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Your Setback is a Setup for a Comeback

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What sense is there in the tragic experiences of our lives? Our setbacks feel so permanent.

These setbacks feel all the  more terrible when we are striving to create good in the world. Because as soon as we set our desire in motion through prayer or intention, we’re on a conscious path of ...

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Derek Rydall

Always New, Always Now, Always Full: the Niagara Principle

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Niagara Falls: beautiful, powerful, magnificent. A wonder of the world. It never ages because the water, the energy, the life force that’s pouring over it is always new in every instant.

But what is Niagara Falls, really? It’s nothing. It’s an empty space where Lake Erie pours forth in a unique way.

In fact, ...

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Hands On with Pamelah Landers

Hands On With Pamelah Landers

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What does it feel like to let go of it all, to fall down …and to be caught and held? It is the most beautiful experience you can imagine.

This is the experience of Emergence.

Listen in on this amazing conversation between Derek Rydall and Pamelah Landers, Master Hand Analyst and International Best-Selling Hand ...

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The First Love: a Secret Path to Unstoppable Success

The First Love: a Secret Path to Unstoppable Success

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People end up becoming like those they love. In fact, we end up becoming ONE with whatever we love.

Alas, the same is true about what we hate. So the secret to unstoppable success is to keep your eye and your heart singly dedicated on your ultimate emerging condition.

Listen to today’s episode, “The ...

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Behold, Be Held, Be Whole – How to Activate True Healing and Abundance

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What if you could lean back into something that would hold, lift and support you throughout every moment of your life? What if everything in the universe was conspiring for your freedom and fulfillment? How would you feel? How would you hold yourself? What might you do?

In this week’s podcast, you’ll learn the ...

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Life vs. Life Experience: the Master Key to Healing and Achieving Everything

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We don’t experience life as it is, we experience it through our perceptions about it. Life is already whole, perfect, and complete, but when we judge ‘life experience’ and let that determine what’s true and possible, we’re stuck with the limited beliefs of the world and can’t fulfill our deepest potential.

In today’s podcast, ...

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Buddha tree

Growing Down: How to Cultivate the Soil of Your Soul

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Our attempts to pray, affirm, or visualize away all the bad, ugly, filthy parts of ourselves and our life are like a seed trying to pray away all the dirt – which is made of everything that has died and decayed before.

If it could, and it succeeded, it would find itself sitting atop a rock, no dirt in sight. And when that sun came out – the very thing that is meant to activate ...

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