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Angelica Allini – Health, Spiritual, General Coach. All-in-1

Energy healer/ Consulting Hypnotist/ Coach. Offering; one on one, group and distance sessions. Energy sessions for animals as well. I have 30 years of experience in working with energy and have been trained in multiple modalities. I combine my experience, knowledge, talents and passion in my work.

Blaine Benson – General Coach. Empowered Women Coaching,

Hello. My name is Blaine Benson. I am the founder of Empowered Women Coaching, and I am passionate about helping women overcome their struggles and live a purposeful and meaningful life. I believe with a little guidance every person can achieve anything they want for themselves. I have made it my personal mission is to help as many women as possible find fulfilment in life and wake up every day excited to be alive!

Bonita Joy Yoda – Business/work, Creative, Spiritual Coach. Creation in Motion

My background includes over 25 years of law practice and real estate investing, as well as spiritual inquiry. My creativity includes writing, magic and ventriloquism. I enjoy working with entrepreneurs, especially spiritually minded entrepreneurs, cultural creatives and creative people in general.

Boris Kerjner – Creative, Health, Spiritual Coach. Brain Excellence by Design,

Are you done with feeling stuck, tiered, and disappointed? You may have tried a myriad of ways to solve your problem, but found no lasting solution. There is one important thing I want you to understand: true and lasting change demands a truly holistic approach, a thorough realignment on all levels of your life. You CAN achieve the mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness that you have been longing for. Positive change begins with a brain-centered, holistic approach to the revitalization of your mind and body. Are you ready for a shift?As a Brain Mastery Coach and Body-Mind Architect I help you craft a full-spectrum blueprint to revitalize and turn on your brain, transform and enrich your mindset, and breathe life into your Valiant Vision.

Charlotte F. Seager – Spritual and Wealth Coach. For Awakening Now: Breakthrough Transformation Coaching.,

I help women who feel stuck in an unsatisfying life situation and whose souls are yearning to live more fully, find and navigate toward joyful expression of their unique gifts. As your coach I can help you clarify and visualize what that is for you and guide you through your fears and hesitations step by step toward your goal.As an elder who has traveled a challenging road, taken many courses and workshops and done much self-reflection I am able to hear you at a deep level and unlock your potentiality. My mission is to help women awaken to their inner divinity and live a fulfilling life.

Christy Christopher – Business/Work, Relationship, Spiritual, General Coach. Intentionally Authentic Life,

My greatest love is to see someone living out their destiny. My biggest passion is to help people re-discover their authentic self and live out their highest potential in all areas of their lives. Whether you desire to have a fulfilling relationship, grow your business, or just work on aspect of yourself, I would be honored to serve you on your journey. Be the intentional author of your life.

Eileen Downes – Health, Spiritual Coach. True Essence Fitness & Wellbeing, Inc.,

Eileen Downes is a fitness and consciousness coach for women. It is her mission to help women experience fitness at the level of consciousness that reflects their true essence, which is perfect, whole and complete. Eileen designs fitness and mindfulness programs that help women align with their true nature of wholeness so that they are able to build and create strong bodies. and vibrant health for life. Eileen owns and operates a local fitness studio for women in the Hudson Valley of New York that is beautifully situated on her farm surrounded by the magnificent Shawangunk Mountains. She offers coaching virtually for any woman that resonates with her methodology of developing fitness and mindfulness skills as a life-long practice and who want to ultimately create profound change in mind, body and soul.

Ellen Sevigny – Creative, Health, Relationships,Spiritual, Wealth and General Coach. Coaching with Ellen,

How would it change your life, if you finally felt radiant in your whole being? Healing means to come back to wholeness. This is the inner journey that becomes your outer reality. Through coaching, evidence based techniques, and prayer, we will bring your dreams to life. This is where we take all that knowledge that you have gathered on your life’s journey, and apply it through the support you need to take the next steps. Your dream life is waiting! In love, Ellen.

Jania Aebi – Health, Relationships, Spiritual, Wealth Coach. Jania Aebi,

Jania helps individuals better handle their life, and get a deeper understanding of their communication with Spirit. She is a certified practitioner in the Emotion Code and Quick Pulse modalities, among others, and assists in solving problems through spiritual healing.Jania is known as a very powerful, intuitive, spiritual energy healing practitioner that helps open-minded people who wish and are ready to heal their emotional and physical issues without the use of drugs, so they can live a more abundant, fulfilled and happy life.

Karin Monster-Peters, MA – Business/Work,Relationships, Spiritual Coach. Soul Tribe,

Markus Peters and Karin Monster-Peters are a husband and wife team (Soultribe) with a passion to transform lives. Driven by past experiences Mark and Karin combine their strengths and specialize in supporting parents around the world in their becoming and doing who they are. This is achieved by a Facebook group (I’m going to flow and live on purpose), online programs, coaching and retreats.

Kati Susanna Kelo – From Passion to Business Coach – Empowered Spiritual & Creative Women Coaching

Author and Founder of The Magical Goddess Magazine

I help spiritual and creative women to expand their businesses to the next level of success. When I work with you, I help you to align and integrate your passions and heart’s calling with your own authentic voice and expression. Clarifying your natural way of sharing and delivering your gifts and message in the world. I guide you to find your unique offerings, packaging and marketing strategies. Reaching and serving more and more people and having more freedom and more money to enjoy that freedom.
Being through a lot of victimhood, abandonment issues and fears of expressing and shining my light in the world I know from experience, that without help it can be a long route to success. I can help you to get forward faster and easier, holding your hand every step on the way.
With my background in marketing and branding and with the transformational tools and healing modalities I have, I can truly guide you in taking your life to the next level of your magic in a very concrete way. So you can actually free your abundance and make the most money whilst playing and creating. 99% of all that is stopping us is about the inner game, beliefs and energetic blocks and limitations we have picked up from the world around. I use one of the most powerful healing modalities in the world called Infinity Healing, amongst many practical tools you can learn and use for the rest of your life to keep you aligned with your own divine flow. I have been following Derek for years now, and I am a full Emergineer with my own divine feminine Goddess touch. My bigger mission is to contribute to the liberation and balancing of the feminine in the world. I am very honored to be on Derek’s list of Coaches.
You are here to live in your divine magical flow, shining and thriving. The Universe is always supporting your joy and lightness of being. You are magic!

