Happy New Year …or the Same Old Year Again?

By January 5, 2016Emergence, Podcast
Emergence | A Revolutionary Path for Radical Change | Derek Rydall

Listen in as the World’s #1 expert on the Law of Emergence reveals ancient secrets and quantum healing practice that have helped hundreds of thousands end the struggle of self-improvement, find their life purpose, achieve financial freedom and abundance, master productivity and creativity, and gain true wealth and happiness.

Join the many listeners who have had instantaneous breakthroughs and healings …and begin living your Emergence!

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  • Hi Derek,

    The above caption should be carved in stone somewhere! I am committed to the healing process and have dedicated the last 30 years, and get this… from ages 11-41, the numbers I see everywhere, to this purpose. I wrote a guide book, just for the purpose of looking inside yourself, to be a compass as you sort through the fabric of your foundation and thought process. It’s called Simply I, a guidebook that was co-written by the Man himself, the Ultimate Boss who wants to remind us that he gave the steering wheel to us!!! It’s not Jesus take the wheel, it’s Jesus you gave me the responsibility to steer (and all the know how as well) but sometimes I don’t know where to go, please guide me and thank you. It’s simple, but your Divine nature will push you to the core, past where you think you are capable of going, requiring much self love and courage. No one that has the best intentions for all will push you to do something that doesn’t feel right to you and by the way that’s how I distinguish good supporting energy from bad toxic energy and we all can do that.

    I release demons and dark entities that prevent you from turning the wheel in the right direction. Hey! Your eggs are burning!!! No one can really make you get up and take the skillet off the burner, right?! Thank you Derek for helping me so much, you have been my only real support and that is priceless…I would love to work with you someday, and have once over the summer when I was guided to do synced group energy healing on one of your teleconferences and it was so cool, to me anyway (and I wonder why I don’t have many friends!). I slept for 3 hours after, best day of my healing aspect of life. I’m inspired now to start a blog on my website titled: Someone Tell Me I’m Wrong, and some issues I really want to be wrong about but I know I am not, compassion folks. Soon enough….in the meantime, Thank you Derek to the depths of Heaven and GOOD! I truly don’t know want to know where I would be without you. I’m getting up now…walking…lol

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