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Praying on Paper

It’s been said that writing is thinking on paper. It’s a powerful process to improve your ability to think clearly. Writing in a journal takes it to yet another level…

Just as writing can slow our thinking down and create a more focused, disciplined mind, sacred journaling with the intention to heal, reveal, and fulfill your greater potential – is like praying on paper.

When done effectively and consistently, it can help you develop a healing consciousness, a contemplative awareness, and make you receptive to a level of insight, guidance, and wisdom that transcends what you personally know.

When done effectively and consistently, it can help you develop a healing consciousness, a contemplative awareness, and make you receptive to a level of insight, guidance, and wisdom that transcends what you personally know.

The Secrets of The
Universe at Your Fingertips

Mastering the craft of sacred journaling can rapidly accelerate your conscious awakening and reveal answers you’ve long sought but not had access to…

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ve tried journaling, but it didn’t do much for me.” 

What most people think of as journaling is really just recounting or reporting on the events of their day or the random swirl of thoughts and feelings moving through them. There’s some value to that, but it doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what’s possible when you practice this lost art in a systematic way.  

Like everything in life, there are principles for success. If all you know is basic addition and subtraction, all you can get are basic results. But when you learn the higher principles of mathematics, you can create supercomputers, send people into space, and create possibilities that would seem miraculous to the previous generation.

The same is true with journaling. All the answers are within you – literally the answer to every question — but you need to know how to access them. When you master the deeper principles of journaling, you can finally unlock these secrets.

That is the purpose of this program — to realize and manifest the full healing-revealing power of this ancient practice in a practical, step-by-step process.

Get to The Root of the Problem

As already stated, writing is thinking on paper. Unlike our mind, where our thoughts are all over the place, multi-layered, and conflicting, fighting for attention, when we write it out we can spread out our thoughts, separating one from another. This allows us to go deeper into one, to get under it, behind it.

We can track a thought in a linear way and follow its branches, through the trunk, to its roots. In this way, we can see how all of our thoughts and ideas fit together. We can see that they’re not just random and unrelated, but that there is order behind the chaos.

We begin to discover how these thoughts were formed, when they were formed, why they were formed, and what they’re trying to do in our lives.

This is real freedom. 

There is no free will without expanded awareness of what’s running us. This gives you that awareness – this is the beginning of real choice and real power.

Will You Be The Author of Your Life
or a Character In Someone Else’s Story?

Without this greater insight into our thinking, we are just balls of reaction, characters lost in a plot we didn’t even create, subject to parental fantasies, peer pressure, and societal conditioning.

That’s not living. That’s sleeping, dreaming we’re awake!

But Journaling Mastery is so much more than just expanding your awareness, it’s a 12-Part Process that reveals what is really in you, what you’re really made of, why you’re here, how to heal, and how to fulfill your destiny.

It allows you to become the author of your life again, the author of the story you choose to be in, instead of unconsciously playing a part in it. It’s about no longer being just an extra in this divine production, or a prop in it, but becoming the star of your show!

The 12-Day Journaling Mastery Experience

In this transformational writing program, you’ll learn…

Journaling Mastery | Derek Rydall

Journal Entry 1:How to Hear God
In this session, you’ll learn how to hear the guidance that’s always available to you, the broadcast of truth always playing, leading you to your greatest potential… and how to make it actionable in your life to get real-world results.  

Journaling Mastery | Derek Rydall

Journal Entry 2:Romancing the Muse
During this session, you’ll discover the value of creating the habit of honoring and romancing your muse. This is a journaling tool you can use anytime you feel an inspiration. You can use it at will whenever you want or use it on the go. It’s all about capturing those moments of inspiration, about honoring the muse when she comes-a-knocking, so you can become more aware, more creative, and gain greater guidance to fulfilling your greatest potential.

Journaling Mastery | Derek Rydall

Journal Entry 3: Vision Quest
The journey of this session reveals how to discover the true and highest vision for your life and purpose. Designed to uncover what is trying to emerge in your life as a whole, or in specific areas, this process will set you on the path of living a truly visionary life, whatever your area of endeavor is.

Journaling Mastery | Derek Rydall

Journal Entry 4:From Anticipation to Participation
This session reveals why it’s so important to become a vibrational match to the things you really want in your life. So often, we wait for things to change or happen, and we end up getting stuck in anticipation. As a result, the things we want to emerge in our lives can’t. Through this process you’ll learn how easy it is to come into alignment and congruence with those things trying to emerge from within you… and how to let them come into existence faster than you thought possible!

Journaling Mastery | Derek Rydall

Journal Entry 5:Night Pages
Most of us focus on what’s missing or lacking in our lives, which shapes our consciousness and shows up as more lack and limitation. The solution is to reverse this line of thinking and begin focusing consistently on all the good already in our lives, especially in places we haven’t thought to look or can’t easily see. In this journaling process, we explore a deceptively simple tool you can use daily to develop this consciousness of abundance, gratitude, and success, no matter how much you think you’ve accomplished in the world – which leads to even greater manifestations of good!

