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Action is The Best Affirmation

Beliefs are overrated.

They're important, of course. In fact, your life experience is nothing more than the outpicturing of your core beliefs. But most of what we think we believe, we don't actually believe – we just believe we believe! And this illusion keeps us stuck in limitation, not understanding why our life isn't changing.

Your consistent actions are the truest barometer of what you believe. If you say you believe you are abundant, but aren't circulating your abundance and investing fully in yourself, then you don't really believe you're abundant. If you say love is all there is and we're all one, but you are harboring resentment toward someone, blaming someone, or not forgiving fully…you don't really believe it.

But here's the good news…

You can generate a stronger belief through action. We often think that we have to first believe it to do it, but if we do the thing and act the part consistently – and work with whatever comes up and keep going – we will activate the energy of that belief and embody it.

You don't have to believe it to achieve it, you just have to go for it!

Remember, you're a divine powerplant. A power plant doesn't receive energy, it doesn't even have energy -- it generates it. If you want to be inspired to write your book or create whatever you want, don't wait for the muse to come knocking -- act like an inspired person would and you'll activate the inspiration. If you want to exercise, don't wait to 'feel like it' or have the energy, just start doing it, and you will activate the energy. Whatever you can imagine and dream of, don't wait to believe it's possible – take action, act 'as if' it's true about you, and watch what gets activated.

The other important aspect to embodying a deep positive belief is to understand and practice the principles behind whatever result you want. For example if you didn't know how to swim and every time you got in the water you sank, you wouldn't need to believe in floating, you would need to learn and apply the principles of buoyancy. Once you understand that, you don't need any belief to float! The same is true about all of life.

Once you understand the principle, and practice it, you have a direct encounter with its expression. You don't need to resolve all the experiences around it in order to live that – you don't have to heal all the years of sinking, you just have to start floating and swimming.

In nature, animals don't sit around and teach theory on how to go out and catch prey or fly -- when the baby bird is ready, the mother kicks them out of the nest, and the bird learns how to fly on the way down. The bird can't stop to affirm its belief in flying, it has to start flapping its wings, it has to take action -- then it has a direct experience of flying and doesn't need to work out its belief about flying

When you do the thing and experience the result, you have a tendency to learn and grow and a lot of the unconscious or even conscious fears and limited beliefs around that action start to dissolve or come up for healing. You may still have to work on some of the material coming up, but you don't want to wait to work it all out before you start taking bold actions in the direction of your vision – otherwise you will be waiting forever. Remember, whatever you're waiting for is what you're waiting with

If you look at the greatest thought leaders, innovators, inventors, and creators, they were all individuals of action. Jesus didn't just sit and meditate, he walked over hill and valley, preaching and teaching and healing to get his message out. Gandhi did his work in a similar fashion. As did Martin Luther King, Jr., Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Einstein, and Oprah. There are many more people in the world with great ideas and visions, but if they're not people of action you'll never hear about them

Which kind of person do you want to be this year

I'm a stand for you to take things to a whole new level moving forward – to becoming a person of bold action, a person of true power, a person who gets sh*t done! Can I get an amen?!

I love and appreciate you.

To Your Emerging ACTION!

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Most people never develop a vision for their life, let alone for their year. And even when they do come up with some goals, they rarely write them down, almost never create a plan for achieving them, and even rarer still do they put them on their calendar so they actually get done!

If you want to have a better year but don’t have a vision for your year, that’s like trying to go somewhere but having no idea where you’re going – which will make every road look interesting, send you down one blind alley after another, or cause you to just pull over and give up!

If you have a vision but no plan, that’s called a fantasy. And if you have a plan that you don’t put on your calendar, that’s called wishful thinking!

Do you want to have a wishbone or a backbone?

I’m just sayin’…

There’s a reason why only about 3-5% of the population ever achieves any real level of freedom or fulfillment – creative, financial, or otherwise…

It’s because only 3-5% of the population ever gets clear on their goals and creates a plan for reaching them.

Do you want to be part of the 5% or the other 95% who live lives of quiet desperation, tolerated misery, and end their life feeling “I should have, could have, if only I had…”

The number one regret of the dying is that they didn’t fully go for it, they didn’t live their dreams, they kept waiting, making excuses…until it was too late.

Don’t let another year go by without giving it your all and going for your best life!

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“Dear Derek, express my gratitude while listening to your webinar!purple_heartblush

Much love and appreciation!!!!

Best wishes

Thank you so much for everything you are bringing and sharing so generously and so authentically! I feel the energetic quality of your heart, you live your teaching. You are concrete and spiritual in a wonderful way that is inspiring and transformative. You rock!”

- Maria

“Derek, I'm on page 119 of Emergence and I wanted to THANK YOU so very much for writing this book!!!!!! Finally!! You are affirming the Truth I've known and deeply felt! I'm so grateful to you and already looking forward to reading it again!! The shift is happening as I type this and I'm so looking forward to what's emerging in my life....to all the answered prayers. I am a student of your work and looking forward to using these tools for the rest of my life!! I love you, I bless you, I appreciate you and I see you doing even Greater thingsheart_eyesheart_eyesheart_eyesheart_eyes May the blessings continue and over pour in your life and every member of your family.”

- Bunmi

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An Inspired Word from Derek

Action is your true religion. If you aren't acting on your belief, you don't believe it. If you act as if you believe it, you'll ultimately achieve it!"

-- Derek Rydall

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