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(Bonus Episode) The 5 Step Potential Activator

Yes you do have an awesome purpose

Yes, you do have an awesome purpose, and you do have unlimited potential. We’re talking about today the Five Step Potential Activator, and this is a really powerful thing. We hear all kinds of things about potential, but one thing to really understand is that your problems are potential activators. That’s actually why they’re there. Understand that your potential always trumps your problems. Your potential is always, but only always, bigger than your problems.

Just think about that for a moment. Whatever problem you face, whatever problem, your potential is bigger than that. Whether it’s mental, emotional, physical, relational, financial, your potential is bigger. Your potential is bigger. Indeed, your true nature is an infinite individualized expression of life itself, all the power, all the presence, all the substance, all the wisdom, all the genius, all of the whole of the cosmos uniquely individualized, uniquely knowing and expressing itself. That’s what you are.
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Hey, Derek Rydall here, founder of the Law of Emergence, bestselling author of the book Emergence, and your guide on the side for this journey of emergence of the full potential and awesome purpose for which you were born. Yes, you do have an awesome purpose, and you do have unlimited potential. We’re talking about today the Five Step Potential Activator, and this is a really powerful thing. We hear all kinds of things about potential, but one thing to really understand is that your problems are potential activators. That’s actually why they’re there. Understand that your potential always trumps your problems. Your potential is always, but only always, bigger than your problems.

Just think about that for a moment. Whatever problem you face, whatever problem, your potential is bigger than that. Whether it’s mental, emotional, physical, relational, financial, your potential is bigger. Your potential is bigger. Indeed, your true nature is an infinite individualized expression of life itself, all the power, all the presence, all the substance, all the wisdom, all the genius, all of the whole of the cosmos uniquely individualized, uniquely knowing and expressing itself. That’s what you are. In order to experience that it must become manifest in some way, shape, or form, and in order for it to manifest, for it to come out of you, sometimes it requires challenge, crisis, problems, struggle. Just like the jack pine needs a forest fire to activate its potential. Just like there are many species in nature that need struggle, challenge, “problems”. The meaning and the message and the reason for that challenge, crisis, or problem is that there’s another level of evolution, another level of progress, another level of potential. So the very purpose of your problems is to pull out of you more potential. Make sense?

That’s why they’re happening. Your problems aren’t happening because you’re bad, because you’re a sinner, because of just merely karma. Karma may have created the starting point of a problem, but your karma does not determine your destiny, nor does your conditions determine your destiny. Your destiny is determined by your character, which is the etch of God on your soul, which is that level of embodiment of the truth of your being. Your character is determined by your core habits. Your habits are determined by your consistent actions. Your actions are determined by your emotions and by your beliefs, which are determined by your point of focus, intention, attention, and by how you choose to frame whatever condition you face.

Notice the thing that we often think is the thing that determines our life, condition, that’s actually way down at the bottom of the list of what determines our life. It has absolutely no determination unless you let it. It’s the starting point. Your condition is the starting point. From there you get to frame it. You get to decide what it means. What you decide that it means determines how you feel about it. How you feel about it determines what you do about it. What you do about it determines the habits. The habits determine your character. Your character determines your destiny. That problem is giving you a fresh starting point for a new journey of activating your potential. You can begin to get excited, because the truth is there’s only this infinite reality of wholeness and harmony, and it’s seeking to express itself in ever greater ways through and as you. So these challenges, everything is conspiring to reveal more, to put life even more fully on display.

There’s five core steps to taking your problems and turning them into potential, what I’m calling the Five Step Potential Activator. The first step is recognizing that that problem is a call to pull more potential out of you. It’s a call. You don’t want to try to avoid the problem. You don’t want to try to anesthetize yourself from the problem. That’s letting the call go to voice mail, and the Universe gets the message, mailbox full. You don’t want that call to go to your voice mail. You want to answer the call and recognize it’s a call to pull more of you out. That’s it. That’s it. It’s a sign that you’ve already activated a bigger life. Somewhere along the line you’ve said yes. You’ve intended. You’ve prayed. You’ve affirmed. Your back was against the wall. You cried out, and in that moment the larger version of your life, that greater dimension of your potential, that next step of your evolution, began to emerge, but then it bumped into your small self-concepts, your limited paradigms, and as it starts to bump into that and rub up against that, it creates what looks like a problem.