Journaling Mastery | Derek Rydall

Journal Entry 6:Shadow Dialog
In this session, you’ll learn a powerful process that will allow you to turn a feeling of frustration and the energy of stagnation into a new force of inspiration and transformation. It will guide you on how to embrace the parts of yourself you think are bad, broken, wrong, unlovable, inadequate, or ‘dark’ — and uncover their true power and gifts in your life. This can be revolutionary. The result of this process will help you get unstuck, make faster progress, and begin living a life where you know and feel that you’re enough – more than enough!

Journaling Mastery | Derek Rydall

Journal Entry 7:Body Dialog
Through the activation of this session, you’ll begin to master another powerful tool for receiving guidance and discovering areas of resistance in your life – that have become trapped in your body as physical pain, emotion, and other sensations. This is a profound awareness tool… one that will help you heal and create the life you want, sooner than you ever thought possible. Truly a game-changer.

Journaling Mastery | Derek Rydall

Journal Entry 8:Mapping Your Mind Field
As we dive deeper in this session, you’ll learn how to gain more awareness of the unconscious patterns holding you back and sabotaging your success. You’ll learn how to go “under the hood”… and take a look at how you can identify limiting beliefs and values conflicts that have been running the show, and keeping you from your greatness. As you become aware of them, it’s much easier to change them or let them go, so you can start seeing REAL MIRACLES in your life. This is one session you won’t want to miss!

Journaling Mastery | Derek Rydall

Journal Entry 9:Meditation on Paper
Mastering the process of insight and guidance is one of the most important pieces to your spiritual practice. All wisdom, from the beginning of time to now, is within you, waiting to be tapped. In this session, you’ll learn one more powerful technique for getting greater wisdom about something you’ve read, or something you want to have deeper knowledge on. Whether it’s a quote, a passage in a book, or an idea that you want to “get” at a deeper level, this exercise will help you gain access to that!

Journaling Mastery | Derek Rydall

Journal Entry 10:From Eyesight to Insight
Most people take a look at their lives as it is, don’t like what they see, and resist it. Or they let it determine what they think, feel, and how they act (or don’t). And this is a recipe for a lifetime of lack and limitation. In this process, you’ll learn how to get past what you’re seeing in your current reality – the appearance of things – to what’s really underneath it. And you’ll see how you created your current reality and the lesson it’s trying to teach you. Once you understand the underlying wisdom and embrace your current condition, your consciousness will expand and you’ll be able to emerge into a bigger, better reality!

Journaling Mastery | Derek Rydall

Journal Entry 11:Dump, Dive, Deliver
In this powerful session, you’re going to learn a combination tool for getting unstuck whenever you need it. This one is kind of a Swiss Army knife of tools – showing you how these tools can be mixed and matched to create more flexibility, and address your unique needs. Once you use it, you’ll see first hand just how powerful it is for letting go of resistance and the “gunk” that’s in the way from your greater good. Prepare for a breakthrough!

Journaling Mastery | Derek Rydall

Journal Entry 12:‘Manifest More’ Breakthrough
In this wealth-creating process, I’m going to show you a quick and powerful tool for getting more out of any area of your life. It will help activate your creative and innovative potential in any of the seven main areas in your life, including wealth, health, work, relationships, spirituality, personal development, and so much more!


Writing isn’t just writing, it’s one of the first levels of manifestation…

When you think a thought, that’s phase one of creation.

When you speak your word, that’s phase two.

When you write it down, that’s phase three…and the first level of turning your vision into a concrete reality.

The process of mastering transformational writing is about much more than self-awareness, psychoanalysis, or emotional catharsis – all of which are valuable and important – it’s an evolutionary tool to bring forth the next level of creation.

Writing is sacred. Writing is mystical. Writing is an act of alchemy. 

But like many powerful tools, their power can only be realized and put to practical use by someone who understand the potential of the tool and has the capacity to wield it in a way that harnesses that potential for real change.

In Journaling Mastery you will learn to use this tool like an expert craftsperson – to heal your life, awaken your spirit, and turn your dreams into a solid reality.

