common question, and there’s a few things that are important to understand. The first thing is to understand what really is manifestation? Manifesting, from the Emergence model, really from the truth principle, is not about making something happen or appear that does not yet exist. To make something manifest to is to make that which is already happening, but is invisible or intangible or inaudible tangible, audible, manifest.

For example, when I’ve used the analogy of the radio station. Your favorite music is playing on some station, but it’s not manifest until you tune your dial into the frequency where that music is broadcasting. When your dial matches the dial where the station is, where the broadcast is happening, that music becomes manifest. Now, you didn’t make it happen. You made it welcome. It wasn’t in the future. It wasn’t in the distance. The music was broadcasting right where you are, but you needed to come into vibrational alignment or attunement with it. The minute that alignment happened, that station became manifest, or as I like to say, you had a manifest-station, a manifestation.

The same thing is true, all manifestation is making that which is invisible visible, making an invisible idea or activity or quality visible. Now, why is that important? Because even just beginning to know that and coming from that place you understand why it’s so important that you are in the feeling tone and the vibration of the thing you want to manifest, even before it’s manifest. Right? You have to be tuned into the radio station before the radio station becomes manifest, just as you’re tuning in. It’s not going to come manifest before you get to that alignment. You have to be in alignment, right? It’s important when you don’t understand this context you’re often trying to manifest from a sense of separation and limitation, from a premise that something’s missing, something’s broken, something’s lacking, something’s wrong. You don’t have it. It’s not happening. It’s in the distance, in the future. They have it, and now you’re going to try to attract it, achieve it, manipulate it, etc. That’s a recipe for resistance, struggle, stress, suffering, and even greater limitation ultimately. Even if you manifest a bigger paycheck on that level, you will just find yourself broke at a higher income bracket. Okay?

The second thing is to really, I’m just going to say right out of the gate, we have to get out of magical thinking. This isn’t magic. It’s not like say a prayer, say an affirmation, do nothing, and poof, your life changes. Now, is it possible that you come into such alignment with the truth of your being that a miracle can happen, which is simply the instant demonstration or instant manifestation of that which is always going on? Absolutely it can. As I say, plan your life as if you’re doing all the work, then live your life as if God is. So you’re open to the miracle. You’re open to the spontaneous breakthrough and insight. You’re open to the spontaneous acceleration, but you can’t plan for that. You can’t make a plan to have a miracle. Right? You have to live your life or plan your life and be going about your life in a very real and practical way, but in the consciousness and the context of the vibration that it’s already done, that it’s already happening, that you’re already enough, that you’ve already arrived, and that miracles and spontaneous revelation is breaking out everywhere all the time. You live in that context, but you don’t wait for that to happen, and you don’t plan for that to happen. You do your practice and your prayer work and your inner work to become the consciousness and the context for that to happen, but then you get busy. You get to work. Right? You till that field, and you cultivate that soil, and you plant those seeds, and you water and weed and feed them, whether it’s the seeds of a literal garden or the seeds of creating financial abundance, or the seeds of a relationship, or wherever you want a great bountiful harvest in your life, in your work, in your relationships, with your clientele, with your practice, with your body. You live in the context and the consciousness that it’s already done, it’s already whole, complete, perfect, fulfilled, abundant, but then you absolutely have to get to work.

So we have to let go of magical thinking. It’s not like in the movie The Secret where you just dream and visualize a red bicycle, and it literally shows up at your front door. Again, I’m not saying that can’t happen. I’m saying that is really not how it normally occurs. There’s a reason for that. One of the reasons is that the process of doing the work play on a daily basis, of doing whatever it takes to get the result, in the context of truth, causes you to bump into thresholds, causes you to discover unconscious limited beliefs and patterns, causes you to develop your character and to build and embody qualities and activities of your soul in a permanent way, so that you actually are evolving. The real reason for goals is the evolution of your soul. If you just merely manifest more stuff, but you have not evolved in any way, that’s not real growth. There’s no real evolution there. There’s just manipulation of material.