It means that somewhere along the line you’re still holding on to smaller ideas, concepts, or you just don’t yet have the infrastructure, mentally, emotionally, physically, vibrationally, energetically, etc. strong enough to carry the voltage, the wattage, the capacity, the velocity, of the life that’s trying to emerge. So it’s time to uplevel. It’s time to get to the 2.0 version. It’s time to create stronger structures to carry more energy, more capacity, so that you can express more of your beauty and your brilliance and your abundance. There’s some outdated worldview or self-concept, or just structures that are no longer able to carry what’s coming next. There’s more traffic that wants to come down the freeway of your life, and you’re going to have to start expanding the lanes. Some kind of growth is trying to happen. That’s the meaning and the purpose of that problem. That’s Step One, recognizing that, coming to terms with that, releasing all judgment and resistance, and getting ready to do the real work.

Step Two, ask what are the qualities or the quality or the skill or the skills that you would need to embody and express in order to be free and empowered in the midst of this problem? Notice Step Two is not how do I solve this problem? It’s what are the qualities. By the way, that’s not a terrible question to ask when we talk about asking the right questions. How do I solve this problem is not a terrible question, but it’s not the most effective or empowering question, because it ties you back into the energy and the frequency of the problem. Often times when you solve it at the same level of energy you just recreate that same problem in a different way. You haven’t actually evolved, and you just see the same problems getting recycled again in different ways. It’s the same frequency. Like you’ve heard me use the example of ice. You can’t solve the problem of ice as long as you’re living at 32 degrees. That’s where ice lives. Even if you pour hot water on it, you’ve solved it for a moment, but then what happens? That hot water now turns into more ice. You have to actually rise above that temperature to a higher frequency. You have to evolve, and then the problem isn’t solved, the problem dissolves, because it cannot live above that temperature. It cannot live in that higher frequency. This is true of all problems.

The real meaning of a problem is it’s time to evolve. You ask, what qualities or skills would I need to embody and express to be free and empowered in the midst of this problem? For example, it might be more trust, more peace, forgiveness, love. You may be struggling financially, and for you money and finances really represents safety, security. So what’s it’s really calling for you is a deeper quality of trust, a deeper inner conviction that you’re taken care of, that you’re okay, which a feeling tone of trust. In fact, that’s really what your soul is yearning to feel and experience and express, and you can know that just by imagining if I did have that money, how would I feel? There’d be this inner sense of freedom or fulfillment or trust, a sense that all was well and you were okay. That’s the quality that’s trying to be expressed. So you ask, what is that quality?

It might be a particular skill, which could be a skill of character or a literal skill, a skill like being more patient, or being more generous, being more focused, more determined, more resilience, more stick-to-itiveness. That’s like a skill of character that you’re being called to develop. Maybe the thing is not happening as fast as you think it should be happening, and it’s created a crisis, and rather than just digging in deeper and pushing harder, maybe what’s really being called is to develop patience, which is developing a capacity within you, as the course in miracles says, “Infinite patience brings about immediate results.” It’s a soulful capacity that when you develop patience it opens you up to be an instrument of greater power and potential in many areas. It’s also the evidence in consciousness that you’re already there. That’s why it says infinite patience brings about immediate results. It dissolves all resistance, all pushing and forcing, and is an underlying vibration that it’s already done.

Perhaps it’s focus or resilience, the willingness to stay at something even when all seems lost, even when you seem to be having failed. There’s a deeper soul stamina that’s trying to be built, that’s making you a stronger instrument for even bigger opportunities. You’re asking, what are the skills or qualities that I need to embody to be free and empowered in the midst of this problem? So even while the problem’s there, I’m good. I’m strong. I’m empowered. I’m free.

