Derek Rydall

Tongue Shui: Harness the Energy of Your Words to Transform Your World

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“My husband and I can’t say two words to each other without drawing blood,” a woman cried to her therapist. “The second he walks through the door, we’re at each other’s throats. Deep down, I know the love’s still there, but it seems hopelessly buried.”

Listening intently, the therapist reached into his drawer, pulled out a bottle, and handed it to her. “This is holy water, blessed by a swami from India,” he said. “For ...

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The Urgency of Emergence

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There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

— Victor Hugo

The impulse for freedom seems to be sweeping the planet, from the Midwest to the Middle East. And no matter how hard people resist, nothing can hold these evolutionary energies back for long. Of course, this emergent impulse is obvious in popular uprisings against repressive rule. But the breakdown of our major systems — economic, educational, political, environmental — is ...

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