Sometimes we don’t get the red bike appearing at our door. Sometimes, and most times, things don’t just poof, manifest out of thin air, because we are in a process of evolution, of discovering and uncovering more of our real self and anchoring and integrating and embodying it. So you’ve got to get to work, and you bring the joy and the peace and the gratitude and the celebration as if it’s already done to bear on whatever you’re doing. While you’re tilling that field, you bring the joy of the bountiful harvestto it. As the old Indian prayer is, you don’t just pray for rain, you pray rain. You pray and affirm from the consciousness as if the rain is falling and soaking you and soaking the ground and the harvest comes, and you eat the bounty, and everybody’s full and happy. From that place, now you pray. It’s from that place you get to work, and you write that book, or you go out and get that job, or you deliver that value to your clients, whatever it is.

I just want to make sure I’m disavowing you of any magical thinking, and this comes down to sometimes in this work we really just need to do some very basic, very practical things, and we’re avoiding the most obvious practical things. Like if you don’t have enough money, it’s amazing how many times I’ve seen people that don’t have enough money, and I say, do you have a job? They’re like, no. I’m like, that might be a good place to start. They’re like, but that’s not my mission and my purpose. My purpose is to be a bestselling author or create a thriving healing practice. I’m like, that’s great. That’s wonderful, and get a job, because there’s something in you needing to get that job and how it’s going to develop you. You’re not going to succeed in spite of the job, but because of it. I speak from very personal experiences around this. If you have to get a job to pay your bills, or you have to get two jobs to not only pay your bills, but have enough money to invest in your business and your education, then you get two jobs.

I don’t know if you heard the story about that woman that was on Oprah that lived in Africa in a little hut and ultimately wanted to be a doctor, and eventually ended up finding a way to America, New York. I think she had three or five kids, and ultimately kicked her husband out, because he was no good bum, and ended up working somewhere in the neighborhood of three jobs, raising three to five kids, while going to school full time and getting her doctorate. After I heard that, I was like I’ve just got no excuses. I’m not saying you have to be raising five kids, working three jobs, and going to full time school to become a doctor to prove that you’re really in this game, but when you look at that you have to look at yourself and go, am I really doing everything I can? If I need more money to invest in my growth and education, am I going and getting a job or two? If I really want to get more clients, am I really doing everything I can, or am I just doing a few things here and there? Am I making five calls a day? Am I going to events? Really.

Then that brings us to a very powerful but deceptively simple process called the 25 ways to manifest more. It’s as simple and as difficult as taking out a sheet of paper or your journal and writing down 25 ways you can manifest that result you want. If it’s more money, write 25 ways you can manifest more money. There are no ridiculous ways, but start with all the ways that you can think of that are real and practical. It could be getting a job, getting two jobs, asking for more hours at your current job, looking for additional projects at your current job. It can be selling things that you don’t need. It can be going out and getting new clients, offering your services at a deep discount for a short period to get a bunch of new clients or new opportunities. It can be going back to previous clients or opportunities and revitalizing them, going to existing clients and looking to add more value, upsell, side sell, downsell, supplementary, complementary offers and opportunities.

Like I’ve told the story of the gardener who mowed and blowed, the mow and blow model like most gardeners, but he began to look around and notice, really get to know the family and what their needs were and what their interests were, and he began to come up with a list of possible projects that could add more value to their life, their yard, their landscape, hardscape, different aspects around the house, building projects that he maybe could do, ways to do the garden differently or trim the hedges in the shapes of animals or whatever. He began to make these proposals to his clients, and one by one clients would accept one or more of these proposals, and he ended up doubling and tripling and really rapidly growing a business. Whereas all the other gardeners had the same opportunities, but they weren’t doing it. They weren’t looking for the opportunities. They weren’t becoming an opportunity machine. They didn’t realize that they were the Divine power plant, and a power plant doesn’t receive energy, it generates it.

You’re a power plant. You can generate opportunity. Remember, from the Emergence model whatever is missing is what you’re not giving. Life doesn’t happen to you. It happens through you and as you. You’re a storehouse of infinite riches, but you have to start circulating it by asking and by giving. So doing the 25 ways to manifest more is a very powerful practical way to begin to unlock possibilities and get the creative juices flowing, so that you’re not just thinking there’s one or two ways here, but there’s literally infinite organizing power. That means there is infinite ways that the Universe can manifest your need, infinite. So if you think there’s only one or two or 10, you haven’t even begun. As you start to come up with more and more ideas, the ideas start to mate with each other, and new ideas get born. It becomes this plus this equals this. So now the ideas on your list start to create a whole new level, other levels of possibility, insights, opportunities. It’s a very powerful practice, and if it’s hard to do 25, then do 30. If it’s easy to do 25, do 50. You want to stretch yourself. You want to get past the obvious and begin to really open up, and that doesn’t mean the obvious ideas aren’t great ones. It’s just you want to really let this be a process to activate your creative thinking mechanism.

