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(Bonus Episode) Rapid Confidence and Self Esteem

Emergence | A Revolutionary Path for Radical Change | Derek Rydall

We all want more confidence and self-esteem

We all know that acknowledging and validating and seeing the goodness and the greatness in your child or in anyone is very necessary.

And we all know that, in many cases, that acknowledgment and validation is completely absent. Or (and worse, ironically), we try to boost others’ self-esteem by providing praise and rewards and making everyone win, even when they haven’t achieved anything.

But what many people might not know is the damage this creates.

When you promise yourself that “I’m going to write this book,” or “I’m going to lose these 10 pounds,” – whatever it might be – but then you don’t follow through, you’ve just breached your own inner structural integrity.

Sure, we get a temporary relief by kicking back on the couch and eating Haagen Daas and watching “The Bachelor” instead of going to the gym. But the next time you need to make a commitment to yourself, you’re going to feel weaker about your capacity to keep your word.

It’s going to get harder and harder until you just give up.
True confidence and self-esteem are really our innate capacity to truly love, value, respect ourselves. These qualities are already the truth of our being …but like all of the qualities, they have to be activated.

The good news is that your inner confidence and self-esteem are inherent to you right now. You’ve only got to activate this inner strength, and you will know the great joy of achieving your creative and productive goals.

Listen to today’s episode, “Rapid Confidence and Self-Esteem,” to unleash the strength and stability within you.

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