Why Life is Set Up to Fail You

Why Life is Set Up to Fail You

Some people think that life is a crap shoot, that life is the roll of the dice.

But, as Einstein correctly said, “The dice of God are always loaded.”

In other words, life doesn’t just happen. There is order. There is a certain pattern and lawfulness to life.

But there’s a catch. (more…)

Why You Can’t Save the World …and Why You Shouldn’t

Why You Can’t Save the World …and Why You Shouldn’t

Aren’t we here to save the world, or at least make it a better place?

Actually, the answer is “no.”

The “world” that each of us perceives is really a collection of beliefs or agreements about what’s possible and what’s right. It’s a set of values, norms, and mores that vary from country to country, culture to culture, and even from person to person.

Trying to save or improve a set of beliefs is like trying to save a dream or hold on to an idea.

As we know from the Emergence principle, however, there’s always a bigger idea or pattern emerging, like when a seed is unfolding and emerging into a plant and ultimately into the grand idea, the grand pattern of a mighty tree.

You are not here to save the seed, to protect it from cracking open and falling apart.

You are here to serve the emerging paradigm, the new vision, the larger idea of yourself – and the world – that is currently emerging through you.

And, when you move away from being a problem-solver, and become a vision holder instead, you tap into this infinite pattern of wholeness and perfection that’s always there, but that you have not seen because you’ve been struggling to solve what appears to be “wrong” with the world, with your life, or with some aspect of your life, such as your work, your relationship, or your health.

You’re not here to just be a better acorn, just to be a better nut. You are here to sprout and, ultimately, to let the mighty oak of your being emerge.

Listen to “Why You Can’t Save the World …And Why You Shouldn’t” now to set down your problems and watch your grandest vision begin to emerge!

Dying While We’re Alive

Dying While We’re Alive

One morning at 4am, the Northridge earthquake threw me out of my bed and convinced me that I was about to die.

It really shook me up. For days, I walked in fear, facing my mortality and the realization that my body and existence could end in an instant.

Most of us carry this fear of death. It shows up as a literal fear of loss of our body, but also dominates our lives as a fear of death of parts of life such as the death of a relationship, a job, a dream, or our physical beauty.

But what, exactly, is it that would die?

I continued to ponder this over the following days. Then the truth hit me hard: just as physical objects take up limited space in an infinite universe, time is just a limited concept within eternity.

I realized that immortality is what’s real, and my short, mortal life is just a limited concept.
This meant that I – the real Self that is the true “I” – cannot die!

So what does die?

What dies is our mortal concept of time and space: our limited concept about ourselves and our lives. Our belief in limitation and lack.

This is all that dies.

With this realization, a prayer shot through me: “Since dying is just the releasing of all these limiting beliefs …then why not get on with it NOW?”

I didn’t pray this prayer; it prayed me. It prayed to die while I am still alive so that I could be liberated from my fear of death.

This is what all the great teachers have been teaching, because, to the degree that we hold on to our mortal sense of self, we are limited. Our life energy can’t fully expand in us because of our fear of death.

And so, to truly live, we must die to the lie.

Listen to “Dying While We’re Alive,” to reveal and release the fears that are limiting the full expression of who you are.


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