I remember when I first saw Sharla Jacobs (now a friend and colleague) work her magic on stage and melt away all the objections ...

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HayHouse Radio

Derek is on HayHouse! Join him LIVE on "Being Aware" hosted by Lisa Garr, TUESDAY, Sept. 9th at Noon Pacific. Prepare to become aware! See ...

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Conscious Shift

Join Derek with Host Julie Ann Turner on the ConsciousSHIFT Show (which has had visionaries like Marianne Williamson, Seth Godin, Don Miguel Ruiz and ...

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You Wealth Live Call

Why Do Some People Struggle and Fall...While Others Easily Have Joy, Flow and Abundance?

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Awakening to Abundance 12

If you would like to fully awaken to a life that matters and immediately manifest more abundance, then these calls are for you.

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Moving Foward with Our Lives

What if you could step out of that story? What if you could start living a new story – where you are no longer ...

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Featured Products

  • A New Approach to a New You!
    A New Approach to a New You!

    As we move through the year, it’s important to remember that it’s not really a ‘new year’ unless you bring a ‘new you’ into it. To be a ‘new you’ requires that you think new thoughts, feel new or deeper [Learn more]...

  • Quantum Healing
    Quantum Healing

    Release Lifelong Traumas… Heal Sabotaging Beliefs & Behaviors… Manifest Real Wealth & Success! Be Bathed In A Shower of Divine Love Every Day! We all need help and support on this journey. With the mental and emotional demands of life [Learn more]...

  • Emergineering Personal Development System
    Emergineering Personal Development System

    Discover Why Most Self Help Programs Don’t Work Or Even Make things Worse! Learn the Secret that Ends the Struggle of Self Improvement And Effortlessly Achieve Your True Potential. Was it a coincidence that right after the massive wave of [Learn more]...

Derek`s Blog

  • What You Really Want Really Wants You: the Secret Language of Desire
    What You Really Want Really Wants You: the Secret Language of Desire

    We struggle so hard to ‘cause things to happen.’ But cause & effect is an relative perception, not an absolute law. Nothing is causing anything; everything is creating the conditions for something to emerge. When you let go of a pencil and [Read more]...

  • Radical Empowerment
    Radical Empowerment

    We’ve been trained to believe that the world we see, touch, taste, and feel is the ‘real world,’ and the only way to create lasting change is to manipulate the conditions we find ourselves in. But trying to improve your [Read more]...

  • The Inner Manifestion Machine
    The Inner Manifestion Machine

    When you make someone or something outside of you the source of your safety, security, or supply, the universe is set up to betray you – so you’ll find your real source within again. It’s a painful way to learn [Read more]...

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