Third Step is you ask, who would I be if I overcame this? What qualities or skills would I be expressing or exhibiting? How would my character be different, changed, improved? What would I feel? Who would I be? How would I be able to show up, if I overcame this problem? So you allow yourself to imagine yourself on the other side of this. Who are you then? What are you capable of? How do you show up? How do you express yourself? Again, you begin to unpack some qualities. You can unpack these qualities in two ways, feeling qualities and being qualities. The feeling qualities are more static. The being qualities are more active, which again are more like the skills of character. A feeling quality would be peace, love, joy. A being quality would be generous, creative, outgoing, spontaneous, playful. You see how those lend themselves more to action, whereas the feeling qualities are more a state of being.

I know it’s ironic when I say the being qualities lead to more action, and the feeling qualities lead to more being, but essentially the feeling qualities are more static. You can’t really do them. The being qualities are more active. You can be them. You can consciously be them. You can ask, what would it look like for me to be more generous in this situation? That will lead to actions. Versus how does it feel to feel more peaceful, to feel peace, to feel joy, to feel love? It’s a feeling state.

You’re asking, what skills or qualities do I need to embody and express to be free and empowered in the midst of the problem, and who would I be and how would I be expressing if I overcame the problem? So you end up with a series, or maybe just one or two, qualities of feeling and/or being, which can also include skills. Some of these skills might be things like focus, determination, patience, stamina, perseverance, or whatever might come to you. They might even be more practical skills. Maybe organization comes through. You need to be more organized. It can be more practical. It’s whatever is necessary for your growth and development. What’s important to understand now is that what you’re discovering is not something you’re trying to do or add to the situation. What you’re discovering is that this condition, this problem is setting up the condition for those qualities that are already in you in latency and incipiency to come out, and even more, if you want to go down the rabbit hole even more, those qualities within your soul that want to express more have actually created the problem and the condition under which they will be able to express.

When you pray for patience, do you think the Universe just bops you on the head and says, you’re patient? No. Rarely. Usually you don’t just wake up more patient. Instead you end up finding yourself in long lines and traffic jams, and you might even cry out, “God, why have you forsaken me? What happened to my prayer of patience? I’m more angry and pissed off and impatient than ever before.” No, you’re not. What’s happened is that condition is revealing the pockets within you where you are caught in anger, judgment, complaint, unhealed issues, unforgiveness, and it’s creating the fever that’s pushing the poison out of your system. So that the natural effervescence of your soul, which is patient, can begin to emerge. So you can build the muscles and the infrastructure to hold the vibration of patience. Just like when you go to a gym, you don’t just go poof, you have muscles. You have to go into resistance training. When you’re in that traffic, that’s a form of resistance training to activate and grow the muscle of patience, amongst other things. Your current problem is the very resistance training that your soul has created for you, so that more of you can come out, more of those muscles of your being can be made manifest, more potential. Got it?

Then Step Four, now create a potential activation plan. It’s not enough usually just to notice there’s a problem, more is trying to emerge. What are the qualities that are trying to emerge? Okay. More love, more peace, more patience, more generosity, more focus. Now you’ve got to actually have a plan, just like you’d have a workout plan. Otherwise it’s often very likely that the inertia of old patterns and old habits will take over, and you won’t really have the focus and the continuity of action and ultimately the momentum to really grow and change. Create a plan.

