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Break Free From the Unconscious Patterns Sabotaging Your Success!New Book Reveals 5 Hypnotic Wealth Spells Blocking You From Financial Abundance

“My income has tripled. Today, I just got the signed paperwork back from a client that enrolled at $18k, my biggest single contract in this business and the magic keeps accelerating. So much gratitude for sharing this system, it has really worked for me.”

– Joy Evans


“My income went from barely making it to earning $8,500 in one month! That's more than I have ever experienced in my life! Thank you Derek for being my teacher, guide, and coach! I can hardly wait for my next "breakthrough"!”

– Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady

In This Free Ebook & Video Training, You’ll Discover
  • The 5 Lies We've Been Condtioned to Believe
    The 5 Lies We’ve Been Conditioned to Believe about Wealth that are blocking your ability to make more, keep more, and create a thriving lifestyle (until you release these, nothing will work sustainably)
  • The Real Substance of Wealth
    The Real Substance of Wealth…and how to generate it the way all of nature does, giving you the ability to manifest more than enough -- no matter what conditions you face!
  • The Real Source of Wealth
    The Real Source of Wealth, which is not where you think, not what anyone is talking about -- and will allow you to turn on an inner wealth-creating machine starting TODAY.
  • The Great Reversal
    The Great Reversal…the ancient teaching on manifestation that all masters have shared but few have understood. When you get this, you’ll never be a victim of circumstances again.
  • The Real Source of Wealth
    The Big Betrayal. The single biggest mistake people make around manifesting wealth, that sets them up to fail every time!
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“Helping someone tap into the real source of wealth and start manifesting all of their needs abundantly – so they can fund their Big Vision instead of fueling their fears – is one of my greatest joys! If you listen to this, and apply it, you'll get free of the unconscious beliefs sabotaging your success and start seeing opportunities to fulfill your dreams everywhere. I can't wait to see your full potential emerge and help you live the life you deeply desire and deserve!”

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