Now you have a list of ideas, and then you want to look for the ones that you can begin to embrace right away, the low hanging fruit. I already mentioned some of those. If you’ve got clients, going back to old clients and revitalizing them is one of the fastest ways to get new business. Going to existing clients and looking for new ways to add value to them, or your existing clients or list, family, friends, etc. and offering a really great deal. Just offering your services to family and friends at a really great deal, or even offering it for free for the first time in order to enroll them into more, a bigger package or ongoing support or service, or whatever your talents, gifts, and abilities are. Beginning to look at all the possible areas that they could serve.

This is the very practical and pragmatic approach to manifesting more. Now, once you come up with a list, you want to create a plan, so that you’re actually going to do these things. You’re going to live on purpose, not on accident. You’re not going to wake up and hope. You’re going to trade in your wishbone for a backbone, and you’re going to actually have a plan and put it on your schedule, and then do it whether you feel like it or not. This is what builds character. This is what builds self-esteem. You’re also going to have a practice, a daily practice. Remember, this is part of the core Emergence work, what I call the LIFT practice, Living In the Feeling Tone. If you haven’t listened to that podcast yet, please listen to it. You want to have a practice through meditation, prayer, affirmation, and just the activities you do in your day and the people you hang out with, and the things you consume in terms of media, etc.

You want to begin to design a way of life that activates a feeling tone as if this thing you want to manifest is already done. Visualization, vibration, radiation process, you get a free download of that at my site, DerekRydall.com in the free resources. I invite you to do that on a daily basis, and even more than once a day. You can use the LIFT practice to begin to refine and design your life and your relationships and your conversations so that you are eliminating things that bring your vibration down and put you in a state of lack, limitation, fear, doubt, and worry, which are not congruent with where you want to be. That’s tuning you into station K-LACK, instead of K-RICH. Then designing things into your life that do tune you into K-RICH, movies, music, TV, magazines, conversations, friends, environments that make you feel connected, abundant, successful, expanded, joyful, peaceful, grateful, etc. So that you’re building a way of life that begins to automatically lift you into the vibrational field where your dreams already are playing, that beat of abundance is broadcasting.

This is how you manifest more, more money, or more of anything. You understand the true nature of manifestation. It’s not making something happen that isn’t already there. It’s making that which is always happening tangible, visible, audible, manifest. You’re letting go of magical thinking, and you’re stepping into conscious action. You’re planning your life as if you’re doing all the work, then living in the context as if God is. You’re creating the 25 ways to manifest more. If 25 is hard, you do 30. If 25 is easy, you do 50. Then you’re developing the LIFT practice, so that on a daily basis through visualization, vibration, radiation, prayer, affirmation, and the design of your way of life, you’re creating an activation of the qualities of being that you’d be feeling if you were already living in the manifestation. So that you’re already there before it manifests, and then you begin to discover the true nature of freedom.

This is how you manifest more. Remember, that feeling tone, that sense of connection to the peace, the love, the joy, the gratitude, the inner sense of abundance, that is ultimately the real goal here. In all of your getting, get understanding. In all of your seeking, seek first the Kingdom of Heaven within, this Nirvana state, this state of peace, so that as you have this outer goal of manifesting more, which is fine, you have your real soul goal, your real evolutionary goal of in this moment being in peace, in joy, in gratitude, and for the next 30 minutes. Every 30 minutes or so you just check in again. Where am I? What’s my big success goal? How would I feel if I was living that? My goal now is just to be in that feeling tone, to be a state of peace.

As you do that, you build a subjective vibration. You attain the real goal of your soul, which is always a greater flowering of its own quality, its own nature. It doesn’t really care whether you have more money or more whatever. It only cares is more of it blossoming, and as that happens, that quality of consciousness clothes itself in form, as the more that you are now manifesting.

I hope this has served you. This has been an episode of Ask Derek. Please register, if you haven’t already, in iTunes on this podcast. Share it with a friend. Share a review, a five star review, in iTunes, so more people can hear about this. Post what you’re learning on our Facebook page. If you want more resources, go to DerekRydall.com and download all the free resources that are there to support you. Until next time, remember to stay engaged, stay connected, and stay inspired. Take care.

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