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Be More Creative than You’ve Ever Imagined

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Whether we’re cooking, working, raising children, or creating art, we often feel most alive when we’re creating. This is because our fundamental nature – the fundamental nature of the universe itself – is creativity.

Because the Divine principle is infinite, and forever unfolding, ...

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Instead of writing a traditional article for this edition, I wanted to take a moment to talk about my experience writing, selling, and launching my Emergence book and program, which (hopefully) many of you are aware of — and have your copy 🙂

I decided to share this because I want you to see that I, like you, have my fair share of struggles. In ...

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A busy person is not necessarily productive. If they’re not aligned with their true purpose, focused on what’s most important (but not necessarily urgent), whatemerges is often stress, overwhelm, and more distraction. Have you ever gone through a busy day, only to fall into bed, exhausted, feeling like you didn’t get anything significant done?

Swirling around in that tornado of to-do’s, you felt like ...

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