You can have a 21 day plan, but ultimately I say stick to the plan until you get the results. If you want to lose weight you don’t just say a 21 day plan, and if after that I don’t lose the weight, I quit. Maybe you start off with a 21 day plan. Then you take these qualities and new skills, and you weave them into your daily plan and practice. There’s a variety of tools you can use, but the core goal is you’re going to activate and integrate and embody these qualities or skills that you’ve discovered is what’s being called forth from you. There’s the VVR process that I teach, visualization, vibration, radiation. Go to DerekRydall.com. Go to the free resources section, and you can download that audio training to do that practice. There’s prayers and affirmations to activate those qualities. There’s just visualization, which is a part of the VVR process, where you visualize yourself living this life where you are expressing these qualities. There’s just the moment by moment practice of these qualities. If you’re trying to be more loving and patient, maybe you stop for a minute every hour, what I call the One Minute Mystic, and you stop and just tap back into the feeling of that quality or that vision. You set a goal that in any given hour, when you remember, for the next 30 minutes I’m going to practice this quality. I’m going to be loving. I’m going to be more generous. I’m going to be more patient. Then just see what unfolds.

The key is to create a real plan where you are practicing. If you’ve studied, as I go into some of my other trainings, the LIFT practice, and you can get that in my Emergence podcast archives or library. LIFT stands for Living in the Feeling Tone. I talk about in there how you can take these qualities and turn them into the people, places, objects, and activities. So you’re literally designing a way of life that is congruent with the qualities of character that you’re seeking to embody. You can literally begin to redesign your life around these qualities, which in many cases is also what’s seeking to emerge. This problem isn’t just seeking for you change your nature. It’s often seeking for you to change your way of life in some way. The people you hang out with, the conversations you have, the environments you spend time in, the things you put into your mind and into your mouth, as well as the things that come out of your mouth.

It’s often seeking for a revolution of your whole life, especially depending on the degree of the problem. Sometimes it’s just seeking for you to transform some aspect of character. I would definitely encourage you to get the LIFT practice podcast if you have not yet studied that. In any case, you’re creating a potential activation plan. That’s Step Four, so that you make it real. It’s not real until it’s really in your plan, and then on your calendar. You won’t do it otherwise, in most cases, until it becomes a habit.

Then Step Five, assess, reassess, on a weekly or daily basis. In other words, at the end of the day look at your day, and go, how did I do? Rank yourself. A scale from 0-10, 0 I didn’t do anything around this, 10 I gave it my all today. Just see if you can uplevel that a little bit every day until you’re getting a lot of 10 days, which just simply means you really showed up for this. You really gave it your all. It doesn’t mean you’re perfect. It doesn’t mean you decided to be loving and patient for the next 30 minutes, and you were perfect. It means you know you really showed up. That would be a 10. You can’t force growth. You can only show up fully to it. You would assess. It could be daily, or it could be weekly. Whatever interval you think feels appropriate, every other day. At least once a week. You’re looking to see, how did you do? Are you being or becoming more of this version of your new self in terms of these qualities and capacities and skills?

How is the problem? Rank the problem 0-10. 0 being there’s no problem, 10 being it’s as bad as I can imagine it when you start, and then when you reassess each week look at the problem and reassess it. It was a 10. Is it a 9 now? Is it a 10+? Is it 11? Without judgement, just notice. Sometimes a problem will seem to get worse before it gets better, because what’s really happening is as you’re doing the work to grow more of the unconscious layers come to the surface. Like an infection rising to the surface, like a sliver rising to the surface. If it’s not changing at all, you’re not feeling better and more of this new version of yourself at all after a period, go back to Step Two. Reevaluate the qualities or skills you need to develop. Just see. Is there anything you’re missing, or is there something new?

One set of qualities you definitely want to begin developing if you don’t already have is be patient and loving and kind to yourself. This is a process. You’re building new neural pathways, new conditioning. Sometimes changing conditioning you’ve had a lifetime, and conditioning and beliefs that your family, your friends, and society is potentially still bombarding you with. This may be a change in the way you’re being that you’re current circle of friends are totally not living. That’s not easy, or it might be a break from your tribe in a dramatic way. Maybe they’re a family of complainers, and maybe one of the things you have to let go of is complaining. Did that just send a shiver up your spine? Gossip or blaming.

