David Furlong

David Furlong is an executive coach working with entrepreneurs and senior leaders from around the globe. He loves helping people overcome their fears and conditioning to realize their greatest life.

Prior to being a coach, David worked in many fields from being a Director of a large association to managing events for thousands of people. From helping to bootstrap starts-ups to international success to setting up marketing campaigns for New York Times #1 best-selling authors.

In his spare time, you will find David in his studio painting.

Wherever you are in your life – and whatever challenges you’re are facing – David can help you quickly and smoothly transition you into a new reality, one that gives you more power, freedom, and authenticity.

Garrett Lambert

Garrett Lambert is an internationally recognized authority on the Law of Emergence, psychology of leadership, thought leadership, business training, energy transformation, negotiations, quantum growth business strategies, communication. He’s also a Master NLP Trainer, Master NLP Platform Presentation Trainer, EFT and Peak Performance Master Coach and Trainer.

He has been cited as one of the top trainers and coaches in the country, working with and along side some of the legendary leaders in the personal development field — including Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, T. Harv Eker, Chris Howard and Derek Rydall.

Applying the universal laws and principles that Garrett has learned over 30+ years of coaching and study, he went from being almost broke, career less and living in a 100 square foot bachelor apartment in Venice Beach, CA to being a Radio Broadcaster in Los Angeles, an Actor in a Soap Opera for CBS and in films and numerous television series, a top Political Strategist working with Presidential, Senatorial, Gubernatorial and Congressional candidates, a highly successful real estate investor in Los Angeles and considered one of the leading Personal Development Trainers and Master Coaches in the world.

Garrett assists his clients to create a life they love, opening up to allowing their true purpose and vision to emerge and living a life of greater wealth, health, love, joy, spiritual connection, personal growth, passion and fulfillment in every area of their lives.

He is currently working as the Head Coach and Director of Derek Rydall’s Emerging Edge Coaching programs.

Heide Lambert

Heide Lambert Invested in a security franchise at 26 years old. Became top 6 internationally and promoted to the Ramtron International Franchise Team in major North American cities.

Founder of two very successful start-up businesses with her husband which reached $20 million in earned income both within 36 months. 20 years of experience training and coaching people in sales, goals and resourcefulness.
Recent switch from physical based businesses to online, taking mere ideas to final production for sales training manuals and effective online courses linked to sales pages, videos, funnels, shopping carts, and autoresponders for www.sellbychoice.com and www.thegameofgoals.com

A long-term student of Carol Dore, Wayne Dyer, Eckert Tolle, Stephen Beckwith and Derek Rydall. Worked the program, “Total Responsible Person” for intense life transformation. The Abundance Project and the Awakened Wealth Mastery course by Derek Rydall shifted my life and thinking dramatically. It is my pleasure to use my talents to support his work.

Jania Aebi

Jania is an intuitive healer, coach and author, working with spiritually inclined individuals, helping them to find their soul’s purpose in their life path. Certified in Quantum Touch, the Emotion and Body Code among other modalities, for two years she was hosting a bi-monthly show with “News for the Soul” radio, and is now a coach with Derek Rydall’s Emerging Edge Media, as well as having her own Transformational Healing business.

She helps to resolve physical and emotional imbalances, assists in becoming aware of the connection you have with your all-powerful Spirit-Life -, so that problems can fade, dissolve and disappear. Those who are sensitive feel her transmissions of spiritual energy.

More ease in the body and clarity of mind empowers you to shift blockages preventing you from manifesting your fullest potential, highest vision and soul purpose.

Jania facilitates both a deeper understanding of, and a conscious re-embodiment of, your soul. She assists you in discovering your unique gifts and talents so you can live the life you deeply desire and were born for. She works with you intuitively, either in person, online or remotely, helping to uncover and heal issues that are stopping you from living a more abundant, happy and fulfilled life.

Thom Harrison

Emerging Edge Master Coach and Life Purpose Guide, Thom Harrison (aka
“Whys.Guide”), works with spiritually-inclined professionals, small
business owners, and entrepreneurs – who are lost in a maze of great ideas
and greater fears.

Thom helps them get out of their own way, take the purpose-full path that awaits them, and advance the world with their work.

This is what it means to “Walk Your Why,” the spirited name Thom gives to
his ECO-psycho-somatic practice. Thom’s experience – as coach, entrepreneur, ECOdesigner, conscious-community builder, passionate “Why Walker”, and one who knows all too well what it means to get in (and out of) his own way – uniquely qualifies him to guide kindred souls along the sacred journey that calls them.