Start your journey of mastering your journal TODAY…

Start Your Journey of Mastering Your Journal Today

Top Ten Reasons to Master Journaling

  • 1. Clear Your Mind. When you use your journal to release what’s in your mind on a daily basis, you clear out the dust and debris of the journey and prepare a fresh space for new creation. The impact is not only more access to your creative genius and true vision, but emotional healing, balance, and calm.
  • 2. Capture Ideas. Because writing in your journal slows down your thought process, it allows you to see and capture the best ideas floating through your mind – ideas which are otherwise lost to the ages. Brilliant, life-changing ideas are always flowing through your mind, but like a song trying to break through all the static on a radio that’s in between stations, you can’t hear the music until you tune in.
  • 3. Plan & Strategize. The journaling exercises in this program help you organize your thoughts into constructive, coherent, actionable strategies and plans. The cumulative effect is greater mental discipline, greater mental acuity, and ultimately mental mastery – which leads to mastering your world.
  • 4. Track Progress. When you journal on a regular basis, you create a record of your growth and evolution. It’s easy to forget what you thought, said, or did a week ago, let alone a month or year ago. Without this ability to track your progress, you actually slow or even stall your growth. When you consciously observe and measure the changes, you increase the speed of growth and manifestation.
  • 5. Gain Greater Clarity. As you journal regularly, you don’t just get greater clarity on the page, you actually retrain and recondition your brain to think differently. It changes the neuropathways and even the overall health of your brain. The result is a better functioning brain and mind with increased cognitive skills.
  • 6. Increase Creativity. Your mind is an avenue of awareness, a tool to obtain thoughts from the collective database of humanity or the very mind of the universe. The more you exercise this in your journaling mastery, the more your mind opens like the aperture of a camera, giving you a grander view of the vistas of possibility. You start to make more connections, recognize patterns, and see more opportunities – which leads to greatert creativity.
  • 7. Solve Problems. Within each problem is its solution, if you can see beneath the surface tension of the situation and the stories the mind has woven around it. When you journal with the exercises in this program, you learn to unravel this ball of mental string, untie the knots of confusion, and see the potential solutions at the core.
  • 8. Improve Decision-Making. Real choice or free will is the product of expanded awareness. Until you have some space around the unconscious patterns running you, and can actually see what’s running you, you don’t have free will, you have ‘free won’t.’ You’re just a pattern of reaction dreaming that you’re making decisions. Through journaling mastery, you gain this new level of expanded awareness and begin to make bold new choices and important decisions with confidence and authority!
  • 9. Grow Gratitude. Through several of the journaling mastery processes, you will begin to see just how much good is in your life and all around you, activating this most precious of qualities – gratitude. And because what you appreciate, appreciates – it grows – you will watch as life starts giving you more and more reasons to be grateful!
  • 10. Actualize Your Full Potential. Ultimately, this is all about waking up to who and what you really are and why you are alive, so that you can fulfill the destiny of greatness for which you came here. All of life is on your side, but you must get on your own side. All the answers and guidance you will ever need to fulfill the life of your dream are within you, but you must have the clarity to see and hear them and the capacity to act on them. Journaling in this artful way gives you that – it sets you apart from the competition and sets you up for sustainable success.

Journaling Heals & Strengthens Your Brain

Journaling, especially by hand, is not only great for your heart and soul, it’s actually a powerful practice for healing, strengthening, and youthing your brain!

Writing in your journal daily…
Calms You Down
Journaling can be a form of graphotherapy, especially when you write your ideal visions, dreams, and experiences. Journaling about your vision of being peaceful or other positive ideas actually retrains your brain – literally rewiring it, creating new neuropathways that mirror these positive visions.
Synchronizes Left & Right Hemispheres of the Brain
When you write in your journal in cursive, with its creative flow and flourishes, it can help the left and right parts of your brain connect and communicate better, creating brain coherence – which leads to a host of healing, therapeutic, and cognitive enhancements.
Increases Cognitive Skills.
Writing in your journal on a regular basis can improve overall cognitive skills. When you write by hand, you activate specific centers in the brain, accessing and activating new or latent thinking and processing capacities. It can even give you a deeper connection to subconscious material otherwise unavailable to the waking mind.
Activates creativity
Writing is thinking on paper. It slows down your mental faculties in a good way, creating more spaciousness in your thinking. It’s in those gaps between thoughts where real creativity, innovation, and breakthrough ideas exist. When you write, you create the opening for these insights and revelations to emerge.
Strengthens & Youths the Mind & Brain as We Age
Writing, especially the kind that stretches us, fires off new neurons, creating new neuropathways, keeping our brain young, vibrant, and fresh. It used to be believed that the brain aged and became set in its ways and couldn’t be changed or renewed. We now understand the process of neurogenesis – the creation of new neurons – and neuroplasticity – the idea that the brain is able to keep growing and changing as long as it’s being used in new and dynamic ways. When you journal on a regular basis, particularly with the exercises in this program, you can continuously reshape and restore your brain and mind’s capacities.
Increases Memory
Not only do you learn and retain more when you write it down, take notes, and process on paper, the act of writing regularly in your journal can increase your mind’s ability to see, comprehend, retain, and retrieve from an ever-increasing knowledge base. There is no limit to how much your brain and mind can do, no limit to how much knowledge and wisdom you can activate and express. Mastering this art of journaling puts you on the path of actualizing the full capacity of this amazing gift!
Uses More of Your Brain
When you write by hand, you activate more regions in your brain, such as those used for reading, comprehending, and the motor cortex. You are literally using more of it. And the more of it you use, the more of it comes online and stays online – creating new neuro-connections and activating new capacities, virtually without limits!


There are so many positive mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and material benefits to mastering this art of journaling – but you have to learn and practice to experience it!

In the beginning was the Word…

The Word is the originating vibration, the sacred beat that gives order to the whole universe… 
That’s how all of creation started.

That’s how creation continues…

The journey of creating the life of your dreams begins with the first word in your new journal.

Start your journey of mastering your journal TODAY!

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