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(Bonus Episode) Always New, Always Now, Always Full: the Niagara Principle

Derek Rydall

Niagara Falls: beautiful, powerful, magnificent. A wonder of the world. It never ages because the water, the energy, the life force that’s pouring over it is always new in every instant.

But what is Niagara Falls, really? It’s nothing. It’s an empty space where Lake Erie pours forth in a unique way.

In fact, if you took Lake Erie away, isolating Niagara as a thing in and of itself, the flow would stop. Whatever small amount of water was contained within that space would begin to stagnate and age. It would lose the constituent qualities that it had when it flowed freely. Ultimately, with no flow, it would become a swamp where nothing could thrive and where everything dies.

This is the analogy of human living – as an isolated thing, without Source –  versus spiritual living – as a magnificent pouring-forth of the infinite flow of the Divine.

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