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Larry Mina Abacan – Creative, Health, Relationships, Spiritual Coach. Soul Tribe

I am a 66-yo Filipino guy, a retired clinical laboratory scientist in the Bay Area, now fascinated with all the quantum, spiritual, healing knowledge floating abundantly to give you the truth, and peace and prosperity that you can manifest almost magically….some sound too good to be true, yet some so groundbreaking and illuminating.When i got the idea that from all these talk and training i could learn enough to be able to actually help and guide another person so that he/she could live the best life possible, i thought this whole thing would teach me how to become an “angel”, because that’s what angels do. To me nothing is nobler and more gratifying than to be able to turn somebody’s frown into a smile, tears of frustration into jumps for joy, or hopelessness into perfect trust and confidence.

Laura Hansen – Business/Work, Spiritual, Wealth Coach. Laura Hansen 100k,

Hello I am Laura Hansen and I believe in contributing and making a difference in my client’s lives. I do this by helping people to release their blocks and find their own power. I am approachable, easy to talk to and lead by example. My goal is to raise your vibration, reach your abundance goals and feel really good about yourself. If you would like to work with a coach who is a lifelong learner focusing on your growth and happiness, please shoot me an email. I am a Business Coach specializing in Abundance.

Maura Smith – Business/Work, Creative, Health, Spiritual Coach. Maura Smith Coaching,

Maura Smith helps people discover their Fulfillment Zone and design a way of life so that they’re living in it the majority of the time. She specializes in guiding spiritually conscious people who want to leave the corporate world where they feel undervalued, to create successful coaching, healing and creative businesses that are in alignment with their personal Fulfillment Zone. As a result, they invest their time in what really matters to them and express themselves through a lifestyle where they feel fulfilled and truly alive. Maura’s programs uniquely combine coaching, training and intuitive energy healing so that her clients gain the knowledge and develop the practices needed, to keep them living from their emerging edge. Her intuitive energy work helps them to gain clarity in all aspects of their business, allowing a very significant savings in otherwise misguided energy. Her message is to find clarity, live deeply and experience fully.

Pj Fay – Business/Work, Creative, Health,Relationships, Spiritual, Wealth, General Coach. Supreme Life Coaching,

Hi, my name is Pj Fay aka The Messenger of DeLight! I am an Advanced Angel Reader and Healer, and I am also the Supreme Life and Love Coach. With the Angels help, my clients receive better than they can even imagine!

Renee Jones – Health, General Coach. Pack Your Own Bag,

I help women disarm the triggers of comfort eating–Face Your Stuff; Don’t Stuff Your Face.Baggage takes a toll–and most often, we didn’t pack it or even choose the contents, yet it feeds bad habits, triggers for emotional and stress eating, and patterns we don’t like. We can unpack that baggage, discarding the stuff we no longer need or want, to make space for the lives we want.

Ruthi Cohen-Joyner – Health, Spiritual, General Coach. Your Tapping Journey,

Ruthi Cohen-Joyner, MPH, CHt is an energy coach certified in energy healing modalities hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Matrix Re-imprinting. Her work is focused on helping women learn to love and approve of themselves and create the fulfilling lives they long for. She is powerful at helping women move from despair to self-love and body acceptance. Her mission is to guide you to release the emotional weight that is holding you back from all of your deepest desires and step you into your personal power, passion and purpose. She uses an amazingly effective combination of today’s best tools to help you create breakthroughs in your life. Ruthi is a sought after speaker in the Charlotte, NC area and provides a variety of programs as well as loving personal support in individual sessions. She was recently profiled in “Charlotte’s Finest Top 12 Businesses.” To learn more and receive her free audio tapping meditations, go to her website:

Sandra Gilfillan – Spiritual, Wealth Coach. Connect and Flourish,

I would love to be your companion and guide on the journey to unfolding your true magnificent self. I grew up in a challenging environment with a lot of negative messages, including religious messages. It wasn’t until a lot of healing happened that I could understand with my heart what my mind grasped a long time ago. We’re in this world to enjoy it and the greatest joy is actually being of service.If you want to be of more service, have more joy, relax and fulfil your potential, I’d love to have a chat and discuss how we can work together to help you connect with your deepest self and flourish in work and life.

Taruna Barber PhD – Spiritual, Wealth, General Coach. Connect and Flourish

Do you feel that confidence issues and fears are holding you back from reaching your professional and personal goals? Do you know deep inside that you are capable of creating and having so much more in life, but feel blocked in doing so? Taruna Barber PhD is a Life Purpose and Confidence Coach with numerous certifications in coaching and energy healing, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She can help you get crystal clear on your dream life, implement the necessary action steps to creating it, and help you uncover and bust through any confidence issues, fears, or other hidden challenges that may be blocking you. Taruna combines coaching, powerful energy healing techniques, and her own strong intuition, to uncover and dissolve these hidden challenges that are slowing you down and sabotaging your success. Contact Taruna today to inquire about your FREE 30 minute Rapid Change session, and let’s get started on creating the life of your dreams!