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Why Fear Is Your Best Friend [Podcast]

Welcome, Derek Rydall here, founder of the Law of Emergence and author of the bestselling books Emergence and The Abundance Project. I’m just so excited to talk to you today about this very important topic. I think it’s one of the most important topics, and that’s fear. I feel like there should be some music, or like the Jaws duh-nuh, duh-nuh. What I like to say is I want you to know why fear is actually your best friend. When you understand the reality that life is whole, that’s it’s not divided, that there really aren’t opposite powers competing against each other, good and evil. That’s just the polarities, the yin and the yang, the dark and the light, but they’re really two aspects of a whole. When you understand that, you realize everything is always conspiring for your good, if you know how to read the signs or have spiritual literacy or understand the signals in your body.

Fear is a critical one, because fear, other than the instinctual fear, like you’re walking down an alley, and you get a cold feeling in your body, and you duck into a little café, and then you read the next day that somebody was mugged. There’s that instinctual fear that we want to absolutely always honor, but then there’s the fear of doing things or the fear that we’re going to fail, or the fear that we’re not worthy or valuable or lovable, or we’re going to make a mistake, fall on our face, or we’re not going to be able to pay our bills. That fear is a signal. It’s telling you that you’re believing a lie. Always.

Fear points to a lie that you’re believing, like I don’t have enough. I can’t afford it. I’m going to go broke. Nobody loves me. The lie points to a deeper truth, a principle, a truth principle. Like I’m broke, I don’t have enough points to a spiritual principle that really and truly you have infinite abundance, that you are supported, and you are supplied like all of nature. So, fear points to a lie that directs you back to a truth that you are being called to apprentice under. Instead of I’m afraid I’m going to go broke, and then you get really busy trying to make money, and basically your daily practice becomes worry, worry, struggle, struggle, worry, worry, struggle, struggle, and you just manifest more worry and more struggle, because you think that there’s something wrong.

When you understand that the fear is pointing to a lie that’s pointing to a truth principle that you are being called to apprentice under, now you take your attention. Say, thank you, fear, for showing me my lesson for the day. Then you look at the truth, and you practice that principle. You practice it through affirmation, through meditation, through contemplation. Then you say, if I believed I truly was abundant, I truly was supported, how would I show up today? How would I treat myself today? What would I do today? Now you’re bringing yourself back into alignment, and as you take that action you begin to activate the innate abundance. You begin to bring forth what is seeking to emerge from you, and your life goes to a new level.

So, whenever you’re feeling fear, you don’t want to react to the fear. It’s like falling into the quicksand. If you react too quick, it’s going to pull you deeper. You look at the fear as a signal. You ask, what’s the lie it’s pointing to? Then you go, what’s the deeper truth that it’s calling me to apprentice and practice under? Then you ask the question, if I believed this truth, how would I treat myself today? How would I treat others today? How would I show up today? Then you practice that. If you do that day after day, you will activate and integrate a whole new level of wealth consciousness or health consciousness or love or whatever you’re working on and step by step take your life to the next level.

Until next time, remember, live authentically, love unconditionally, and follow your destiny.

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