By the way, I should add, as you’re developing these things that’s another way you can look at it. Not just what do you need to develop in terms of qualities or skills, but what do you need to let go of? As I talk about in the LIFT practice, it’s not just about reengineering people, places, objects, and things that are congruent into your life, but it’s about engineering the people, places, objects, and things that are no longer congruent out of your life wherever possible. The same thing is true here. You’re not just embodying and embracing new qualities and skills of character and being, but you might be letting go of some.

Often when you embody the thing it begins to release the thing that’s opposite it. It’s good to know what it is that’s being released. If you’re being called to embody more love and forgiveness, it’s impossible to do that while still holding onto blame or resentment. If you’re a person who’s got chronic blame and resentment, and you get a call to have more love and forgiveness, it’s good know what’s going to have to go. If you really do focus on love and forgiveness, it will bring up the blame and resentment, and that’s what I mean by things might get worse. You might find yourself more pissed off and angry and resentful at this person or at yourself, and that doesn’t mean it’s getting worse. It means that the depth of that root is coming to the surface. You just weren’t conscious of all of that pain. It’s starting to bubble up. Love casts out all fear. So when you embody and embrace a new quality, that which is not vibrationally in alignment with it starts to come up.

It’s a good practice to also write down what do you need to let go of? You may have to stop having conversations around the coffee pot at the coffee station at work about how bad the economy is or how bad other people are, or blaming the boss. You cannot become the next stage of your best self and hold onto those old bad habits. Can’t become an oak tree and stay an acorn. Can’t become a butterfly and stay a caterpillar. Sorry to tell you. I’m not really sorry to tell you, but I guess I’m saying that to your ego.

Be aware of that as you’re assessing, reevaluating, and being patient and kind to yourself, and to those around you, because as you’re growing through these processes you’re not always the easiest person to live with. Maybe that’s already true. It’s funny to think, when you’re in therapy, or you’re going to through growth and thinking about all the people you might want to blame, just imagine how many other people might be in therapy because of you. That’ll give you a good moment of pause. I’m sure that I have been the cause of many sessions of therapy and healing practices for others. Be kind. Be patient with yourself and with others as you grow through this.

Those are the five steps to the Five Step Potential Activator. As you do this more and more, this becomes a way of life too. This just becomes habitual, and then growth becomes a little more easy, or a little more continuous. It doesn’t have to always be these incredibly dramatic growth spurts, although you’ll still have those.

As a bonus, I invite you to get some accountability, get some leverage on your life, on your growth. Find a partner to work with, somebody you can do it together with. If you’re part of my groups, get in one of those groups and find somebody in one of those groups that you can work with. Do some kind of regular check in, whether it’s daily or weekly, when you do it together, or do it with a group. If you’re part of a Mastermind group, maybe you all do it together. It makes it more powerful, and when you come together in agreement around what you’re doing and what’s possible, where two or more are gathered in agreement, the higher potential becomes activated. It’s an accelerator to the potential activator. It ensures you’ll be less likely to fall off track, to go into hiding. When you do it alone it’s easy to fake yourself out. It’s easy to hide. When you do it together, much harder.

There’s the Five Step Potential Activator. I hope this has served you. Remember, you might get a little juice, a little inspired by listening to these trainings, but listening and learning the theory, that’s beginner’s play. If you really want to grow and master you’ve got to practice.

Thank you again for being part of this. Remember to go to DerekRydall.com. Go to the Resources section. Get all the free stuff you can, so that I can truly support you in making a real difference in your life. If you haven’t already gotten the book Emergence, I invite you to get that book. It’s been named one of the top books by several entrepreneurs, and you can also go to GetEmergenceBook.com and get all kinds of free bonus support when you get the book. If you haven’t joined my podcast and registered so that you can get all kinds of cutting edge or emerging edge training, please go to iTunes and check out the Emergence Podcast. Leave a review.

Until I see you next time, remember to live authentically, love unconditionally, and follow your destiny.




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